3 points for children’s underwear purchase

How old does a baby wear underwear?

Generally speaking, if the baby is going to kindergarten, about 2-3 years old, the mother should pay attention to give them wear baby bottoms, even when the baby does not wear diapers should wear small underwear. Because the ability that the baby body resists bacterium virus still is weaker, so put on small inside, which can help the opportunity of infection, and block the impurity in a few environments outside, as well as protect the illicit close place of the baby.

Some people think that male baby should not wear small underwear too early, but in fact, some cotton quality is more comfortable. Mommies should get their babies into the habit of wearing small underwear from an early age. It can prevent baby oneself to touch genital to produce bacterium with the hand so, and outer pants is harder, putting on small underwear to be able to prevent attrition, and have protective effect.

Here’s how to find baby underwear.

Key points for children’s underwear:

For delicate baby skin, underwear material is very important, and the general requirement is pure cotton material, soft texture, and better air permeability.

Baby underwear must be decided according to the baby’s figure, the same height, fat and thin different baby may be different two yards.

Train your baby to wear toddler bottoms as early as possible. They can wear briefs and boxers in rotation. You can choose the underwear group your baby likes and make your baby fall in love with wearing baby bottoms.

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