How to choose children’s clothes?

Hot mom in the new century not just will look glamorous, they also can’t ignore their baby’s elegant demeanor. Letting the baby to wear lovely and not breaking the atmosphere is a lot of new mothers are tireless to pursuit, but parenting experts also remind each young mummy that before choosing cute baby clothes, parents should fully understand the physiological characteristics of the baby and let the baby to wear comfortable and beautiful newborn baby clothes .

Above all, the child’s dress had better be chosen pure cotton quality of a material, because pure cotton absorbs water well and soft, which can caress darling’s delicate skin and protect them from cold. In addition, children love sports and are easy to sweat. Wearing cotton clothes is easy to absorb sweat and reduce the discomfort of baby sweat clothes.

The growth speed of the baby within a year is fast, about 15 cm long after the age of 2 years old each year on average 5 cm long. So moms buy clothes for the baby, especially the coat, it had better be a big size, which not only can not bind the child’s body development, but also can wear for a period of time. Additionally, the bosom abdomen of newborn baby is more outstanding and the dress does not contain the design of chatelaine as far as possible.

Baby clothes should be chosen light color to avoid interference with the baby’s psychological development, and you can choose the cartoon image of the clothes, which can not only cause the baby’s interest, but also can let the baby more lovely and innocent.

Young mothers should pay more attention to details when choosing their children’s clothes. Their children’s clothes should be simple and easy to take off and wash. They should not take accessories, pins, buttons and other accessories with their clothes to avoid accidental skin damage.

Baby’s neck is short, so their clothes should not be high collar design, although the fashion is popular, but for the baby they can suffer. Children’s clothes should be simple, loose, and easy to take off. The sleeves and bottom of the trousers should be wide to give the limbs room to move.

In different month, children have different dress tips. Like the baby four to six months, they had better choose those baggy overalls clothing, the baby will not interfere with the action. 7-9 months baby has started to learn to walk, with the scope of activities increased, the wearing loose clothing is the best choice, which is not easy to dirty white and easy to get dirty.

Summary: the principle of newborn baby clothes collocation is comfortable. On this basis, every child is an angel and they are pure and lovely, like the newborn sun has a dazzling light as long as the dress is clean and tidy and it has been very attractive.

How to choose and maintain the swimsuit of babies in summer?

The arrival of the hot summer is coming slowly, and a lot of parents in order to alleviate the hot of themselves and their children go to the beach or the seaside to play. How to choose appropriate toddler swimwear at this time has become a big problem.

  1. Fit is everything.

Unlike the adult swimsuit, the fit of the baby swimsuit is the most important and too tight or too loose is not conducive to the baby’s free movement in the water. Therefore, the choice of time to swim for many times to stretch and to determine the elasticity of the fabric is important. If I repeated it several times, it still can return to the original appearance and the resilience is very good, at the same time if the feeling is good, then it can be said that the basic is a very good swimming suit.

2. Choose good materials.

When adult is choosing swimsuit for oneself, they can care about material quality very much because skin is delicate. Waiting for a lot of reasons, mom must choose good material to pledge when buying to the baby. At present, the baby’s swimsuit material on the market is mainly made of spandex and the international standard of spandex is about 18%. But those swimsuits that sell on the beach commonly are qualitative poorer, but the price is very expensive however, and the skin that still may cause harm to the baby. So, clever mom must choose the swimsuit of good material to the baby. If there is no indication of the fabric on the swimsuit, then whether it is a clothing market or a large supermarket, mom should try not to buy such swimsuits for children.

3. Simple style.

Some swimsuits for women will have simple but natural hemlines, while some swimsuits for men will be simply decorated as batman, both of which are acceptable. If the baby’s swimsuit style is too complex, the ornaments will become a baby in the water, affecting the baby’s movement. So, design should be chosen as far as possible simple, but the choice of design is not controlled. However, mom can choose what the baby likes as far as possible, for example cartoon and so on.

After choosing a good swimsuit, the essential is the process of maintenance:

1. When the chlorine is contained in the swimming pool, it will damage the suit material. That’s why we wet them with water before swimming. Also moms take care to avoid sunscreen and cosmetics that may harm the fabric. Friction on rough surfaces should also be avoided before and after swimming and during preservation.,

2. When cleaning, it should be as soon as possible after the end of swimming with water to rinse; Wash slowly and gently with your hands, and avoid washing powders or bleaches that may damage the fabric.

3. After washing the swimsuit to be placed in a ventilated and cool place, keep the natural air dry and do not use a hair dryer or dryer, because they will easily make clothing deformation and injury.

Finally, parents need to pay attention to that whether it is the baby or their own toddler swimsuits are not available to rent the way, they must have to bring their own. Also do not lend baby swimsuit to others at will. Otherwise it is easy to catch some diseases.


How does a delicate woman choose underwear?

The transformation of women from girls to women is a long process, and every woman is also such a slow growth up and being a delicate woman is not difficult, but you have to be full inside and outside rather than empty. So the woman that has quality of life goes up in the choice of women lingerie, one want to choose to match with you.

The purple is like the glamour of a female and deserves to go up the deck of gray green decorative pattern, appearing more attractive. The design of vest type, brings than the shoulder, increased pair of breast support force, making its more not easy prolapse; Tall side is compared, and receives vice breast completely inside cover cup.

How does a delicate woman choose underwear?

You are no longer a girl, so in the selection of colors, you can avoid the selection of too immature colors, such as sapphire blue, perhaps more suitable for mature you. If be the sapphire blue of smooth face only, always appear too drab, after doing the design of inwrought jacquard, look more atmospheric and elegant. The design of invisible steel rim needs not worry steel rim can oppress mammary gland, letting bosom breathe freely.

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Five types of underwear are not recommended for women

Female private parts are extremely fragile, so women must take good care of them, and women lingerie is one of the assistants that take care of private parts. Choosing women’s intimates is very important. To avoid the disease of gynaecology that causes because of underwear have an expert to suggest that the woman is unfavorable wear 5 kinds of underwear.

  1. Thongs.

There is no doubt that the g-string is sexy and hot, but the special design of the g-string is easy to rub with the private parts, thus causing skin congestion, redness and swelling. In addition, it will also compress the blood vessels around the anus, increasing the incidence of hemorrhoids.

Women’s health knowledge suggests that women should not wear five types of underwear.

Sometimes, when you really need to wear thongs, do not wear them too often.

2. Lace underwear.

Some women choose lace underwear for beauty, sexy and cool. However, lace underwear does not have good hygroscopicity, and the secretion of private parts is easy to create a dark and humid environment for bacteria, conducive to their breeding and may cause vulva or vaginal inflammation.

3. Too tight underwear.

Too tight underwear is difficult to heat, causing local damp private parts and may cause mold breeding, and even lead to vulva infection. And crotch space is too narrow, can make vulva and the attrition of underwear increase, the likelihood brings about vulva dermatitis or skin SAO generation. In addition, tight underwear can affect blood circulation on certain level, and can cause oppression to organs inside pelvic cavity, causing organ prolapse even.

Action: for health, choose close-fitting and not tight underwear.

4. Dark underwear.

The woman that has disease of department of gynaecology, can undertake judging by leucorrhea color. The leucorrhea of pathological changes cannot be discovered in time and defer a disease likely.

5. Chemical fiber underwear.

Chemical fiber underwear permeability and hygroscopicity are poor, which is not conducive to the perineal tissue metabolism. And the secretion of leucorrhea and perineal gland body is not easy to volatilize and bring about vulva to be wet all day long, benefiting at the growth of bacterium reproduction, which can cause the inflammation of outside pudenda or vagina.

Did you recruit?

As the weather gets hotter, do you feel like the people around you are becoming more “welcoming”?

At home everybody takes turns to give you “have a class”, and it seems to be a mother of 1:00 can’t take a child.

1Don’t turn on the air conditioner for the children. 

What do you have against your child on a hot day? Do not open air conditioning to the child harm is bigger!

Stay in the indoor adults do not open air conditioning are super uncomfortable, the baby’s metabolism will be larger than adults more than adults are not heat resistant, and do not open air conditioning more uncomfortable!

When using air conditioning, please make sure that the cold air is not directly blowing on the baby’s body, and then enter the air conditioning room after the baby sweats.

Indoor temperature control in 26-28 ℃.Indoor best and difference of indoor and outdoor temperature hold to in 5-7 degrees, and clean air conditioning regularly.

Additionally, if true worry darling catch a cold, can put on cotton quality, thin money to him conjoined body garment.

2. Do not wear diapers.

In summer, wearing diapers is almost a war, and the people always feel that diapers are too hot breathless, which is easy to incur red butt!

There is a kind of heat that makes you feel baby hot…

Diapers are actually breathable, and the baby appears red butt big reason is due to improper care.

And the buttocks are not an important heat organ and should not be the eyes feel to weigh the child in the end hot.

So, summer can also wear diapers, and the most important is to change frequently, frequently, frequently! He doesn’t have to worry too much.

3. Wear open crotch pants bento.

Many old people are happy to wear pants that open the seat of their pants for their children, and they refute mothers by saying that the little dolls they used to have were not so good.

Baby’s private parts are easy to be external collision or mosquito bites, causing insect bites dermatitis.

4. You’ll catch cold without newborn socks.

Have an expert to say: cold rise from sole, even if be the sock of summer darling also cannot take off, bare foot can catch a cold, have loose bowels.

This word seems to be so one thing, can it be so serious without socks?

In fact, the role of wearing socks and wearing gloves, is to keep warm, since it is to keep warm, so if it is not cold that cannot wear not to wear.

And barefooted profit is great, after not be restrained by shoe and cute baby socks, it can promote sense development, strengthen constitution.

5. It’s cooler to shave your head.

Many parents take advantage of the summer to the baby shaved head, and said it can let the hair grow well, but also cooler.

But a shaved head doesn’t alter the structure of the hair follicles, so it doesn’t thicken the hair.

And the baby shaved head is not beautiful and will also be due to the lack of heat dissipation and maintenance of hair, direct sunlight scalp, on the one hand easy to lead to the head of the skin to absorb heat increase, more easily long prickly heat; At the same time, the moisture in the skin is more likely to be evaporated, prone to heat stroke.

Finally, the head exposed to increased skin area, but also easy to attract mosquito bites.

6. Drink plenty of water on a hot day.

There are no drawbacks to drinking water, but it depends on your baby’s age.

The American academy of pediatrics recommends that babies who are exclusively breastfed and formula fed for up to six months should not be fed water, juice or other liquids.

More than 80% of breast milk is water, and formula milk only according to the scientific guidance of brewing, can meet the baby’s daily needs.

7. Apply prickly heat powder frequently in summer.

Brush prickly heat powder is also harmful, containing talcum powder prickly heat powder and easy to cause inhalation pneumonia, leading to cancer. Even the starchy prickly heat powder with the main natural formula is applied on the appearance of the skin, which is not very good in water absorption and has a bad effect on the body. It is easy to obstruct the pores and make the prickly heat more serious.

8. Do not wear sunscreen in summer.

Many older people think that there are many chemicals in sunscreen that are harmful to baby’s skin.

A lot of children are playing outside, the sun is worn so small underpants, and a summer comes down to bask in mud monkey not to say, and the skin is sunburnt after growing up can increase the likelihood that get skin cancer!

Initiative child avoids hot time paragraph to go out, if must go out, that remembers to must do good to prevent bask in the job, include cap.

Sunscreen can be selected for baby only and applied to exposed skin.

Hot days are also easy to anger but mom must let the children through the summer!

Choose the right shoes for your baby

Wearing wrong baby shoes causes the undesirable consequence. These consequences are mainly related to the following four factors: foot development, internal risk factors, tight shoes, and inappropriate shoes. Baby feet are by no means miniature versions of adult feet because they are functionally and structurally very different from adult feet. Accordingly, according to different age, the choice of different children shoes appears particularly important. A child’s feet are full of dangers during development for their feet are still tender and developing. Unlike adult feet, baby feet are primarily supported by cartilage. This vulnerability makes the safety of newborn baby shoes is very important, otherwise it is easy to cause foot deformity.

Baby in the growth process, all parts of the body need enough space to grow, and the development of small feet is very important, so parents need to pay attention to the selection of a pair of shoes suitable for baby small feet.

To introduce the experience of choosing small shoes to mothers:

The first is to see the material. First of all, the shoe material cannot be too hard, also cannot be too soft. Good material on baby ankle will have friction which will cause damage and the material is too soft will not be able to support the baby’s feet, the baby put on such shoes when walking easily fall!

The second is to the odor of material. The material that sees shoe has had strong excitant odor, if the material that has excitant odor is unqualified for certain product, there can be harmful material inside super-ticket for certain, and wearing such shoe is be able to produce an effect to the baby’s health at ordinary times!

The third is the shoes materials must have good air permeability, because the baby’s feet and is easy to generate heat, and the baby’s normal physiological load of exercise is very big, and again will produce a lot of sweat in the feet and if the shoes without good gas permeability of materials, which is detrimental to the health of the baby and easy to cover their sweaty feet!

The fourth is the most important and is to use the length of the flexible rule measured baby foot, recorded, and then use the same measurement tools when the choose and buy shoes take shoes in long, which also is the flexible rule into his shoes for accurate measurement. This method is the most accurate, and directly to your baby through pressure from the outside and feel whether accurate, and we have the illusion of feeling is after my previous experience, which is through the outside pressure to determine the baby’s feet is appropriate!

So it is not a simple thing to choose cute baby shoes that are both suitable and comfortable for the baby, which all need our parents to experience and observe attentively at ordinary times!

Baby old clothes transform to hats!

Baby usually wears small cute baby clothes, looking at quite new, and moms feel reluctant to throw away it! Then mothers get together to learn how to transform newborn baby clothes!

Measure the baby’s head and cut the dress into the shape of a hat.

The place of whorl can stay in brim and the baby is taking more comfortable also!

Cut a few pieces of fabric from other clothing for decoration and use a flatbed car with a few threads for decoration!

Also you can make a few bowknot or clasp to wait to do adornment. Mothers are ok and imaginatively rich! Make your own personality decoration!

Turn the cut hat over to the back and sew it up with a sewing machine.

Flip over to the front and there you have it!

Babies fight colds by dressing up in spring

Many mothers think wearing thick cute baby clothes on the babies is fine. It’s not so important about the inside, but the underwear is also the key to keeping warm. Soft, elastic newborn clothes cling to the body allow warm air to remain around the skin without movement and prevent temperature loss. The children without underwear have thick coats lose heat easily.

1. Lightweight cotton-padded clothes.

Many parents think that only thick down jacket is warm. In fact, small cotton clothes in the bulk of cotton can absorb a lot of air to form a protective layer, and not easy to let the cold air invasion and has a very good warming effect. A down jacket doesn’t have much room to absorb warm air and can keep out the wind.

2. Safe wool pants.

Although it is already spring, the temperature is still cold. Going out, mom should be sure to give your baby warm function good wool clothing. Baby’s skin is soft, and little stimulation also can cause skin allergy. Wool quality of a material is the factor that the most important considers when choose and buy. Nowadays, there is wool specially produced for babies on the market, which is very fine, soft and warm and is very suitable for babies to wear. Parents should also pay special attention to avoid choosing wool that is easy to lose, in case it is inhaled into baby’s windpipe and lungs.

3. Dry breathable small socks.

Once the baby feet are cold, the body is very easy to cold. Keeping your baby’s feet warm is the key. Many parents also mistakenly think that the baby socks are the better. In fact, if the thick socks but not absorb sweat, it is easy to damp, and a large number of moisture can discount socks fibers in the air, due to the excellent insulating body. Less air socks can make the baby’s feet when it’s wet hair is cool, and reflex sexual ground to cause decreased respiratory resistance and colds. Therefore, mom should choose cotton quality of a material for the baby, and good air permeability socks.

4. A hat to keep baby warm.

Your baby’s head is responsible for 25% of his or her heat, so be sure to wear a hat when you go out. The thickness of the hat varies with the temperature. It is better to wear a hat made of soft cloth that is comfortable and breathable for the baby. Do not choose a hat with rough edges for the baby, or it will easily irritate the baby’s skin.

5. Soft, sensible shoes.

If the shoes are too big, when baby start way to the foot, the heat on the foot is easy to quickly lost; On the other hand, shoes are too small and the compression of socks and the amount of static air in the shoe storage is not very good warmth. Best choice is that the size of the shoe should be a little bit looser with baby shoe advisable. Quality of a material also is best with breathable the cotton that absorbs sweat again. The baby is comfortable and soft, and the shoes can store the right air, which makes the baby’s feet warmer. In the freezing north, for the baby to choose shoes, mom should pay attention to the anti-slip, and anti-freeze soles.

6. Don’t cover your baby’s mouth and nose.

In the cold north, many parents are used to wearing a mask or a scarf to cover their baby’s mouth and nose, thinking that the baby’s small face will not be frozen. In fact, often doing so will reduce the baby’s upper respiratory tract adaptability to cold air, so that the baby lack of resistance to colds, bronchitis and other diseases. And, because the scarf is more than fiber products, if you use it to protect the mouth, it will make the fiber inhaled in the baby and may cause allergic constitution of the baby asthma, and sometimes also because the scarf is thick, which blocked the baby’s nose and mouth and affect the baby’s normal lung ventilation.

7. Judge the situation and add clothes.

Many homemakers are afraid of children freezing, whether it is very cold weather or not, they wear a lot of newborn baby clothes for children. This also indirectly weakens the child’s own immune system and disease resistance. If you go outdoors, cut back on clothes. Feel the temperature of the outside world. Weather changes in temperature can lead to better immune response to disease.

What to do when buying clothes for your child

Mothers often go to great lengths to choose newborn clothes that will make their children look lively and lovely, but also take into account whether the clothes themselves will scratch their delicate skin. Because the child is still small, and temperature regulation function is not perfect, and the resistance is poor, at the same time sebaceous glands secrete sweat, such as the choice of inappropriate, harmful substances will harm the baby, increase the chance of infection. So it is necessary to choose suitable cute baby clothes for children.

The baby that just gives birth develops fast, and new-born skin horn changes layer to compare weak, accordingly, clothing fabrics should be soft, and pure cotton fabrics with good water absorption or weak color or cotton product, such ability won’t abrade the child’s skin.

Elastic clothes are not suitable for children, because the elastic belt is easy to cause pressure on the chest, and the baby is mobile, easy to bind the baby’s hands and feet activities, not conducive to child development.

Clothes are called “the second skin of the human body”, which has a good protective effect on the human body. When choosing children’s clothes, mothers should pay attention to the fabric of the clothes, and the edges and corners, and the seams should have no thread ends. Mothers also look for national standards on the labels.

The child’s clothes are not fashion is given priority to, but safety first, try not to select those who have the buttons on clothing, prevent children swallowed, especially pay attention to the cuffs, neckline easily caught by a child, such as when the choose and buy as far as possible not to buy the color too bright-colored infant clothing, lest it contains can decompose harmful material such as aromatic amine, and too bright color may cause damage to the child’s retina.

Also, wash new clothes with water and let them sit for a week or two before wearing them. Some clothes contain formaldehyde, which has a great influence on children. However, formaldehyde is easily soluble in water, so it can reduce the content of the clothes after washing. In addition, it is better to wash the clothes by hand, and the soap containing natural plant ingredients should be selected. Washing powder contains chemical substances, even if rinse again clean, there may be residual washing powder, we want to reduce the unsafe factors to the minimum, in order to let the baby is not hurt.

The clothes of darling should bask in in the sun, and they should be far from more fume garment agent, insect-proofing agent. Especially baby underwear, diapers and so should be avoided, in case of absorption through the skin and poisoning.

Choosing well-known children’s clothing can also reduce the harm of clothes to babies, such as “happy baby”, whose brand sets a precedent in disinfection clothing. For baby clothing, it is closed and stored independently. Each package contains bamboo charcoal bag, which can absorb harmful chemicals on clothes. It deserves the trust of consumers.

Summary: the healthy growth of the baby is inseparable from the careful care of parents, how to let the children wear newborn baby clothes comfortable and generous is our parents to consider the problem. In addition to the sake of economy, the children’s clothes do not have to buy too much, because the child’s growth rate is very fast, buy more do not wear is a waste.

What should you pay attention to when choosing clothes for your baby?

Buying newborn clothes for your baby is not as simple as buying clothes for an adult. Your baby’s skin is especially delicate and sensitive to other things, so be careful when choosing cute baby clothes for your baby. Here’s a look at what to watch out for when choosing newborn baby clothes for your baby.

One, touch with the hand and choose appropriate fabrics.

Children’s clothing is best to choose pure cotton fabrics, and mom should note that its comfort, scalability, sweat absorption, air permeability, heat retention, shrinkage, etc. To carefully check your baby’s clothing, there should be no hard seams or rough stitches and may make the baby’s skin damage, especially the new baby’s clothing to avoid excessive decoration, such as collar lace, buttons, zippers and other things.

Two, whether have peculiar smell.

Smell whether there is a particularly strong pungent smell on children’s clothing, such as similar to the smell of furniture city. Also pay attention to choose as far as possible with washing machine washing, fadeless fabrics, in the washing process, and do not use any detergent or fiber softener with biological properties. These things will remain on the clothes to stimulate the baby’s skin.

Three, pay attention to size.

Newborns have delicate bones and are not suitable for pullovers. You had better let darling wear cardigan, in order to facilitate wear take off. When your baby is wearing a lace-up bra, the length of the belt should be appropriate, and it should be firmly sewn on the body, or it will cause damage to the baby’s neck, fingers, toes and other places. Don’t wear clothes with buttons on them. Hard buttons can hurt your baby’s skin and may cause him to choke by sucking into his mouth. The dimension of underwear wants appropriate, give commonly wide one inch half to two inches can, after too wide underwear breaks the skin that can harm darling and too thin can affect haemal circulation. No waist ties. Children in the infant period mainly rely on abdominal breathing, and the elastic belt on the waist pants will affect the child’s normal breathing, and may cause the child’s rib valgus deformity.

Four, the color don’t be too gorgeous, more simple is better.

Because brightly colored clothes often contain high amounts of lead, and because many pigments are added to them, babies wear colorful clothes for a long time, and lead can be absorbed through the skin, easily causing lead poisoning.

Five, the PH value of the clothes.

At this point few people notice, in fact, clothing is also a PH value, especially chemical fiber fabric clothes need to pay attention to this point. Because the human epidermis has a certain degree of weak acid, this can protect the skin, prevent bacterial invasion. Therefore, it is better to choose underwear with a pH value that is relatively close to the pH value of human skin. If the pH value is on the high side, it is easy to cause baby’s skin itching. Generally speaking, the pH value of knitted underwear tends to be on the high side.

Conclusion: all of us have bought newborn clothes. We don’t think it takes much knowledge to buy clothes. But for infants and young newborn baby clothesknowledge is big, because infants and young children’s own characteristics and adults are not the same. The skin of the infant is more delicate, the resistance is poorer, because this is bought to the baby when the dress cannot choose bright-colored dress certainly, such as dress contains lead quite tall. Also pay attention to the fabric, it is best to buy pure cotton, because pure cotton good water absorption, air permeability, baby wearing will be more comfortable.