5 clever moves of choosing pregnancy shoes

The weight ofexpectant mother after being pregnant increases ceaselessly and the pressure onthe foot when walking can become big. After 3 months of pregnancy, toe beginsdropsy. Choosing shoe of a pair of comfortable shoe for pregnant woman is veryimportant, which can help buffer the pressure of sufficient ministry and alsocan reduce the burden of lumbar vertebra. When choosing newborn baby shoes, expectantmothers should consider safety, comfort and functionality as their criteria.

Standard one: knowing your feet.

Generally, thesize of shoes refers to the change of length. However, the width and height ofshoes are the important parameters that determine the type of shoes. It is theprimary task to select the width and height of shoes according to your foottype.

Standard two: heel has shock absorption function.

Heel end is the first contact point when walking so the shock absorption ability of this part becomes the key to reduce the impact force. However, normal shoes cannot be learned by observing the appearance of whether there is a good shock absorption effect. It is suggested to take the initiative to ask the merchant and choose a heel with good shock absorption effect. If you’re pregnant with a change in your center of gravity, it’s best to opt for a heel less than an inch high and a chunky heel to avoid accentuating your forward leaning center of gravity.

Standard three: sole thickness should be moderate.

Sole needs to have the function of antiskid, shock absorption. It is about 1 centimeter. Too thick sole softness is not good, and too soft, too thin sole lacks shock absorption effect.

Standard four: sweat absorption and breathable material.

Mom had better choose breathable material. Dermis is best, because it has flexibility and more fit a foot. Its sweat absorption function also can avoid sufficient ministry sultry, especially for pregnant woman that sheds sweat easily.

Standard five: choose a foot shoe insole.

After choosing the shoe model that suit whole foot outline, cute baby shoes insole is another important evaluation point. The larger the contact surface between the sole and the insole, the less pressure will be. The ideal shoe insole should have good support at the medial part of the foot, which can not only increase the contact surface, but also stabilize the arch of the foot, so that the foot is not easy to change.

In addition tothe above several standards, when expectant mothers choose shoes, as far aspossible to choose a slightly larger size of shoes, because pregnancy afterthree months, the degree of swelling on the feet will become larger. But it shouldnot be too loose, so as not to flip when walking. Mom had better choose solewith good flexibility and slippery prevention in case they fall when walking


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