Advantages and disadvantages analysis of pajama

Above all, the high-grade women lingerie that understands next winter first is pure cotton basically, and women lingerie of summer has pure cotton commonly, bud silk, gauze, real silk.

Winter cotton women pajamas.

Pros: cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, soft muscle, so you can bring the perfect comfortable experience. Moreover, pure cotton pajamas are made of cotton, which is natural, pollution-free, does not stimulate the skin and is safer to wear.

Disadvantages: cotton pajamas easy to wrinkle and not easy to smooth, also easy to shrink, easy to deformation, if the quality of poor cotton pajamas, a few times will become more ugly.

Summer lace pajamas.

Pros: lace pajamas have been favored by many women for their romantic, sexy appeal. Lace fabric is light, breathable and cool in summer. And wear on the body is very light, without the slightest sense of heaviness. Compared with pure cotton, lace pajamas are not easy to wrinkle, not easy to shrink, wear free and easy.

Drawback: because bud silk belongs to chemical fiber fabrics, have certain stimulation to the body, develop ability as technology nevertheless enhance, this kind of excitant will drop nadir.

Summer net pajamas.

Pros: the fabric composition of mesh pajamas is generally nylon and spandex. The biggest advantage of nylon is high strength, good wear resistance; And spandex has excellent elasticity, set both advantages in one of the network gauze pajamas, good quality, durable; Good elasticity, let you stretch freely. Additional, the breathability of gauze pajama is better also, the burnish of the surface faintly gives a kind of high-grade fashionable feeling fully.

Summer silk pajamas.

Advantage: pure silk, in the impression of people, high elegance, and expensive price lets a lot of people flinch. The pearl like burnish with peculiar real silk pajama, its luxuriant with high-grade to the top of one’s heart show. 

Drawback: real silk pajama is more delicate and expensive, should notice especially in catharsis process.

In fact, there are many kinds of materials, such as cotton, silk, coral, cotton, modal, etc. Choosing pajamas doesn’t mean choosing the best fabric, it means choosing different fabrics for different seasons.

1. It is recommended to choose knitted cotton pajamas in spring and autumn. The fabric can be worsted cotton fabric or natural fiber fabric with fine and soft texture, good hand feeling and strong air permeability.

2. Pajamas should be loose and warm in winter. You can choose the coral fabric which is very popular in recent years. Coral wool is a new kind of fabric, whose has fine texture, soft feel, not ball, not fade, with excellent water absorption performance, three times of cotton products. No skin irritation, no allergy. Beautiful appearance, rich color.

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