7 kinds of underwear fabric should be chosen

Fabrics: pure cotton is not necessarily the best choice.

Pure cotton is not necessarily the best choice.

In fact, an important function of women’s intimates is to protect male testis, and reduce the friction of ham and outer pants, which still can prevent peculiar smell outside leakage. Cotton clothing is good, but it may not be suitable for all men, for the sweat constitution of men and men who have been driving for a long time should not often wear. Choose fabrics that feel smooth, sweat absorbent and are easy to dry.

Modal fabric:

The fabric of modal is made of natural fiber, which is very comfortable and similar to the texture of cotton. It absorbs and releases water 50% faster than ordinary pure cotton.


Dupont is an exclusive invention of the production of a man-made elastic fiber, which can be freely elongated 4 to 7 times, and in the release of external force, the rapid recovery of the original length. It cannot be used alone and can be mixed with any other man-made or natural fibers.

Tactel (nylon 66) :

Tactel is a high quality nylon fiber produced by dupont USA. Nylon makes the fabric soft and comfortable, and its good hygroscopicity can balance the humidity difference between the air and the body, thus reducing the pressure on the body, with the adjustment effect and extremely light and easy to maintain. Machine washable, drying time is three times faster than cotton, only micro hot or non-hot, is not easy to deformation, with significant wrinkle resistance.

Coolmax (breathing fiber) :

Dupont high-tech fiber COOLMAX is through the four pipe fiber quickly sweat and moisture away from the skin surface and to all directions scattered, let sweat volatilize faster and always keep the skin dry and comfortable. Then human body sweat, skin surface and dress do not leave sweat. Lasting comfortable and breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer, feeling relaxed. Other features: easy washing, no deformation after washing, easy drying, light and soft fabric, no ironing, etc. It is the preferred fabric of some world famous sports underwear.


It is magic and comfortable fabric, with natural color changing effect, extremely soft touch, snug and comfortable elasticity, good moisture absorption, natural elastic fabric, good natural elasticity, soft feeling.


Cool and moisture absorbent fabric can effectively absorb moisture and cool the fabric, and the unique structure of the yarn makes the fabric close-fitting, natural and soft.

Apart from the fabric, the choice of style is also important. Men’s underpants are divided into boxers and briefs. Compared with briefs, boxers reduce the bondage and friction on the thigh root, and have good air permeability. But when mom chooses boxer shorts, try to fit them as well as possible, not too tight or too loose. Too tight underwear will have an impact on the reproductive organs, but too loose underwear set in pants will appear bloated.

There are a lot of so-called “humanized” underpants on the market right now, such as three-dimensional tailoring in key parts or underpants designed specifically for jeans with thicker fabrics. These women’s intimates breathable performance is better, more helpful for protecting genital organ.

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