Four types of socks for your baby

Parents need to pay special attention to the footsteps of the cold work. So what are the four types ofbaby socksyour baby needs? Those who does not know the specific material and style of socks see now.

Non-slip socks.

The baby a day in the normal, they will learn from time to time to climb slowly, and the baby’s center of gravity is relatively unstable, so on the smooth floor is easy to fall, to wear non-slip socks.

Explanation: in the city, room of general family living room and children is given priority to with wooden floor. Adult puts on slipper, and the baby still cannot be effective “control” slipper, so best method is to do not let baby wear slipper, and put on the antiskid socks that suits with season directly can.

Give a small proposal here: have the family of darling, when decorating, please do not want as far as possible according to stone material floor, because stone material floor is very easy slippery and cause baby to tumble; And the baby easily catch cold. The home that already laid stone material or darling must be in area of hutch defend balcony activity, and remedial method is to put on a pair of soft bottom cloth overshoes to darling (notice cloth bottom is prevent slippery), but not be slipper.

Key note: non-slip socks are to wear socks, try not to wear in the shoes and wear soft shoes inside should also wear ordinary socks. Flooring and assembled foam pads help prevent skidding.

Thin cotton socks.

This is a kind of socks suitable for baby to wear in summer, and the general parents will buy nylon stockings for baby is the most wrong choice. Nylon stockings look thinner and actually cover the feet more. Thin cotton socks should pay attention to the choice of color, and there is a darker block of the best not to choose, because the baby may sweat color block decolorization. The simpler the socks, the higher the safety factor.

Important note: it is strictly prohibited to choose socks (including such shoes and insoles) with antiperspirant and odor removing agents for your baby, and replace them with daily cleaning. Also do not use a variety of spray.

Pure cotton socks.

This style of socks was worn in spring and autumn season. The thickness of the socks is just right. It is suggested that parents should not buy socks sold on street stalls or in unreliable stores, which are often mixed with inferior cotton or a large amount of acrylic fiber. Please buy genuine products with 100% or 90% cotton texture.

Wool socks/cashmere socks.

What sock does baby in winter wear more appropriate? This style of woolen socks is a must. Some moms make a terrible mistake by wearing tights, especially high-stretch acrylic stockings. Because the baby’s socks texture should not choose acrylic, more should not be too tight.

So much for the four types of newborn socks your baby needs, and now it’s time for young parents to decide which cute baby socks to buy for their kids. When you arrive at the mall, you can immediately find the target. You don’t need to look at so many children’s socks like a headless fly, but you don’t know how to buy them.

Children should keep shoes and socks dry to prevent beriberi

Athlete’s foot calls Hong Kong foot again. Beriberi is a common skin disease caused by fungi. Especially newborn socks can cause air circulation, plus warm spring and summer season.

“Based on past experience, teenagers account for about 30 percent of patients with athlete’s foot,” the doctor said. Dermatologist says, teenage carry exercise is big. Breathability is poor, in damp season, became the hotbed of fungus.

Once the child infects tinea pedis, but they cannot use medicine. Some parents buy ointment to daub to the child to drugstore by oneself, but a lot of medicines are the medicine that contains hormone, which cannot be used in disorder, so mom had better listen to the professional opinion of the doctor to the hospital, and should buy medicine by oneself in drugstore really, and you must ask clear assistant.

Using drug to go thorough, after the symptom disappearing, is acceptable but you do not have to use drug. Doctors stressed that parents should supervise children to adhere to the drug, otherwise it is easy to develop drug resistance, resulting in future drug relapse ineffective.

Keeping feet dry is the most important preventive measure. Dermatologists warn parents to keep their children in different shoes and not focus on one pair. The child’s shoe cannot be put in the bed bottom, and you should use hairdryer every day when necessary blowing dry inside the shoe, still can sprinkle a few dry powder, keeping shoe dry.

Additional tinea pedis has easy infectivity, because urticant place with the hand, often infect to hand and produce tinea (goose palm wind). Fungus grows on fingernail, becoming onychomycosis (onychomycosis). Also after scratching the feet will be the fungus to other organs or furniture bedding. In the process of treatment, you also pay attention to, after the relief of symptoms, continue to wipe medicine, but with medicine to putting on shoes and newborn baby socks. Kill residual fungus or use disinfectant blisters on shoes, bedding, socks, etc.

Don’t dress children like this

Newborn clothes have a lot of matters needing attention, and they should not wear denim and chemical fiber underwear, horn pants, tight clothes, high heels, leather shoes. Only proper and comfortable newborn baby clothes can help children grow up healthily.

1. Children should not wear coarse cloth and chemical fiber underwear.

Children’s skin is delicate, and rough texture is is easy to scratch the skin, even infection. Chemical fiber cloth is easy to stimulate children’s skin, and the occurrence of allergic dermatitis, so that infection. Children are suited to wear white cotton knitwear underwear or soft cotton underwear.

2. Children should not wear horn pants.

Flares hip is very tight, and the ministry is too thin and can affect blood circulation; And pants are long and fat, which will affect walking, running or jumping and other activities. And the crotch that stretched tight too often chafes the genital organ that stimulates child, as a result affects external genital growth to develop, or infection causes inflammation to wait.

3. Children should not wear tight clothes.

Tight pants, such as jeans and chicken leg pants, affect children’s growth and activity, and have very serious effects on bones, muscles and reproductive system.

4. Children should not wear high heels.

The growth and development of the bone in children is very rapid, and wearing high-heeled shoes is able to make phalanx, and metatarsal is out of shape and thicken, the flexibility that hampers a joint. And also it is easy to cause toe ectropion, flat foot and other malformations. In addition when wearing high-heeled shoes, the upper body tilts forward, and the center of gravity of the body falls on the toe, normal gravity transmission line can shift, hindering the normal growth and development of the body. If the girl wears high heel shoe, still can cause pelvic entrance to become narrow, and please be sure to be able to affect adult later childbearing.

5. Children should not wear leather shoes.

Children’s soft bone’s growth and development is very fast, and it is too early to wear newborn baby clothes, or it will affect the blood circulation of feet and the growth and development of toes and soles, which is very easy to lead to foot deformity.

Baby clothes must not be too tight

Child has just come out from the matrix and don’t adapt many things, including the temperature. Mom and dad know it and get the baby wrapped protectively and baby is restrained and let the baby from an uncomfortable situation in another and the child temperature is too high.

Even adults can’t put so many clothes on. Fortunately, adults still know how to express their feelings and control their behaviors, but babies can only be controlled. Therefore, if the baby’s palm is often hot, especially dry and hot, mothers should be on guard that the baby may wear newborn baby clothestoo many. Neonatal body temperature regulation center development is not perfect and heat preservation and heat dissipation function is poor, at this time, mothers can change according to the temperature and their own feeling, planned to the baby can increase or decrease clothing. If the clothes should be reduced without haste, it will reduce the baby’s resistance, causing respiratory infections. On the contrary, blindly wear more, strict cover, is easy to make the baby “dehydration”.

In addition, if the package is too tight, it will not necessarily keep you warm. There is a great relationship between fever and blood circulation. If the package is too tight, it is not conducive to blood circulation. In addition, the bag is too tight, limit baby activity, go against motion development. After wrapping, the fingers cannot touch the surrounding objects, which limit the baby’s tactile development. So, baby clothes and adults are the same, clothes to wear a little loose. And thickness as long as the hands warm, feet warm for the baby is the most comfortable.

Also, when the mother gets up in the morning, look at the weather, and usually whether there is a gap, the weather has not changed, you do not need to do what changes. If because the morning up to wear more, babies feel hot and then take off, and it is easy to make the baby cold. It is best to decide how many clothes to wear when you get up in the morning. If the weather changes suddenly, you can add or subtract clothes according to the actual situation.

If it can be wrapped well, it will keep the baby warm and comfortable. In fact, cute baby clothes can be replaced by sleeping bags, which can not only avoid these problems, but also save a lot of worry. The child wore some newborn clothes for comfort and put them in a sleeping bag for warmth. And babies can move around in it, killing many birds with one stone.

Choose Cute Baby Clothes to Care for Baby’s Skin

Nowadays, many mothers dress up the baby beautifully. You should pay attention to the choice of children’s cute baby clothes, but often overlook the quality of close-fitting newborn clothes, caring for the baby’s fragile skin or need to choose from the baby close-fitting clothes.

The baby grows fast, so the newborn baby boy clothes are required to be loose, comfortable and safe. Therefore, after buying newborn baby clothes for the baby, it is necessary to wash them with water and then wear them. It is best to put them in a week or two after washing. Baby close-fitting clothes should be washed with natural soap. Washing powder or machine washing may cause chemical residues and irritate the baby’s skin.

Buying cute baby clothes for your baby is healthy and comfortable. When choosing a close-fitting clothing for your baby, choose a soft cotton or cotton flannel to prevent your baby from scratching your skin. In addition, the growth and development of infants and young children is relatively fast, and the clothing should be large and should not be small. It is best to avoid choosing clothes with elastic bands. The color does not need to be too bright, and plain color is the safest.

The choice of baby’s newborn baby clothes is also very important. In addition to the clothes worn during the daytime activities, pajamas are the longest time to wear, so choose the best quality pajamas. The winter is comfortable and warm, and the summer is mainly sweat-absorbent and refreshing. The length of the pajamas should also be based on the principle that the baby is easy to turn over.

Therefore, mothers choose newborn clothes for the baby, whether it is outerwear or underwear, not only pay attention to style, appearance, but also to the choice of fabric quality. Never let clothes cause harm to your baby’s skin.

Mothers Should Choose the Suitable Newborn Clothes

Clothes, especially newborn baby clothes, should be considered carefully when choosing. This is especially true for babies. If you want to choose good newborn clothes, you need to practice more, but there are too many good cute baby clothes, and most children’s clothes are not so unbearable. It is better to choose the newborn baby boy clothes that the baby should not wear for parents to refer to. 

Open newborn clothes have been worn by children since ancient times. Who can wear them? Only the children. However, the opening pants are said to be convenient for peeing, saving the adult to wash clothes, but not so good in terms of hygiene. Because children wearing open pants, it is not easy to break or scratch the skin. Bacteria and parasite eggs on the ground are likely to invade the child’s anus, urethra and wounds, causing the child to suffer from hookworm and tsutsugamushi, which endangers the child’s health. If a girl wears open pants, it is also very likely to cause direct bacterial infection, resulting in vaginitis, trichomoniasis and so on.

The bell-bottoms are very tight at the buttocks. The skin is too thin to affect blood circulation. The newborn baby clothes are long and fat, which can affect walking, running or jumping. Moreover, the pants that are stretched too tight which often rubs the genital organs of the child, which may affect the growth and development of the external genitalia, or the infection may cause inflammation.

All of the above are unsuitable for children to wear, and it is also a misunderstanding that parents often make mistakes. Of course, parents usually do not wear them in the unsuitable newborn baby boy clothes. Here is a brief explanation, such as tights, shoes, High-heeled shoes, etc., which affect the child’s skeletal development and physical development. I think that the baby’s body has not yet been finalized. It is not appropriate to wear these.

Select the Comfortable Women Lingerie

The new mother is ready to deal with all aspects of pregnancy, and several small details of the breastfeeding women lingerie can be used to make the new mother start from the finest, and choose the women’s intimates that is suitable for breastfeeding due to physiological reasons.

During breastfeeding, the new mother’s breasts will increase gravity due to the natural secretion of breast milk, plus the frequent sucking by the baby, prone to sagging, not wearing a bra or wearing an inappropriate women lingerie, this situation will be more serious. If you can master the small details of the breastfeeding bra, you can effectively avoid sagging breasts and make the outline clear. The small details of choosing a breastfeeding bra are as follows:

Lactation is relatively long, breastfeeding your baby anytime and anywhere. In order to facilitate breastfeeding, you should choose a women lingerie with a lactation opening design. If the baby is hungry, you can hold the baby in one hand and untie the breast in the other hand. It is very convenient.

During the lactation period, due to physiological reasons, there will be galactorrhea from time to time, and the breast pad can absorb the overflowing milk to solve the sputum. Therefore, some special women’s intimates with bag mouths and auxiliary belts should be selected to facilitate the placement and fixation of the breast pads.

Breast augmentation of breast fullness and gravity increase, in order to avoid shoulder pain, you should choose a wider shoulder strap. In addition, you should also pay attention to the shoulder strap of the women sleepwear which should be vertical.

The above is the small details of the choice of breastfeeding sleepwear for women, to see the big and small details determine the success or failure, master these details, which can let your new mother away from the postpartum chest sagging. In addition, the appropriate women lingerie is important, but also with the appropriate bra wearing method, so that they can complement each other, resulting in fat shifting effect to play the role of plastic chest.


Choose the Right Pair of Cute Baby Shoes

The baby’s feet grow very fast. After learning to walk, they need to wear children shoes. Therefore, to buy newborn baby shoes for your baby, you must choose the right size and comfortable to wear. When many parents choose baby shoes for their babies, they are more confused about how much to buy for the baby, what kind of shoes to wear. Listening to your parents will listen to the experience of the elderly or by personal preference and intuition. In fact, uncomfortable little girl shoes can bring health risks to the feet.

The baby grows fast, to which sometimes the parents don’t pay attention, and the newborn baby shoes are not suitable for the baby to wear. Wearing these children shoes, they will not only affect the growth and development of the soles of the feet, but also bring health risks to the toenails. 

Some experts pointed out that: the cute baby shoes are small, need to be replaced in time, which clinically often encounter baby due to wearing small shoes caused by paronychia, toenail redness and pain, suppuration. Father and mother can only take the baby to seek medical care. The baby’s toes are inherently young, and the baby’s nature is lively and active. Too small children shoes can cause repeated rubbing of the toenails and nearby soft tissues, causing invisible damage to the nails. Once the baby’s immunity is low, it will produce paronychia. In addition to wearing small shoes, the baby’s nails are cut too short, or pull the thorns, it will also cause damage to the nail groove, bacteria along the wound into the nail bed, it will also cause paronychia.

Parents understand that uncomfortable cute baby shoes can cause discomfort such as paronychia, but also sloppy to buy shoes for the baby? Therefore, parents should pay attention to the replacement of baby shoes for the baby, find the right size, so that the baby can grow up in a healthy environment.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing Women Lingerie

What breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to when choosing women’s intimates. The breasts of breastfeeding mothers are fuller than before, and the breastfeeding period is a very special period. Mother’s breasts must become the granaries for children to grow, and at the same time keep the beauty of the past. What do you need to pay attention to when choosing women lingerie? The recovery of postpartum body is not so fast and timely, what should be paid attention to the women sleepwear, then the questions that the mothers care about have already been gone home one by one.

It is recommended that the breastfeeding mother choose the women lingerie, whose cup is obviously rising and deep, and should be a 4/4 full cup, preferably a thin and elastic cotton knitted fabric, which is more comfortable to wear. There is also a bra on the front, or a style in which the cup can be opened, which is good for breastfeeding, and it is convenient to choose such a style to feed. The bottom of the cup has a steel wire lining, which can give the breast an upward lifting force, and the steel plate is made of pure cotton fabric. There is also the best choice of women sleepwear straps which should be vertical and wider, so that the shoulders are not sore because the postpartum chest is not the same as before.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing breastfeeding sleepwear for women? After reading the contents above, moms should know what to pay attention to. Breastfeeding mothers must choose underwear mainly to facilitate breastfeeding and wear.

Some Mothers Should Choose Cute Baby Clothes

Buying comfortable cute baby clothes for newborns is a problem that every new mother has to face. Newborns should change their newborn baby boy clothes frequently during the day, so prepare enough newborn clothes for the newborn. But buying newborn baby clothes for newborns is also very particular. Let’s take a look at some common sense of buying clothes for newborns.

If there is a size indication on the clothing, make sure that the child can use it for at least 2 months. Young children don’t care about a little more newborn clothes, but actually a little bigger newborn baby clothes are more suitable, because young children will grow up in a short time. Only washable, non-marking cute baby clothes can be purchased.

It is guaranteed that the baby’s clothes purchased by the new mother will not affect the use of the diaper, and it is not necessary to take off many cute baby clothes when changing the diaper. Buy a loose towel and jumpsuit, you need to buy a metal buckle at the crotch or at the front. It is best to wear a nightgown for a period of time after the child is born, so that it is only necessary to pick up the baby’s clothes when changing the baby’s clothes.

It is best to use the cute baby clothes of a baby with a wide opening in front or the newborn clothes of a baby with an open collar, because young children do not like to have something to cover the face. The baby’s clothes that are open at the front are easy to put on and off, and there is no need to turn over the children. The material of the newborn baby boy clothes should be soft, comfortable, and the seams should not be hard. Check the size and waistline of the neckline before purchasing. When buying a towel for a child, it is best to buy cotton or wool. If you buy cloth, you must ensure that the texture is soft and comfortable.