Do Not Buy These Clothes for Baby

With regard to bringing babies, mothers always have a lot to talk about, and because in order to insure the healthy growth of babies, there are too many small details that parents need to pay attention to. But even so, many young moms still feel that they will always ignore some of the details in life. In this issue, Popreal talks about which kind of toddler clothes are not suitable for the baby to wear, and may it help you!Hooded Drawstring Pocket Zipper Coat

  1. Do not wear open pants for baby, especially baby girls.

Many seniors may think that it is normal for children to wear open trousers, because they feel that the baby will not only be much cooler when wearing the open trousers, but also very convenient for the adults.However, if the baby puts on the open pants and exposes the private parts directly to the air. Especially when the family is a girl baby, the bacteria and mud sand are very easy to enter the urethra and infect the baby.

  1. Baby boys should not wear zippered pants

Because of the different physiological structure, if little boy prematurely wears zippered pants, it is very harmful to the development of little body. Therefore, it is suggested that boy babies should not wear zippered trousers until they are 10 years old. When the baby grows up, know how to cleverly pull the zipper and then consider wearing such trousers, so that the baby’s health is more secure. Turn-Down Collar Deer Pattern Outerwear

  1. Don’t wear clothes with hooded rope

It is very dangerous for parents to wear clothes with hats or ropes for their baby, because it will make the baby suffocate, so clothes with hat ropes must not be worn by the baby at home. If a family member buys such clothes for the baby, young moms must remember to remove those hat ropes in time so that the baby’s safety is more secure.

  1. Clothes with sequins and beads are not suitable for the baby.

Curiosity is the child’s nature. If the baby finds eye-catching ornaments on the clothes, such as sequins and beads, the baby will unconsciously put these things in his mouth, and even put the beads into the nostrils, stuff them into the ears, and the sequins also It is easy to hurt the baby or other children. Therefore, when mommy is helping her children choose cute toddler girl outfits, they must not buy clothes with these accessories.

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Tips on Summer Baby Dressing

The dressing of children in summer should be taken seriously by parents. Summer heat is unavoidable, but make your baby feel as comfortable as possible. Especially in hot days, it is recommended that parents do not wear these colors of toddler clothes for the baby, otherwise it is easy to attract insects.Star Moon Pattern Cartoon Ear Hooded Dress

Black toddler clothes are not easy to get dirty, but black can easily absorb the heat. Once there is an experiment, when sun is very strong, if you put two pieces of black and white clothes in the yard. Five minutes later, you can find that the temperature of white clothes is 38.7 degrees, and the black clothes temperature is 40 degrees. Then this conclusion tells us that black summer is really easier to absorb heat, and the absorbed heat can take away sweat and heat as soon as possible. However, for children, they spend most of their time indoors, and it is recommended to wear light-colored clothes. Not only does it look refreshing, but it also makes the child’s childhood more colorful.

Will you choose yellow cute toddler outfits for your baby in the summer? The yellow dresses naturally look very bright, and the bright colors give a feeling of positive. However, yellow-colored clothing is particularly easy to attract insects. This is mainly because yellow is a warm color series, and the reflection of light is particularly high. Many bugs are especially fond of yellow, so it is recommended not to buy yellow clothes for your baby, otherwise there will be small bugs flying around the child.Stripe Long Sleeve Ruffle Hem Dress

So what kind of clothes could you choose for your child in the hot summer days? Many parents think that white clothes, which looks cool, will be better. But the children are very naughty, and the white clothes will become dirty too easily for the baby. With white clothes, you need to change clothes every time the baby ate something. Parents can also choose bright colors for their baby, just pay special attention and choose cotton-based clothing as much as possible. Do not wear mesh or chiffon clothes to your baby as much as possible. The hot summer days let the children have a beautiful summer vacation, starting with a comfortable dress.Cartoon Figure Pattern Ruffle Trim Top

Tips for Dressing Your Baby in the Fall

In the fall, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and mothers are worried about the child getting cold and getting sick. However, if you wear too much cute newborn outfits for your baby, it will cause your baby to be hot and anxious, and it may cause a fever. How should you dress your baby in the fall? Here are some tips on newborn baby clothes.Pocket Tulle Button Dress

Children can’t directly tell their parents about their feelings of hot and cold, especially children who can’t talk. How should mothers judge whether the child is cold or hot? Although the child can’t talk, but the child’s limbs can react to their feeling of temperature. Especially judging from the hands and feet of children’s, mothers can know if the child is warm enough by touching it.

The back of the child should be warm, but not to sweat. If little baby sweat too much, their clothes will be wet. If you can’t change your child’s dry newborn clothes in time, it will make your child catch a cold. If you have a reasonable warm back, you can prevent cold symptoms. The temperature in autumn will drop a little. Mothers can buy a small cotton wool vest for their children, so that the child’s back is warm and not too hot to cause sweating.

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Make sure your child’s stomach is warm all the time. Usually children with bad spleen and stomach, if the stomach is attacked by cold wind, it will cause stomach pain, even diarrhea, which makes the spleen and stomach dysfunctional. The various nutrients of food can not be absorbed by normal digestion, which will affect the growth of children. Therefore, mothers can buy a small apron for their children and warm their little belly. When sleeping at night, in order to prevent the child from catching a cold, mothers can prepare a sleeping bag for the child so that they can be warmed up all the time.Pocket Solid Color Thickened Vest

Things Need Being Noted When Baby Asleep

In winter, when it is becoming colder and colder, many parents will have no idea for wearing baby at night. Here are some tips on baby night dressing. Hope it can help you.Flower Embroidered Solid Color Tulle Dress

Pajama made in pure cotton is the best choice for little baby when sleeping. Thin cotton pajamas are soft and comfortable and can absorb sweat well. toddler one piece outfits made in cotton is a good choice. Cute little patterns can add to the fun of life. If you are worried that the baby’s stomach will feel cold, you can attach a towel or a belly pocket to your baby’s stomach.

Choose a light and warm quilt

Your baby’s body temperature is essentially higher than that of an adult. If you worry about your baby catching the cold and put too many quilts on your baby, it will make your baby’s body temperature too high. Therefore, the baby’s warmth should be proper, neither let the baby catch cold, and can not keep warm. Mother should choose a light and warm, breathable cotton quilt for the baby.Floral Tulle Solid Color Dress

Pay attention to the indoor temperature

The baby is more unstable in the winter, which may be caused by the too high heating temperature. Parents should pay attention to adjust the indoor temperature, generally about 20 degrees is suitable for baby sleep. What’s more, you can put toddler rompers when baby sleeping.

Opening the window at night helps sleep

Nowadays, parents think that sleeping in the closed doors can prevent the baby from catching a cold. In fact, this is a very bad habit. Because the air in the closed room is very turbid, the oxygen content is very low, and the carbon dioxide is very high, such an environment is extremely harmful to the baby’s physical development. When the baby is sleeping, it is necessary to open the window of the bedroom, and let the fresh air continuously enter the room, maintain the relative stability of the room temperature, and promote the healthy sleep of the baby. Do remember to put on children’s one piece bodysuit when sleepingButterfly Flower Print Bowknot Princess Dress


New Standard for Baby Dressing

Although the child’s body is not as good as an adult, they also need to wear newborn baby clothes according to the weather forecast, temperature changes. Meanwhile, you need to carefully plan to add baby clothes to your baby. Dress your baby properly can make him more healthy than others.Doll Collar Lace Hem Pink Dress

The weather will change slightly every day, as long as it is not too cold, don’t add clothes to your baby easily. If the baby wear too much in the morning and take it off when hot, it is easy to catch cold. If there is no sudden change in temperature, don’t add clothes to your baby casually.

How many newborn clothes the baby needs to wear mainly depends on the climate, the indoor environment and the baby’s own situation. If you wear too much clothes for baby in daily life, when it is becoming cold you will have no idea for preparing what clothes for him. Therefore, you should not always be afraid of your baby feeling cold and give him too much newborn baby clothes. For those babies who still can not walk, you’d better dress your baby no more than the as the adults. And if the baby can already walk, please wear one less piece than the adult. Santa Claus Pattern Trumpet Sleeve Stripe Dress

Little babies should wear less clothes while exercising. Once the child is sweating, the coat can’t be taken off. Because the baby will be easily affected by the cold wind and the body will be hurt. So you should get the right clothes before baby exercise. And when choosing cute baby clothes for your baby, choose clothes that are sweat-absorbent, breathable, loose, and sporty.

Every mother want their baby grow up happily and healthily, which can be understandable. But if they pay much attention on their baby sometimes it will make baby vulnerable. Especially in the high incidence of the disease, children are particularly vulnerable to the weak resistance resulting from excessive care from the parents. Appropriate increase or decrease in dressing is only one aspect. There are still many other things that should be noted. It should be analyzed according to the child’s situation, and parents should not go to extremes.Lantern Sleeve Solid Color Sweater Dress

How to Dress up Baby in Spring?

Many young parents believe that the more they dress their baby clothes in spring, the more comfortable their baby will feel. In fact, there are some techniques in dressing toddler clothes. Too much clothes will make your baby feel uncomfortable. Colorful Cartoon Bunny Pattern Sets

The child’s metabolism system is very strong. If you give wear too much clothes on them, your child’s body is limited to thick clothes, and the heat generated cannot be dissipated, resulting in the temperature of the body is getting higher and higher.  Long-term high temperature will lead to high fever, dehydration, hypoxia, coma, and even respiratory and circulatory failure. So it is recommended that do not give too much cute toddler outfits for your baby.

Here are some tips on judging whether the clothes of baby are proper or not:

If you feel the skin of baby is warm and dry, it means that the baby is dressed properly; if it is wet and sweaty, it means that you wear more clothes, you need to reduce the clothes; if you feel cold, you need to add clothes.

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Infants and young children have fast metabolism, and they are constantly exercising when they are awake.Usually, they can wear clothes to refer to adult or dad’s dress. Because the elderly are slow in metabolism and easy to cold, don’t wear clothes for the elderly according to the feelings of the elderly.

As the saying goes, “Cold from the foot”, the nerve endings at the soles of the feet are very rich, and it is also the most sensitive place to the outside world. In the summer, many babies walk in barefoot. When the weather is cold, it is necessary to pay attention to keeping the feet warm and putting on small socks.

If your baby’s abdomen is cold, it is easy to have stomach pain and diarrhea. Therefore, pay attention to keep your baby’s belly. When you sleep at night, you can wear a long coat and put the top into your pants to avoid the belly being cold.Fashion Flouncing Plain Pink Thicken Windbreaker Coat


Notices for Baby Dressing

Baby dressing is vitally different from adults’, for they needs more protect due to the weak immunity of their body. When you try to buy clothes for your baby, you must pay attention to the different temperature in different seasons.Nifty Casual Cartoon Print Thermal Woolen Long Sleeve Kids Top

The temperature in fall varies a lot in the morning and in the evening. Meanwhile there is a lot of wind in the autumn, so it is of vital importance to choose proper kids clothes. Wind protection is an important part of being warm, which is the main reason why outdoor is much colder than indoors. If you go out with the baby, don’t forget to bring the jacket. At this time, you should give your baby a good job of keeping wind and being warm.

What’s more, hats are also necessary for little baby. The hat has many functions. It can be shaded during the sunny day and to protect the head when it is cold. Therefore,baby will not catch a cold easily.Fashion Round Collar Leopard Printed Knit Sweater

Do not increase or decrease the clothes of baby too frequently in spring or in autumn. For the body of little baby is weaker than adults’, frequently changing in dressing will easily cause them catching cold. So you need to adjust the amount of  baby clothes according to the temperature flexibly.

The autumn weather sometimes differs greatly inside and outside, so remember do not take off the kids fashion clothes too quickly. Maybe the baby will catch cold after entering the door. Therefore, when you enter the house, you should give your baby a little time to adjust to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. You can open your clothes without taking off and adapt for a while.

Attention: If the outside is drizzling, even if the baby’s clothes are only slightly wet, you should immediately put on the dry clothes after going home, so as not to have a cold diarrhea or a cold.Fashion Check Split Joint Button Coat

Clothes Not Suitable for Children

  • Princess dress

Although the princess dress is very nice, it is not suitable for children to wear when go to kindergarten. Because children of three or four years old are very active, so it is not convenient to wear skirts. If there are many people, it is possible to step on the skirt and wrestle. In fact it is very dangerous to wear newborn princess dress in the crowd. If the child really likes cute newborn princess dress, you can let her wear it on weekends.

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  • exposed clothes

In the summer, some mom try to wear exposed clothes to the children in order to make their children cooler. But this is not advisable. The children who wear too exposed will attract their attention. Therefore, young mother should pay more attention on the clothes of their children.

  • Clothes with sequins, diamonds, rivets

Children like glittering things. They want to wear sequins, diamonds and rivets on their clothes, but these clothes are dangerous for children. First of all, these decorations are hard and sharp, and may hurt your child’s delicate skin when the child is playing. Secondly, some children like to decorate the clothes and put them in their mouths. Once they are eaten, it is a great threat to their health. In addition, some tops with ropes should not be worn by children, so that children can not hold their necks. Fashion Nifty Sweet Casual Loose Long Sleeve Kids Dress

  • Jumpsuits, pants with zipper or button

Although many children have already gone to kindergarten, some basic life skills are not well mastered, such as zippers and buttonholes. The teacher needs to see a lot of children, and it is inevitable that when there is poor care, if the child is urinating, it may be very difficult. Therefore, parents should try to wear some clothes that are convenient for him to wear on their own, at least go to the toilet without the help of teacher. Lovely Split Joint Rose Printed Princess Dress

Winter Baby Newborn Baby Clothes Key Is not Leaking

The weather is getting cold. It is rare to see the children come out to play at night. Parents feel that the weather is cold, or they are less likely to bring their children out. They are not afraid to give their children a cold, and at the same time they are cold, and they don’t know how to give them. How many newborn baby clothes do children wear to not freeze children? This is also the most troublesome thing for parents. How to wear cute newborn outfits in winter to make your baby healthier?Cartoon Ear Hooded Solid Color Coat

Winter baby dressing too much newborn clothes is also easy to catch a cold. Once in the winter, we can see that the little babies have become a small cotton bag, and each one is called a thick one, and then they have to hold the coat and cloak when they go out, but they do everything. It is possible not to let the child freeze, and the clothes on the child are also on the left, third, and third floors. I feel that as long as I wear cute newborn baby clothes, the baby will not get sick.Cartoon Bear Hooded Thickened Romper

But the doctor does not think so. The doctor said that the child loves to move and the metabolism speed is also fast. Therefore, the children who wear more are hot red face when playing, sweat on the back of the head, and the child wears these cheap newborn clothes. Wet clothes can easily catch cold when it is in the wind. At the same time, too much dressing will cause the body temperature to be too different from the outside temperature, and stimulate a cold. Therefore, winter babies should avoid excessive newborn baby clothes and change sweat towels in time to avoid colds.Cartoon Tiger Zipper Thickened Romper

Wearing a Pair of Baby Shoes Is Good for the Baby

The child will never do anything from birth, but will sleep in bed all day long, and then slowly can turn over himself, then lie on the bed, and the baby will grab baby shoes with his toes, all this. For moms, they are very happy and novel.

Letters Pattern Sports Shoes

As the baby grows up, their legs will slowly become more powerful. Gradually they are not satisfied with climbing on the ground. The baby also hopes to walk around like an adult, so come over. The more babies start to imitate adults, they will learn to stand up and then take their newborn baby shoes.

This time is very important for the baby, if you can learn to walk, then it is a qualitative leap for the baby. There are a lot of mothers who worry that their baby will hurt their feet when they walk, so they will always wear children shoe for their children, and others will wear newborn baby shoes with squeaks. So, is it good? Let’s talk about it for you.Sequin Bowknot Decorate Thick Boots

For children who are just beginning to learn to walk, they need to master the normal walking posture first, but many times when you put on the flashing cute baby shoes and the little girl shoes, the children’s attention will be attracted by the sound and various colors. It is very interesting. In order to make the children shoe sound, they will force the foot to make the shoes ring when walking. The result is the roots.

The correct walking posture should be the toe and the sole of the foot first. If you wear this kind of cute baby shoes, it will cause the child to use the wrong walking posture. It is very bad for the baby’s spine health, and the spine will have an impact on the brain. So this will affect many aspects of your baby.

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