Safe and beautiful maternity outfits

After pregnancy, with the increase of time, the baby is also growing up and the mother-to-be’s body shape will also change a lot. In this special period, for many mothers-to-be who love beauty, how should they dress up to be safe, comfortable and beautiful?

1. Size.

After pregnancy, mothers-to-be should be lenient in their choice of size because the speed of blood circulation will accelerate during pregnancy. Expectant mothers will often sweat easily and their legs and feet will be swollen.

Too tight clothes will not only affect the development of the mother’s mammary gland, but also lead to postpartum less milk or even no milk. It will also compress the abdomen to reduce the blood flow of the placenta and cause certain damage to the growth and development of the fetus. So it’s best to choose maternity clothes that are a size larger than your body.

2. Quality.

For expectant mothers, the natural texture is the best choice. And they must choose whole cotton or pure silk underwear, whose design is loose. And the skin becomes more sensitive after be pregnant, it had better for moms avoid to choose the cloth of chemical fiber.

Because the cloth of chemical fiber use chemical agent to undertake processing, if it contacts directly with the skin of expectant mother, it can raise the sensitivity of the skin of expectant mother even cause dermatitis, which also be adverse to fetal. So in the choice of quality of material, they still should choose gentle and washable, bibulous and breathable cute maternity clothes. Considering the change of the season at the same time, in winter, they should be careful not to let the abdomen and waist legs get cold.

3. Style.

In general, the style of mother-to-be should be as concise as possible, because too much adornment cannot facilitate mother-to-be’s action. The jacket should be able to move freely without binding the chest or squeezing the abdomen. The waistline of trousers should undertake adjusting ceaselessly according to the change of maternal bodily form. They also can buy the trousers that can adjust waistline directly.

A lot of mothers-to-be like suspenders because the belt of suspenders is wider which suit the change of abdomen of pregnancy very much and can cover bulky bodily form. If you need to attend formal occasions during pregnancy, you can choose plus size mon-to-be clothes.

Generally speaking, pregnant women can change into maternity clothes from the middle of pregnancy. The doctor also can suggest expectant mother buys 2 to 3 outfits to change at the same time in collocation a few more at ordinary time bulky jacket. So in pregnancy later period, mom needs to acquire again only 1 to 2 go out outfit, which can satisfy the collocation demand of pregnancy.

The radiation-proof clothes of expectant mothers must not be washed at will

With the rapid development of Electronics and home appliances, radiation is everywhere. Although human beings can get out certain radiation, there is no clear research data show that the use of electronic products for the body’s tissues and organs such as frequency and distance. However, radiation for genetic abnormalities such as abnormal variation is associated. In order to give the baby a better growth environment, many pregnant mothers will put the anti-radiation maternity clothes during pregnancy.

Wearing radiation clothes for a long time will be dirty as ordinary clothes, but it can be washed like other clothes? In fact, radiation protective clothing can be washed with water, but there are still a few things to pay attention to in the process of cleaning.

Firstly, focus on material types.

Different materials of radiation protective clothing have different treatment methods. If your radiation protective clothing is made of stainless steel wire fiber and silver fiber combination, this material can contact water. But it cannot be cleaned for many times. That will affect the effectiveness of radiation protective clothing and requires more attention of pregnant mothers.

Secondly, the catharsis explanation of radiation proof garment.

Washing instructions are detailed through store or formal channels of radiation protection. It also belongs to the special applications. Businessmen are considering the use of it and points for attention. In general, anti-radiation garments can be washed with water directly, but it is not recommended to machine wash. Radiation protection clothing had better not wring because it will affect the anti-radiation garments contained material easily. Also, do not use bleaching products when cleaning.

Thirdly, cleaning time of the radiation protection clothing should not be too long.

Because radiation proof garment is made with special material and cut off the action of radiation. In order to be able to have better effect, the time of daily cleanness should not be too long.

Summary: although the radiation protective clothing can be washed, the frequency of cleaning is not too much or easy to affect the performance of cheap mom-to-be clothes itself. As long as it is not very dirty, it is best to clean once every three months. If it is intimate radiation protective vest, it is best to buy two sets to wear.

What consequences will have without a maternity bra?

At the time of pregnancy, expectant mothers may find themselves chest bigger, adding 1 to 2 cups. It is often that breast will increase almost 400 grams. The weight of the common bra is no longer suitable for expectant mothers and ordinary bra will be oppression of expectant mothers’ breast and nipples, affecting the growth of breast. If they didn’t pay attention, it also can cause nipple sag and milk also will be hard to come out later.

A lot of people around are pregnant. Pregnant time increases day by day and he bosom also becomes bigger day by day, which is very uncomfortable. At this time they should change pregnant women lingerie. However, what consequences will have without a maternity bra?

Consequence one——causing breast ache.

When pregnant, the enlargement of the breast begins from the lower part, so the shape of the bra is different from that of the ordinary bra. If pregnant woman wear an uncomfortable bra when pregnant, the breast will be squeezed and pulled. The expectant mother will feel the pain of the breast.

Consequence two——postpartum easy to no milk.

When pregnant, expectant mother certainly cannot affect mammary gland hyperplasia and development. Because too tight bra can be chafed with the skin and make fiber fabric enters lacteal canal, causing very big effect to give milk later.

Consequence three——produce bosom deformation.

When pregnant, bra of expectant mother is uncomfortable word can cause bosom to be out of shape and prolapse. Bra is too small, which can lead to deputy breast. Bra is too big, which can cause bosom droop and affect beauty.

With that in mind, expectant mothers can’t keep wearing plain bras just because they want to save money.

Pregnant women’s intimates are usually designed with soft steel support, which can play a supporting and protective role to prevent the impact of gravity caused by breast ptosis. When the droop amplitude is large, it may cause the fiber tissue fracture in the breast.

Trick to choose shoe——foot health must not be ignored

Pregnant mothers’ body changes greatly, especially in the late pregnancy. Lower limb edema will become serious and the foot should be taken seriously. So how to pick the right pair of shoes for a mother-to-be?

1. Choose newborn baby shoes with round head and having certain width. Shoe quality also should be softer.

2. The size of shoes should be determined according to the length of feet. It must be noted that when people are sitting or standing, it will be 10mm longer.

3. The ideal heel height should be 15 to 30mm. Although flat shoes are acceptable, it may often bring foot fasciitis and other heel discomfort in the postpartum.

4. Shoe style should be open type, namely lace-up or magic style. Next choice is elastic belt or other adjustable type.

5. The sole had better be ones whose wear-resisting degree is good and can have the outsole of certain skid resistance.

6. The heel of high heels is generally more than 4 cm, so pregnant mother had better not wear. Otherwise, it will be easy to fall, and even abortion.

In addition, the cotton-padded shoe is better in winter and summer baby shoes requires flexibility. Of course, the most important thing is to fit the foot shape of the expectant mother so that she can feel comfortable.

Prenatal shopping——what baby items should pregnant mother prepare?

Baby products must be ready before birth so that after the birth of the baby will not be in a hurry. But what baby products should a pregnant mother prepare? Let’s take a look at it.

1. Newborn baby clothes .

Babies between the ages of 0 and 3 grow so fast that clothes don’t fit well for long. Although the price of baby clothes is not low now, relatives and friends will buy gifts. The small baby clothes is very lovely, mothers always cannot help but buy. Therefore, in the purchase of baby clothes to choose a larger size as far as possible. Second-hand baby clothes in the home of relatives and friends without the harmful substances of new clothes are also a good choice.

It should be noted that the baby’s skin is very sensitive, whether new clothes or second-hand should be cleaned before the baby to wear.

2. Cleaning and care products.

Moms should not use bath product before baby get half a year old because the skin of baby is tender. Expectant mother also should choose baby clothes with small excitant, not having full-bodied fragrance. But if moms buy a lot of baby stuff, the baby cannot use up and it will expire. So they can try to choose a small package of single products to buy, which can avoid waste and can also observe whether the baby is allergic to cleaning and care products.

3. Crib.

Before the baby coming out, parents are convinced to buy a crib which will have a great benefit. But after the baby was born, the mother often put the baby in their side and the crib is sometimes left out because of feeding, diapers and other things.

The price of crib is higher and the baby from birth to the age of 6 years old may use it. So they should try to choose safe and durable, cost-effective crib. The crib of a few detachable outfit models can transform into sofa. Some still can join together with big bed and it is very practical.

4. Bedding set.

There is the bedding set that makes technically for baby now, not only the design is lovely, but also a lot of convenient composition suit. More important is the price is cheaper.

However, there is a mistake in buying a suit is that there may be some items that the baby does not use. After buying the suit, it not only takes up space, but also spends twice money to buy a useful item. Accordingly, when choosing bedding suit, mom should choose the basic suit that baby needs.

5. Baby carriages.

Strollers are essential for travel before the age of three, but people may confuse strollers with baby umbrellas carriage when buying them. Baby strollers are more suitable for infants. They have a larger space and can be used either lying down or sitting down, but they are not light enough.

And the baby umbrella car is more suitable for the older baby. Although it cannot lie flat, the umbrella car is light and easy to carry around. Whether it’s a baby stroller or an umbrella car, mom should be sure to choose one with better safety features.

6. Baby wipes.

Baby wipes are indispensable, mainly used to wipe the baby’s body. Many mothers-to-be may take advantage of the supermarket activities to store some of them, but if it is left for a long time, it is easy to become dry wipes. In addition, the baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. The baby will be allergic to some wet towel, so mom should not prepare too many and buy a bag or two. If the baby does not appear allergic situation, then it is not too late to buy.

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Moms-to-be dress for occasions that make your look beauty

Expectant mothers should not think they cannot dress up. They should know in different occasions, relying on their own preferences, characteristics and the needs of fetal development, they can shine!

Sleeveless dresses.

As pregnancy, expectant mothers gradually gain weight. At this time, they need mom-to-be dresses to bring them a gentle feeling, and look pretty and fit. You just need to change the cloth, color and pattern to give a completely different impression.

Moms-to-be can choose sleeveless dresses of different thickness according to the changing seasons. They can choose lightweight short-sleeved shirts and sweaters for daily dress. When going out, they can choose quality of a material soft wide short coat.

Dress for work.

It is mainly on the way to work and at the office. Because of the surrounding atmosphere, ordinary maternity clothes should not be chosen in any case.

This time they can choose tonal and lively downy, which design is easy. If they choose same cloth on whole only, it can produce the effect of suit.

Formal dress.

Formal dress needs to be gorgeous and elegant. Because in the long pregnancy, mothers-to-be still need to attend the wedding or dinner party and must not dismiss party because the abdomen is not pretty.

The style of formal dress should give priority to ones with wave shape edge to covers puffy bodily form. The cloth such as the silk that uses solemn at the same time can appear the style is decorous.

Mothers-to-be should also carefully check whether plus size maternity dresses are convenient to put off and feel comfortable or easy to move as well as moisture. Whether it is easy to wash and other conditions are also important so that they can be beautiful at the same time, but also comfortable.

How does pregnant woman choose and buy hold abdomen pants?

When a woman’s lower abdomen begins to swell after four months of pregnancy, the mother prepares maternity bottoms. When choosing pregnant woman outfit, they must be wide and comfortable, breathable and convenient. Prevent heat to keep warm is a principle so as not to hinder the development of fetal. Combining the occasion that wears and mom herself, whole cotton qualitative pregnant woman outfit at the same time while paying attention to practical, it can give attention to both sides lactation.

Due to the fast pace of life and high pressure of work, people prefer to wear casual clothes after work. Of course, it is also for the health of the baby. Generally speaking, casual maternity is more common. Of course, for their own health, pregnant women must buy good quality maternity to wear.

How should pregnant women choose corset? They should choose ones which are easy to remove. With the increasing of abdomen, it is not comfortable. When moms do the catharsis, please first soak for 10 minutes with warm water. No matter what kind of detergent is used, rinse is a program which cannot be careless and must wash it two or three times until the water becomes clear. Put it in sunshine bask in after washing, which have disinfection effect.

Pregnant woman’s abdomen pants are comfortable to the pregnant mother’s body with high cost performance and fashion, both before and after the false double pocket decoration. Its fabrics feel soft, no smell, good scalability and high elasticity. It is comfortable, super warm, adjustable, washable and no fading, no deformation, no wrinkle. Its key parts are reinforced for the entire pregnancy and postpartum period of time. It is made of 90% bamboo fiber and10% polyester.

If the usual thin pregnant mother, it may be appropriate after 20 weeks to wear and the specific size can refer to the specification.

Note: in order not to affect fetal development, abdominal band should not be wrapped too tight and sleep at night should be loosened. Slightly tilted from the lower abdomen to support the increased abdominal so as to prevent uterine ptosis and protect the position of the fetus and reduce the pressure of the waist. The key point of abdomen belt of support should be ones which are able to adjust along with abdomen increase and are convenient with strong permeability.

Conclusion: pregnant women in the choice of abdominal belt should be considered that it will not affect the development of the fetus. Support abdomen belt must be convenient to wear and tear off, and during pregnancy the female body has some changes, such as sweat glands secretion speeding up. Pregnant women clothes must be comfortable and can absorb sweat. Try to choose full cotton pregnant plus size maternity bottoms and then match with support abdomen belt, so that pregnant women can feel comfortable.

Dress for different stages of pregnancy

When bepregnant, as the change of abdomen, our dress also can change. What kind of maternity clothes chooseto suit pregnant woman? How should pregnant women dress?

1. Within three months.

The first three months of pregnancy also can’t see from the stomach, so at this time as long as it is ok to wear clothes, the requirement for wearing is not too big and it is good to protect a fetus. Fetal growth speed is very fast at this moment and cell division is very quick, so mom should be ready to radiation protection.

Although there is no unified standard for this problem, it is very common in the market of radiation protective clothing. So the mother can choose a radiation protective clothing to wear, the mother can go online to choose the independent production and sales of the manufacturer’s brand, or they can choose the quality of the brand to choose.

Although it is ok to wear normal clothes in these three months, but also they should prepare for the future when the belly can wear maternity clothes. It is necessary to usually have time to go in and choose maternity clothes to prepare for the future and do not fight unprepared war.

2. From three to six months.

In this period, our belly has been very obvious and pregnancy taste finally showed, so the pregnant women’s clothes prepared in advance to put it out.

Underwear mustbe aware in this period and the breast will increase a lot during this period. Themother should choose a bra as far as possible comfortable without a support, whichcan make a breast to obtain the very good growth to prevent the production ofless milk, no milk or mammary gland hyperplasia after the emergence of symptoms.Underwear also should not be low-rise or to wear something to protect the bellyof tall waist briefs so that it won’t affect your baby’s growth anddevelopment.

At the same time, mom also should pay attention to hygiene and change underwear frequently. Working mothers need to pay more attention to the dress and they can wear some professional maternity clothes, which isnot only beautiful, but also very loose and good for the baby and mother’s body.

3. From six to nine months.

To this stage, the baby grows fast and the mother’s belly that is very spectacular, so it is good to wear loose clothes. In summer, they should wear some loose cotton dress, if you are in the period of spring and autumn or winter, you maybe wear pants and choose a professional pant which will bring great benefits to the growth of the baby.

All above are dressrequirements of the three stages. After knowing these, I believe that themother has been quite prepared for their own cheap mom-to-beclothes. Each stage to be paid attention to what will do and I hopethat the mother is still in pregnancy style.


Careful collocation make pregnant hot mom

After gettingpregnant, mothers-to-be have no way to wear many beautiful maternity clothes again,which will be a little depressed. In fact, as long as reasonable collocationand choice, mothers-to-be can also be beautiful! How do you become a hotfashion mom?

1. General principle: loose, comfortable and easy clothes.

The top should be soft, simple and loose enough to allow the mother to move around. The jacket can neither bind to the chest nor press down on the stomach. Since these clothes will not be worn after production, they need not be too expensive, just make sure they are washed and sunburnt before wearing.

As the increase of gestation week, the breast of expectant mother can be plump gradually and the dimension of brassiere is about to increase gradually.

Long skirt and trousers are in spring and summer more appropriate, because they do not need to fasten belt. Suspender pants also get the love of mothers-to-be very much and underwear should be cotton fabrics.

2. Attention should be paid during pregnancy.

Due to uterinecompression during pregnancy, venous pressure of lower limbs will besignificantly increased, and pregnant women are prone to lower limb edema. Therefore,whether long stocks or short socks, they must not be too tight.

By the middle and late stages, the center of the body is moving forward more and more. But if you choose flat shoes, the center of gravity will fall on the heel and it will hurt. So choosing the low heel shoe of 2 to 3 centimeters is able to suit and sole should have deeper slippery prevention grain.

3. Other things.

Hat and parasol should be unforgettable in spring and summer when going out. Keep a raincoat handy for possible weather changes. Keep thin coats in the office, too.

While many mothers-to-be may have a seasonal wardrobe ready at an early age, they find it impossible to wear it. At this time, they o do not have to be sad and follow the small method above only so that hot mom belongs to you as well!

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5 clever moves of choosing pregnancy shoes

The weight ofexpectant mother after being pregnant increases ceaselessly and the pressure onthe foot when walking can become big. After 3 months of pregnancy, toe beginsdropsy. Choosing shoe of a pair of comfortable shoe for pregnant woman is veryimportant, which can help buffer the pressure of sufficient ministry and alsocan reduce the burden of lumbar vertebra. When choosing newborn baby shoes, expectantmothers should consider safety, comfort and functionality as their criteria.

Standard one: knowing your feet.

Generally, thesize of shoes refers to the change of length. However, the width and height ofshoes are the important parameters that determine the type of shoes. It is theprimary task to select the width and height of shoes according to your foottype.

Standard two: heel has shock absorption function.

Heel end is the first contact point when walking so the shock absorption ability of this part becomes the key to reduce the impact force. However, normal shoes cannot be learned by observing the appearance of whether there is a good shock absorption effect. It is suggested to take the initiative to ask the merchant and choose a heel with good shock absorption effect. If you’re pregnant with a change in your center of gravity, it’s best to opt for a heel less than an inch high and a chunky heel to avoid accentuating your forward leaning center of gravity.

Standard three: sole thickness should be moderate.

Sole needs to have the function of antiskid, shock absorption. It is about 1 centimeter. Too thick sole softness is not good, and too soft, too thin sole lacks shock absorption effect.

Standard four: sweat absorption and breathable material.

Mom had better choose breathable material. Dermis is best, because it has flexibility and more fit a foot. Its sweat absorption function also can avoid sufficient ministry sultry, especially for pregnant woman that sheds sweat easily.

Standard five: choose a foot shoe insole.

After choosing the shoe model that suit whole foot outline, cute baby shoes insole is another important evaluation point. The larger the contact surface between the sole and the insole, the less pressure will be. The ideal shoe insole should have good support at the medial part of the foot, which can not only increase the contact surface, but also stabilize the arch of the foot, so that the foot is not easy to change.

In addition tothe above several standards, when expectant mothers choose shoes, as far aspossible to choose a slightly larger size of shoes, because pregnancy afterthree months, the degree of swelling on the feet will become larger. But it shouldnot be too loose, so as not to flip when walking. Mom had better choose solewith good flexibility and slippery prevention in case they fall when walking