How to keep warm and comfortable in autumn and winter

Waistbands, prints, and design details are often the most annoying and overlooked areas for moms.

“When you buy newborn baby clothes for your child, you should pay attention to the waistband. Many waistbands are either too tight or too loose, and some of them have rolled edges. It is very uncomfortable for your baby, and the skin is very red.”

“Children’s clothes are the most important for their natural innocence. Many children dress like adults. In this most precious age, children cannot find their original lively and lovely strength.”

Careful mother will not miss every detail when shopping for clothes, subtle care, give the baby the most comfortable to enjoy.

Baby’s skin is delicate, the body is in the growth and development period, the waistband design cannot be too tight, the baby belly, also cannot be too loose, the total down, affect warmth.

The waistband of a child’s trousers has always been the focus of Annelle’s attention, and she insists on constantly improving the comfort of wearing from the details of the craft. For example, choose more fine and soft rib fabric and more elastic. n the autumn and winter of 2013, Annell specially designed “double tunnel” for the waistband of infants and children. Two rubber bands are combined side by side, which eliminates the drawback of rubber rolling in trousers due to wearing for a long time. And in the middle with a stretch sewing machine on a chain line, forming two rubber tunnel, and each rubber can be independent pumping stretch, for the mother according to the size of the child waist adjustment rubber length.

Beautiful design printing can have the effect that nods eyeball for darling dress up. What we are common before is to use glue to print catch, although the design is bright-colored and beautiful, but permeability is very poor and hard. In 2013, Annelle improved and innovated the printing and dyeing process, adopted advanced water slurry and powder slurry printing and dyeing, and greatly improved the air permeability of the pattern. Printing pattern also becomes more compact and meticulous, use a lot of hand drawing, and each design contains vivid story, with the child pure nature photograph becomes an interest.

Tips for choosing clothes.

Security detail: say “NO” to dangerous people.

When outfit of children of choose and buy, you always can hear such voice: “baby dress is jumped over bright-colored, such ability is enough beautiful and lively”, “the dress has flavor, it is good to wash, unimportant”…When buying clothes for children, there is no lack of such parents, the pursuit of children’s clothing color, style trendy beautiful, attract eyeballs, and the inherent quality of children’s clothing do not think so, and even encounter odor and other dangerous signals also think that there is no big obstacle.

Mom knows that “Choosing safe clothes for my baby is the most important thing. I won’t buy smelly clothes because there must be a lot of chemicals in them.” “Bright colors look beautiful, but they are dyed. The brighter the color, the more chemicals there are.

The safety health of the baby is one of the problems that every mother cares about most attentively, when choosing cute baby clothes, you want a clear mind. The odors and colors that mothers notice in their newborn clothes may be caused by formaldehyde, excessive PH, or azo dyes.

How to keep warm and comfortable in autumn and winter Part 1

High cost and high density.

High-count high-density fabric is the “right-hand man” in the fabric kingdom. In the autumn and winter of 2013, high-count high-density fabric still plays an important role in the fabric family. More closely, the fine yarn, yarn count is 70-80, using fiber length of raw material on the 33 mm more than high-quality long-staple cotton, soft long and intensity of superior fiber than ordinary cotton make the fabric more soft, delicate, make better cute baby clothes permeability, absorb sweat, let the baby enjoy comfortable and dry autumn and winter.

Filled cotton and high quality.

Moisture, sweat and so on will make the cotton clothes gradually moisture, affecting its lasting warmth effect, so for the cotton clothes in the heart of the mother will pay special attention to the cotton. Microfiber filled cotton is the best choice, with a moisture regain rate as low as 0.4%, 21 times smaller than ordinary cotton. Trusted by the heart of the mother children’s clothing, the selection of stuffed cotton is divided into soft cotton and water cotton. Soft cotton is mostly used for children’s cotton-padded clothes, wearing more stylish. Washing water cotton is mostly used for baby and child cotton-padded clothes, the fiber is thinner, the elasticity is better, soft and gentle, suitable for the baby’s habit of moving more and the need of elastic wearing space.

In winter, many mothers choose a down jacket for their baby. In addition to the quality of down, down jacket is the most prone to the problem of running down, so the fabric needs to prevent wind, rain, running down. Annelle children’s down jacket has a down content of over 80%. All the fabrics are made of fine polyester fabric that has been treated with windproof, rainproof and fleece-proof fabric, which is skin-friendly, comfortable, warm and fashionable at the same time.

Skin-friendly lining material.

The baby’s close-fitting lining fabric, the mother will not let go of the heart, the real comfort of children’s wear to the same inside and outside.

Although close-fitting lining fabrics does not show one’s face, but the skin close contact with darling directly, should be more fastidious actually. Breathable, hygroscopic, no static, moderate thickness, soft touch, good warmth retention…These are the baby’s growth and development of the small body on the autumn and winter clothing material appeals, hard mother can “hear”, at the same time, only pay special attention to the baby wearing feelings, intimate, reliable brand can do. Annelle’s children’s wear has gone through the innovation season after season in the past 17 years. The standard of 100% cotton used in lining has never been changed.

Previous studies have pointed out that the heat preservation of fabrics is related to the degree of looseness. More fluffy the fabric will be, the longer the cold air will pass through, and the strength of cold air will be greatly reduced. Fluffy soft coral velvet is therefore widely used in newborn clothes materials, the use of micro fiber precision production, more delicate and smooth, soft and fine wool, layer sense is distinct, hair height up to 6mm, can be a good cold air barrier outside, thermal effect is excellent.

Precautions for wearing children’s underwear

  1. Material requirements.

Synthetic fiber has poor hydroscopicity, therefore cause allergies and eczema. In addition, synthetic fiber production process is mixed with monomers, ammonia, methanol and other micro-time chemical ingredients, and their skin irritation is larger, especially the newborn baby do not use chemical fabric to do the pants next to the skin, and moms should choose soft cotton kids bottoms as the material

Unfavorable wear coarse cloth and chemical fiber underwear: children’s skin again is tender, coarse with the cloth and very hard quality of a material. Chemical fiber cloth is easy to stimulate children’s skin, and the occurrence of allergic dermatitis, so that the infection. Children’s best wear white cotton knitwear children’s underwear or soft cotton children’s underwear.

  1. Little ones should pay attentionto those.

Baby should not be wearing open-backed pants because of children’s low level of estrogen in the body, and vulvar skin resistance is weak, vaginal epithelial thin, low acidity, not easy to keep clean in open-backed pants but easy to cause the perineum bacterial infections, such as vulvitis and vaginitis, local redness, swelling, vaginal impregnation and canker, adhesion.

Bacteria and parasitic worm eggs on the ground are likely to enter the body from the anus, urethra and the wound of the child, thus developing ascariasis, hookworm disease or pinworm disease, etc., which may harm the child’s health, especially female children ignorance, wearing open-crotch pants easy to insert foreign bodies into the vagina, causing bacterial infection, which can also develop into sepsis. So the girl to a year old or so should gradually change to wear full crotch pants.

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How to dress your baby

Some children just don’t like to wear cute baby clothes, and sometimes he will happily take off his newborn baby clothes to push back and forth to feel freedom, especially for some baby with a bag wrapped is not free at all. So many mothers have a terrible headache with these babies and can’t shove them into newborn clothes.

But often because the baby often milk or eat complementary food dirty clothes and do not change, summer is good, but winter is easy to catch cold, so many times a day to change clothes for the baby is really challenging. In fact, the baby is more prone to sweat than adults, they need to change the wet clothes in time will not catch a cold, but in the face of difficult to put on the clothes of the baby, not with the baby, if the mother did not quickly put on the baby clothes, it is very easy to catch cold, especially the baby weak resistance.

So how do you dress your baby so he doesn’t get sick?

In winter, the weather is cold, and the baby is wearing more, if moms also go to change clothes in that way it is easy to make the baby catch cold, and generally the baby winter clothes in addition to underwear, outside clothes is not very dirty cannot change every day. The old man also often said that a lot of cotton-padded jacket is not warm. For the baby is still in the spilled milk and drooling period, mother who’d better prepare some bib or saliva towel, around the baby neck, which can prevent the baby milk spill or drooling dirty wet clothes, moms also need not always change clothes for the baby, which is hard to wash and winter clothes and is dry, so the saliva towel and bib is the best choice. But spit towel and bib are soiled be about to be washed immediately prevent mildew infection, and do not be lazy to wash and change often.

And every time you change clothes in order to quickly put the clothes on the baby, to put on the clothes layer by layer, so that you can seize the opportunity to put on the baby when the one-time deal. If you wear one item at a time, you may need to wear it many times, and it can effectively reduce the time to wear clothes and prevent your baby from catching cold. In winter, the weather is freezing, even the clothes are ice cold, so it is best to put the clothes warm before wearing, or baked hot, or put in the quilt cover heat, and then to the baby to wear, so that the baby’s body quickly warm up, also do not need through their own heat to warm clothes, can effectively keep warm.

When changing clothes for your baby in winter, in order to prevent catching cold, you can cover your baby with a layer of quilt, which can reduce the area of frozen skin when putting on clothes, but also can help your baby quickly generate heat. If the baby is older, it can be held in the arms of an adult, and then covered with a quilt, so that through the adult’s body temperature to transfer heat.

And don’t give your baby pants, winter or summer. Although open-seat pants are easier for your baby to urinate and defecate, and they’re less likely to get dirty, bacteria can cause your baby to run and sit. This is not conducive to their own baby on the toilet concept and easily lead to urinary tract infection, which is harmful to the baby’s health.

Dressing a baby has always been a skill, especially when it comes to children who are born to be free and mischievous. So mothers cannot force your baby to cooperate with you, only according to the baby’s special behavior to think of special ways to ensure that the baby will not catch cold.

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How to dress the child in winter

A lot of parents often are in wintry day put newborn clothes on baby, but this is very inappropriate practice, let a baby dress like a little fat, which can affect the activity of the baby and can cause the skin pathological change. In fact, the baby is not as vulnerable as parents thought, so when choosing cute baby clothes.

Here are some tips for dressing your baby.


Wearing a hat helps maintain a constant body temperature, as the head is responsible for 25% of a baby’s heat. The thickness of the hat should be increased as the temperature decreases, but do not choose a hat with rough edges for the baby, because it will stimulate the baby’s skin. In addition, the baby that has milk ringworm does not wear wool cap, lest cause dermatitis, should wear the cap of soft cloth make it. Do not often wear a mask scarf, often wear a mask, scarf will reduce the baby’s upper respiratory tract adaptability to cold air, lack of resistance to colds, bronchitis and other diseases. And, scarf is wool or other fiber products, if you use it to protect the mouth, one is to make the scarf gap in the bacterial dust into the baby’s upper respiratory tract; Second, wool and other fibers inhaled, can induce allergic constitution of the baby asthma, but also because of the thick scarf, blocked by the baby’s nose and mouth affect normal lung ventilation.

The body.

Dress appropriately. If you wear too much clothing, your baby will not stop sweating once he is active, which will cause the expansion of blood vessels in the skin and increase the blood flow to the skin, thus increasing the heat loss. Show for the baby a lot of sweat, sweat soaked clothes, but easy to catch cold, and also reduce the body’s ability to adapt to changes in external temperature and disease resistance. In addition, because the baby less than 6 months due to the body surface area is relatively large and more heat dissipation, and the body heat capacity is insufficient, so go out when the cold or should pay attention to more clothing. Flannelette does not want close-fitting inside out to wear, flannelette usually uses fleece knitwear to make and become, the reverse side is soft, fleeciness, heat preservation is very good, some mothers wear to the baby inside out. However, if the reverse, these villi will soon because of sweat and sebum, become bond, hair hard, if the washing and then rub hard, will make this situation more serious, thermal effect is weakened. Sweater wants wool of children of choose and buy special purpose, there is the wool that produces for the baby only on the market nowadays, the wool in the wool that its place contains and common wool is different, very fine, and very soft, keep warm the sex is good, suit a baby to wear very use. Mother also need to pay attention, do not choose to contain mohair wool, because it is easy to depilate, inhaled into the baby’s windpipe and lungs will cause disease.


Keep baby socks dry, socks wet will make the baby’s feet cool, reflex to cause respiratory tract resistance and susceptible to a cold. Winter should choose pure wool or pure cotton quality of material, which have conserve effect to ministry skin sock. Shoes should be of the right size. If the shoe is too big, it will create a large gap between the shoe and the foot, thus causing a large loss of heat on the foot. Shoes are too small, because there is not much space between the foot and the shoe, which will be shoes and socks cotton, fiber nap extrusion firm, thus affecting the amount of static air storage inside the shoe and not very good heat preservation. Right way: the shoe is a little bit looser, quality of a material is complete cotton, and soft and have good warmth retention.

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How to choose pajamas correctly in winter

  1. 1.Pajamas are not suitable at home in winter.

In order to keep warm in winter, of course, the thicker women sleepwear will be, the better it is. Anything can be done by a person in the warm clothes.

In fact, the pajamas and home clothes cannot be confused, otherwise it can be easy to be infected with soot, dust and bacteria, so you can imagine that wearing such pajamas will bring how much impact on sleep and health.

Pajamas should only be worn during sleep and should not be too thick. Especially in winter, frivolous pajama or the pajama of some ply just suits sleep more, and too thick pajama has poor breathability, which can obstruct skin to breathe normally and sweat evaporate with the result of not quite warmth preservation, but also can let your sleep quality drop.

  1. The color of pajamas should be light and the preferred material is cotton.

The quietly elegant color such as pink, weak green and cream-colored is more wholesome Morpheus. Bright red, deep blue go against mood to loosen and affect nightly rest, so pajama had better to be the color with weak element.

Pajama fabrics have cotton, real silk, wood pulp fiber, chemical fiber, artificial silk, color ding, chiffon, hemp, etc., with cotton as the best. Cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, soft and breathable, not easy to irritate the skin, more comfortable and safe to wear next to the skin. Chemical fiber material pajamas in winter easy electrostatic are not suitable for choice. Hemp qualitative pajama can affect Morpheus but also should eliminate.

  1. 3.Split pajamas are more convenient.

Pajama styles can be divided into three types: drawstring, split and one-piece dressing gowns. Winter is more suitable for the choice of split style pajamas, not only comfortable to wear, but also more convenient to move.

In size, pajamas should not be too small, too tight or just good, and relatively loose is better, so wearing sleep will not have a sense of bondage.

  1. Pajamas should be changed and washed frequently and dried in a cool place,

Many lazy girls do not like to wash their clothes, especially when they only wear pajamas to sleep. They feel not dirty at all.

Human body is in after entering Morpheus and metabolism still is continued, and sweat, grease is from the skin which can breed bacterium and mite bug, if a few weeks just change, these dirty things can stimulate the skin and serious even suffer from hair bursa inflammation. Therefore, pajamas should be changed and washed frequently. Oily skin should be changed at least once a week.

High-grade pajama and underwear are same, unfavorable insolate below sunshine, because insolation can shorten clothing life, so it had better be dry in shady and cool place.

All above is the winter how to choose women’s intimates. In the cold winter, choosing pajamas must pay special attention to not choosing too thick women lingerie to sleep, so not only cannot keep warm, but also reduce the quality of sleep. So when choosing women sleepwear, one must choose cotton qualitative pajama, such ability is helpful for quality.

Some Suggestions for Choosing baby underwear

At about the age of two, the baby begins to say goodbye to diapers and change into baby and toddler bottoms. Baby’s skin is very delicate, especially private protection to prevent bacterial infection. In the choice of baby bottoms, hot mother must pay attention to the color of children’s underwear material and size and other issues.

When is a good time to wear underwear?

When does the baby say bye to diapers?

Generally speaking, if the baby is going to kindergarten, which is two or three years old, the hot mother can change their underwear. Even earlier, diapers should be worn immediately after the baby gets rid of them. Because the ability that the baby resists bacterium virus still is weaker, putting on small inside can help the opportunity of infection, block the impurity in a few environments outside, and protect the illicit close place of the baby.

Some hot mother think male baby should not wear underwear too early, in fact, some cotton underwear is more comfortable, and the baby’s genitals do not have too big impact. And hot moms should start dressing their babies in underwear from an early age to get them into the habit. This will prevent the baby’s habit of touching his genitals with his hands and prevent bacterial infections. Second, the outer pants are hard, so wearing underwear can prevent friction, playing a protective role.

Although the order of development of body and mind of every darling is mostly same, but everybody has his development speed however, which cannot curt ground cookie-cutter and should decide when to wear underwear in the specific circumstance.

Underwear is much better

When not wearing diapers, many hot mothers will put open-crotch pants on baby to facilitate defecation and keep baby’s private parts cool and ventilated. But as they get older, hot moms should be trained to dress their babies in underwear and let them adapt as naturally as they do in clothes.

The reason that the baby of 2-3 years old will start to wear underwear is that it can let the baby to develop the habit of wearing underwear as soon as possible, to develop this habit!

Protect your abdomen from the cold. Wearing underwear to the baby can prevent the baby abdomen often catching cold. Abdominal temperature sensitivity is very high, and slightly do not pay attention to the abdominal cold, because baby is prone to abdominal pain or cold. In cold weather, the role of insulation underwear is particularly prominent.

Facilitate potty training. Baby wearing underwear, baby independence and help the development of mental development. More important is to benefit the baby to accept toilet training, from a young age to form regular toilet because the growth and development of the baby is very important.

These above are the suggestions for you to buying baby boy bottoms. Hope these can help you a lot.

Tips for baby underwear

Pay more attention when choosing underwear.

There are many baby underwear brands on the market, so that mothers are at a loss. In fact, when shopping for baby and toddler bottoms, please be sure to pay attention to the material and size, as well as the color of underwear.

  1. Try to choose pure cotton.In fact, not only baby underwear, even adult underwear, it is best to choose pure cotton.Because pure cotton is soft, breathable more comfortable, and in the summer, it also need not be afraid of stuffy.
  2. The size should be moderate.Some people are in the habit of buying clothes a size too big to wear well.However, bigger size is good, and too small ones will be uncomfortable, but too big is not convenient, so the baby does not like to wear underwear.
  3. Choose a light color.The color choice of underwear is especially important for female babies, because by wearing light-colored underwear for female babies, hot mothers can easily observe whether their babies are precocious or suffer from gynecological diseases.If there are yellow scabs or dry patches on the underwear of the female baby, it indicates that the baby has the possibility of infection or premature development. Wearing underwear can help the hot mother find the health problems of the baby timely by observing the secretions on the underwear.

Choosing baby bottoms for your baby can not only protect your baby’s healthy growth, but also help your baby develop independent living habits as early as possible. Hot mom must pay attention to it!

How to choose baby underwear in winter?

The clothes should be added for baby gradually, not too early. As the temperature drops, the mother is afraid of the baby getting cold, and will give the baby to prepare a variety of warm newborn baby bottoms, so putting on more and more clothes for the baby. Whether there is heating in the northern house or warm air conditioning in the south, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference will be particularly large, so the baby in and out should pay attention to appropriate protection.

  1. Wear close-fitting cotton underwear.

In winter, the underwear of baby must choose pure cotton goods. Soft underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also let the air around the skin, prevent body heat, and play a better role in keeping warm, warm baby care. When your baby sleeps, it is best to put on his top pajamas, so that even if the baby kicked off the quilt, and also can keep the temperature, so the stomach will not catch cold.

Caution: do not put chemical fiber clothes on your baby. Chemical fiber is prone to generate static electricity, which may irritate your baby’s skin and aggravate dryness and discomfort.

  1. No close-fitting sweaters.

Baby’s skin is soft and tender, it is easy to cause skin allergy, so sweater do not directly contact the baby’s skin, so as not to cause skin itching. It is also important to choose the texture of the wool. There is baby’s special wool on the market, which is smaller, softer and better in keeping warm than general wool. It is very suitable for baby. Also pay attention not to choose mohair, rabbit hair wool because they are easy to depilate, such as baby inhaled lung and trachea will cause disease.

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How to match enough fashionable baby clothes

Now the baby is the apple of parents’ eye. Children’s clothing on the market now has a wide variety of styles and colors, providing many choices for parents. When parents choose newborn clothes, they should first pay attention to the color of cute baby clothes, and then consider the style of newborn baby clothes. In the selection of children’s clothing, the comfort level of children’s clothing is also a very important factor. Accordingly, how to undertake children dress collocation appears very important. The following children’s clothing to join the network children’s encyclopedia for parents is to introduce some color matching and style matching skills.

  1. 1. Color matching of children’s clothes.

Parents in the choice of children’s clothing brands, most of the first attention to the color of children’s clothing. Also, the child is having primitive to the color sensitive with distinctive be fond of, so when buying children dress, you want to make a judgement from the form of the above all and color of skin, if the child is a color of skin darker. If the little girl’s skin color is brighter, such as wearing pink, yellow and red children’s clothes, people will appear lively and bright, even if wearing gray and black, people will appear comely and elegant, giving people a comfortable and natural feeling.

Pay attention to color and the color of skin of the child while suit, and notice the bodily form of the child and colorific collocation of children outfit. If a bigger child, it is necessary to choose cool or dark colors of children’s clothing, such as: gray, black, blue and other cool colors or dark colors of children’s clothing, because it has a contraction effect, which can make up for the child’s physical defects; If the child is thin and weak, then you can give her some warm colors of children’s clothing, green, beige, coffee, etc., these colors of children’s clothing is outward expansion, and can give people a warm feeling.

  1. Children’s clothing style collocation.

Children’s clothing style should be loose and concise without too much decoration, but children’s clothing must have a pocket, which can be loaded on the handkerchief and children like that. The sleeves, pants, and hem of children’s clothing can be cut a little longer so that they can be worn down the next year. The sweater may have the size two sets, the big may wear outside when the smock, in the cold weather may add in the cotton-padded clothing. Children with fat bodies are not allowed to wear the following types of children’s clothing: suspenders, checkered pants, tight clothes, ultra-short styles and children’s clothing.

  1. Selection of cloth for children’s clothing.

Because children is lively and do not have the consciousness of protective dress, the cloth of children’s outfit is given priority to with firm, wearable, damage and not easily commonly, at the same time the comfortable degree. Because clothes are close to the skin, and children’s skin is generally sensitive, clothes and skin often produce friction, so the special requirements of the moisture absorption of cloth is good ventilation, and cotton fabric just meet such requirements, especially children wear sportswear, but also consider the requirements of sweat absorption and ventilation.

Master the above newborn clothes collocation and style collocation skills, I believe that parents can buy baby clothes suitable for their own baby to create a stylish and beautiful appearance.