Skills of Choosing Newborn Clothes Sets

For many young mothers, it is very distressing to choose newborn clothes sets for their babies. They don’t know which clothes are suitable for their baby. Now let Popreal tell you some basic principles for selecting clothes.

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  1. Comfortable fabric

When considering about the style of children’s clothes, the comfort degree of clothes should be took into consideration firstly.

Loose casual clothes are not only beneficial to the physical development of children, but also give people a gentle, cute, comfortable and casual feeling.

We can also make use of children’s clothing styles to supplement some children’s lack of physical shape. For example, if a child is fat, he or she must choose a collarless or round-necked clothing, such as a round neck T-shirt, a small sundress, etc.; wearing a pair of pants, which should not be too loose. If it is in summer and fall, it’s better to wear cropped trousers, so that when you wear it, it gives you a feeling that the child seems not too fat.

Because children lack the awareness of protective clothing, the fabric of children’s clothing should be strong, durable, and not easily damaged.Hippo Pattern Back Bear Pattern Vest Sets

Generally, we use cotton fabric as the main material, because the clothes are close to the skin. The friction will be sensitive to children’s skin, so we must particularly require the fabric be moisture-absorbed and breathable. Some quiet children can choose fabrics that are soft and elastic, such as clothes made of cotton, silk, and wool. This will not only be comfortable, natural, but also extremely effective. The purity and spirituality of the child can give people an elegant and intelligent feeling. For naughty children, we may recommend that they wear jeans from Popreal, because of the relatively strong texture, and this kind of clothes is extremely wearable. This type of clothing is very stylish, and it makes children look more solid, cute and energetic.

  1. Quality inspection results

Nowadays, many children’s newborn baby girl sets has been shoddy and has not passed quality inspections. As a result, garments often have various problems. Therefore, when selecting children’s clothes, it is important to look at the results of clothing inspections.

Children’s clothes from Popreal, starting from the production of apparel fabrics professionals to follow the whole process of multi-step tracking, are ensured the  safety and pollution-free before confirming full pass to allow it enter the next round of production. After the completion of garment production, clothes will be sent again to ensure that the test results meet standards.Boys Plaid Spring Autumn Two Pieces Sets

Some Matching Skills of Toddler Tutu Dresses for You

Young Mom and Dad always don’t know how to choose tutu dress toddler for their children. They can’t buy more because they’re afraid the baby will grow too fast. The style must be correct enough to not hinder the baby’s moving. The material must be more comfortable to allow baby to grow up healthily. Here are some tips for matching babies from Popreal!

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  • Children’s clothing color

Generally, when we choose clothes for customers, we first pay attention to the color of the clothes, especially children’s clothes. For children have original sensitivity and unique preferences for color. Therefore, the clothes to try on must first be selected from the shape and color of the baby. If the baby is a dark-skinned little girl, we prefer top-notch, high-purity clothing in bright colors. If the little girl has a brighter skin, then she will adapt to a much wider range of colors. For example, wearing pink, yellow, and red, people will make her look lively and bright. Even if they wear gray and black, they will look very beautiful and elegant.

While focusing on clothing color, we should also pay attention to the children’s body shape and children’s clothing colors. If it is a fat child, we will choose cool or dark clothing, such as: gray, black, blue Because cool colors and dark colors can make a contraction, this way, you can make up for this child’s physical defects; if the child is relatively thin, then we will give her a choice of warm clothes, green, beige, brown, etc. These colors are expanding outwards, giving people a warm feeling. Of course, there is no fixed format for the color matching of children’s clothing. Excessive stylization will be very dull and lifeless. However, if there are too many changes, it is easy to appear very cluttered. The only purpose is to match color to be beautiful and feel comfortable.Girls Summer Embroidered Tutu Dress

  • Children’s clothing style

First of all, we must consider the nature of children. In the process of playing, the the degree of comfort of clothing is very important. Casual clothing should be mainly characterized by loose nature. The children’s body is developing, so their clothes should be delicate, easy and free. Loose and casual clothing is convenient for babies to do games and other activities. It is not only beneficial to the development of the body, but also gives people a lovely, comfortable and casual special impression.

We can also use the style of children’s clothing to supplement some of the child’s lack of body shape. For example, for a fat baby, choose cold or dark color clothing, such as gray, black, blue and other colors of clothing, because it wears a contraction effect, which can play a contrast effect; if the baby is relatively thin, then give He chooses warm clothes, such as orange, yellow, beige, etc. These colors expand outwards, giving people a warm feeling.

  • Children’s clothing fabrics

Children are lively and active, and they have no awareness of protecting clothing. Thus the fabric of children’s toddler tutu dress should be strong, durable, and not easily damaged. At the same time, the comfort of fabrics must also be taken into consideration.

In general, we will choose cotton fabrics, because the clothes are close to the skin, children’s skin is generally more sensitive. The friction produces by clothes and skin sometimes hurt our baby. So that the fabric moisture absorption should be good and breathable.

If your baby is a quiet child, you can give him some silk fabric soft and elastic clothes, such as: cotton, silk, hair and other materials made of clothes. Such clothes not only wear comfortable and natural on the body, but also can show the children’s purity and spirituality, and can give people a kind of elegant, smart feeling. For naughty children, we may recommend that they wear denim children’s clothing. This kind of clothes is strong, and extremely wear-resistant, naughty children wear it, not easy to dirty, not easy to damage. Children dressed in such clothes will look very stylish, solid and cute.

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New Arrival Family Matching Clothes for Corlorful Summer

No matter in what age, no matter in what kind of life state, all women will want to make their family happy and warm. So they will spend most of their time to manage their family, and to focus on their life. Everything in life will be meaningful to them. How to dress, of course, is the focus! There must be family matching clothes in a happy family!

The style and design of children’s wear are getting more and more trendy, especially matching family outfits. Imagine that a cute prostitute can walk in the street wearing the same clothes. In short, it is visually comfortable. Hey, little princess has learned the most eye-catching match, and so dressed casually, is it more attractive?Botanical Prints Family Outfits

Adding a “fashion” to the matching family outfits, it is easy to know that this is definitely not the same as taking two pieces of clothing. Look at the exquisite tailoring and self-cultivation style. Feel free to go with a pair of high-heeled shoes. Mothers are elegant, little baby are fashionable. What are they waiting for?

The cuteness and freshness of the little baby are not required to deliberately create and reveal. They bring a kind of unique tenderness, arrogance and innocence. They are mingled with happiness and innocence, often revealing a childlike interest. Make mothers happy for a long time. You see, only the cute little baby can make the big waves match green and pink, and the smiles bloom like flowers.Stripes Color Block Family Outfits

I think having a daughter is the happiest thing in the world. Of course, this doesn’t mean how much I hate boys. I just feel that if there is a daughter, it’s a very good thing to dress her up beautifully. The two-piece costumes in this children’s wear are also very eye-catching.

Pink is one of the most popular colors for women. For the little girl it is a beautiful princess dream. For the married woman, wearing pink means she is in a good mood and life is very happy. Mother and daughter wear pink matching family overcoat to go shopping, and the rate of second glance must be 100 percent.

If you’re afraid that children will get their clothes dirty and you buy a black coat, buying a red dress is a better choice. The bowknot that draws a plait, the bowknot of belt is tied, making the little princess more lovely and handsome. With black jacket, the whole collocation carries on fashionable feeling, also makes one look more lively.

Botanical Prints Family Outfits

Prepare New Toddler Clothes for Little Princess

At the end of February, the Arbor Day will not be far from. The chill and cold wind in the early spring cannot affect the children’s enthusiasm for going out to play, which is more important than anything else. It’s a good time for outing when the temperature is getting warmer. So, first pick a set of beauty dress to your little princess~Fashion Girls Flower Decorated Outerwear

Hem lace, small collar with exquisite embroidery, double-breasted plus velvet jacket. This is indeed a beautiful toddler winter jackets, but it is for the little princess. Oh, the little girl will probably like this. Enjoy it.

Moms who are worried about baby’s delicate body and may not be strong enough to prevent coldness will of course look into woolen toddler outerwear that can keep baby warm. The dazzling oranges and the bright reds are colors suitable for spring. The little waves and the big buttons of, and the lace that spliced at the cuffs, will set off her beauty.

The bat sleeve knit sweater matches with a long-sleeved black striped stitching dress inside. No matter how fashionable and eye-catching you are, cute baby will certainly be more playful with it, and she will put on her cute POSE to face the camera.Solid Color Asymmetrical Kimono

Black meeting gold is a combination of fashion and popularity, but such match may be a bit gloomy for mothers. The collar of the black fur collar and the furry bow on the waist are enough to attract her. The golden skirt adds a sense of change to the honeycomb-shaped print, which is actually very attracting.

The princess’s skin is white and tender. The most suitable color is red, which makes her look very attractive. However, there are many styles of rose lace dresses, pink, pink and purple and plus velvet. Choose the most suitable one for your little princess!

The liveliness of the children is a sweet burden for the family. Sometimes they worry that the if she runs too fast she would be carelessly injured. Sometimes they are touched by the gifts personally. Although they are simple, they know the love from parents.The spliced suit is convenient for running and jumping, and the big stars will make her like it.

Most of the time girls will be quite and tender. However, when they put on sportswear, even if the snowflakes pattern and bows and beads on the clothes, they can’t stop the impulse to run freely. The suit is simple and labor-saving. The external jacket will not only take care of the temperature, but also maintain the body temperature.


Go for an Outing with New toddler Clothes

Compared with quiet girls, the boy’s curiosity about nature and biology is obviously heavier. These wind-like youngsters ran over every street corner, hoping that the corners had amazing scenery and things. They need more than just outings, but an unforgettable outing.Stripe Off Shoulder Two Pieces Set With Accessory

If you go out for a trip, Mom and Dad will choose a cloth that is durable. As a material that meets these requirements, jeans can also add points to their layout and tailoring. Positive color processing, the back pocket of the part of the printing, put on a pair of Martin boots, our boy is really handsome ~

In the early spring when you want to play unrestrained, you have to put aside your desire to be cool. Compared to wearing a windbreaker jeans which will harvest countless eyes on the street, a cotton T shirt is much closer to nature, Big prints are different, with cute tigers and serious soldiers..

Except jeans, of course, there must be sports series of casual wear to meet the needs of running. The specially thickened thread on the waist is more permanent, while the thread on the trousers prevents the cold wind or bugs from getting into the trousers, safe and breathable. If you want to make a roll on the lawn, there is no problem wearing it.Cold Shoulder Ruffle Keyhole Back Sets

Toddler clothing set is a simple way to solve the problem of matching for the active son. The advantage of a suit is that it doesn’t have to be matched with your own. The velvet’s material is suitable for suburban temperatures. Little hoodies and large pockets allow him to put his own little things.

With a two-piece suit, three-piece toddler outfit sets can’t be omitted. Compared with the combination of jackets and trousers, shirt vests and trousers is clearly more mixed from inside to outside. The classic British plaid wind shirt, hooded part of the same color echoes of the same pattern, makes a handsome boy.

The first function of a hooded woolen coat is of course windproof and warm. Wearing a hat will protect the head from wind blows from the countryside. The style of the print is particularly stylish, with black and white staggered and double-row metal clasps creating an elegant feel.

When the child’s feet are not fully developed, the shoes to wear are very important. Good shoes can prevent tilting of the thumb and prevent the formation of inside and outside. The super soft soles are suitable for the bending habit of their forefoot, while the breathable inside helps perspiration.Botanical Print Keyhole Back Bead Embellished Sets

Fashion baby shoes matching guide

Many parents will have headaches for choosing children shoes for their babies. They don’t know which clothes are suitable for their baby. Now let Popreal tell you some basic principles for selecting clothes. Flower Print Girls Slippers

1, according to skin color

If the baby’s skin is darker, then the color of the clothes should be brighter and wearing such a dress will look vigorous. If the baby’s skin is white and bright, the range of clothes colors for the baby is much wider. If you wear pink, yellow or red clothes, it will look lively and bright. Even if they wear gray or black, they will look delicate and elegant. People feel comfortable and natural.

2, according to body type.

For a fat baby, choose cold or dark color clothing, such as gray, black, blue and other colors of clothing, because it wears a contraction effect, which can play a contrast effect; if the baby is relatively thin, then give He chooses warm clothes, such as orange, yellow, beige, etc. These colors expand outwards, giving people a warm feeling.Cartoon Animals Star Pattern Velcro Shoes

3, flexible match

There is no fixed format for color matching in children’s clothes. Excessive principles will appear dull, but too much change will appear cluttered. The simplest aim is to coordinate colors, so that it will look comfortable, and the baby looks lively, cute, bright after wearing it.

4, more casual suit.

Being active is the baby’s nature, most of the baby’s time is spending on playing, so little girl shoes should be relaxed and natural casual clothing. In addition, the baby’s body is developing, wearing loose and casual clothes is conducive to the development of the body, but also gives a comfortable and casual feel.Cartoon Owl Pattern Velcro Shoes

Toddler Clothing Sets Make Your Littles More Charming in Colorful Summer

When a fragile little life was born, a great mother also appeared. Those hardships and that were bred felt as indescribable sweetness when they touched their tender bodies. Dear, you know? I am so looking forward to your every step of growth.Plaid Tie Chiffon Ruffle Button Keyhole Back Sets

The toddler outfit set includes long-sleeved T-shirts, long trousers and a sleeveless gauze sundress, which is ideal for summer. The sprouting flower beads are adorned in the skirt. When it is cool, wearing T-shirt and trousers is ideal. When it’s slightly hot, wearing a tank top skirt is the dream of the little princess. Get ready for it and go for a ride together with her ~

My baby is so cute! She is just like a princess for all of us! Maybe every mother with a daughter can be very proud in her heart. The light-colored jeans and lace are feminine and graceful, and the fluffy veil is playful and lively. Come on, get one for your princess!

The cheongsam worn by adults is usually associated with sexy, emphasizing self-cultivation and curvaceous. The girl’s cheongsam dress was cut following the classical style. The elegant print and elaborately braided hair can make people fall into the memories of those gentle ladies in the gentle waters.

White Sleeveless Top Stripe Shorts Sets

The cluster of flowers is in full bloom on the short sleeves. The letter-embossed edge prints are smarter and rounder than the straight series. The long-sleeved T-shirt is very versatile. The threaded collar and hem guarantee the quality. Four colors can be quiet or casual, both of which   is very beautiful and elegant.

What would you like to wear in the summer? This time, of course, stepping on the classic rhythm to go with a fashion style to be proud of their own baby. The navy wind stripe short-sleeved suit and cropped trousers suit protect the vulnerable knees, and cotton material  is sweat-absorbent and breathable.

Although the style of has reached maturity, the cute imprints can instantly make us feel innocent and cuteness of baby. And we will unconsciously smile from the bottom of their hearts. Colorful elephants, flying butterflies, giraffes stretching their necks, elegant peacock, which one would she like?

Little denim toddler girl clothes sets is vigorous and durable. It looks like a jumpsuit at the first glance. A splicing stripe top and a two-piece denim combination on the shoulder are with a casual flavor. The snow-colored cropped trousers are tightened.Floral Print Short Sleeves Ruffle Embellished Sets

How to Choose Clothes for Baby?

Children’s clothing is various and rapidly changing. When consumers buy children’s clothes, they must consider the style and color of the clothes, and whether the clothes can be enjoyed by children. Moreover, whether clothes are more affordable and more comfortable to wear is also of vital importance. It is conducive to the child’s safety and healthy growth. Popreal advise all that consumers should consider the following five aspects when purchasing children’s clothing.Tribal Print Sundress

First, safety and health are prerequisites in purchasing children’s clothing.

Children are weak and have poor resistance ability. So the hygiene and environmental protection issues of children’s clothing are particularly important.

Newborn baby clothes should be  soft, breathable, comfortable, safe and healthy,  so following points are of vital importance:

  1. There should be no aerobic bleaching and mildew-proof ;
  2. No musty, petrol and other toxic odors;
  3. No decomposable toxic aromatic amine dyes, carcinogenic dyes, and dyes that may cause allergic infections;
  4. No Formaldehyde, extractable heavy metal content, PH value of leachate, and color fastness and residual amount of insecticide should all meet the national environmental protection standards for direct contact with the skin;
  5. The product should be in line with national environmental protection requirements from the procurement, production to packaging and shipping, and all aspects should be scientific and carefully made.

Second, choose children’s clothing from the functionality and comfort of the fabric.Short Sleevess Solid Color Ruffle Hem Dress

The children are lively and active, having no awareness of protective clothing. Therefore, the fabric should be strong, durable, and not easily damaged. When buying children’s clothing, we should fully consider the clothing’s comfort and perspiration function. Some  soft and elastic clothing made of cotton, silk, wool and other comfortable fabric will greatly   show s the purity of children, and give us elegant and smart feeling.

For infants and young children, it is best to choose pure cotton clothing, without the kind of phosphor, the color is preferably soft white.

Third, it is conducive to choose the style of children’s clothing that are good to children’s growth and development.

When choosing cute baby clothes , the nature of children should be taken into account. The child is in the development stage and the clothes should be mainly loose and casual clothing. The appearance of clothing should be exquisite, free and easy. Loose casual clothes are suitable when doing games, sports, etc.. They are both conducive to the development of the body, but also gives a gentle, cute, comfortable, casual feel.

Fourth, to buy children’s clothing from the sewing work.

Pay attention to whether the main parts of the children’s clothing surface are markedly woven, whether there are color differences in the main seams and “slippage” of the fabrics, or “disposal” of the fabrics, etc.

The texture of the materials and decorations, such as whether the zipper is smooth, whether the buttons are firm, and whether the snap closures are suitable for elasticity, etc., If there are surface parts of the adhesive liner, such as collar, flipper, flap cover, and decals,check them being foaming or not.

Fifth, choose according to the content of children’s clothing.

Consumers can determine whether children’s clothing is a qualified product of the formal channel according to whether the logo is complete or not. The logo generally includes the following content:

Whether there is no trademark and Chinese name, site address;

Whether there is clothing type identification;

Whether there is component identification;

Whether there are graphic symbols and instructions for washing identification;

Whether there is product certification, implementation of standard number, quality grade and other identification.

In view of the five aspects of the content, we know that when choose children’s clothing, color, style, fabric should be considered at the same time. And we should fully consider the child’s physiological characteristics, so the fabric should be soft, breathable, comfortable, safe and healthy.Leaves Print Short Sleeves Round Neck Sets

Toddler Clothes Matching Skills for Your Little Angels

Thick pink jacket, light-colored neutral ride, use socks and boots to create the effect of staggered length ~

Ice Cream Print Short Sleeves And Denim Shorts Set

Cute toddler girl outfits need not to be much, with dazzling little things to match is of vital importance. When the same color dark series superimposes, remembers to add a bright color small package, which may let the match from the mediocre;

Pink, small stars, these elements make the baby lively and bright. A pair of the same color sports shoes is not only comfortable, but also playes the effect of echoing the end;Girl Fly Sleeve T-Shirt & Flower Pants Set

A white T is simple and clean, the cute pattern is full of fashion, the focus is the pattern must be lively personality ~ Solid color down jacket + simple jeans, cute but handsome~

Dreaming to be a princess is the dream of every girl, so every baby girl should have a set of cute toddler boy outfits. The point of wear is that to be complete, so the crown, the gloves, the crystal shoes, and finally the prince’s kiss should be involved.

Light-colored underwear, suit jacket, remember not to choose much showy clothes for him ~

If the baby is a mixed race, then the most practical tip is to dress whatever you like! His handsome appearance is the most attracting! In Popreal you can find all the handsome set for your baby! Don’t hesitate!Cartoon Giraffe Pattern Short Sleeves Sets


How to Choose Suitable Styles for Newborn Baby Clothes

Different months of the baby stage, the style of clothing is not the same. Newborn babies basically don’t go out in the month. The baby’s clothes are mainly comfortable and easy to change diapers, so there’s no need to prepare too fancy. Here are some suggestions for baby dressing! May you can find the most suitable one in Popreal, an online baby clothes store!Cartoon Dog Pattern T-Shirt

1, Monk clothes

Monk clothes are especially suitable for newborn babies. There are no buttons on the clothes and they are used to fasten the clothes. In the first month the baby can wear a little monk dress, and put on a small blanket and a quilt.

2.Butterfly clothing

Butterfly clothing is especially suitable for 0-3 months baby. The clothing type is loose, and with the design of the chest straps, and the bust adjusts freely. The trousers are rounded with snaps. It can be a jumpsuit that protects the baby, as well as make it easy to change diapers. So it is especially suitable for newborn babies, and the baby can be used as pajamas when they grow up.

3, Toddler rompers

Toddler rompers are one-piece clothes with short sleeves or long sleeves.Toddler rompers are very suitable for all babies for it is easy to wear. And this kind of clothes can protect the stomach effectively. For the little baby, the warmth of the stomach is very important and there is nothing wrong with the protection of the stomach. The big advantage of baggage is that the stomach is tightly covered.Cartoon Bird Pattern T-Shirt

The biggest advantage of this type of clothing is that it is very convenient to hold the children. If it is an ordinary cardigan, it will often go up when you carry babies. So the small belly will exposed without any protect.

4, Newborn clothes sets

Usually 3 months-to-6-months-old baby will wear baby sets, because the upper body is a pullover, the lower body is a high-waist umbilical design to prevent the abdomen from catching cold, and it can also avoid tightness to the baby.

Due to the traditional habits, some of the lower body of the baby sets are designed to be opened directly, while others are designed for dual purpose. Parents can change the dead body to a simple one by simply removing the thread. It should be noted that clothing with buttons must be carefully checked to prevent the baby from pulling on his armpits and causing danger when swallowed.Botanical Embroidered Tops