Baby clothes must not be too tight

Child has just come out from the matrix and don’t adapt many things, including the temperature. Mom and dad know it and get the baby wrapped protectively and baby is restrained and let the baby from an uncomfortable situation in another and the child temperature is too high.

Even adults can’t put so many clothes on. Fortunately, adults still know how to express their feelings and control their behaviors, but babies can only be controlled. Therefore, if the baby’s palm is often hot, especially dry and hot, mothers should be on guard that the baby may wear newborn baby clothestoo many. Neonatal body temperature regulation center development is not perfect and heat preservation and heat dissipation function is poor, at this time, mothers can change according to the temperature and their own feeling, planned to the baby can increase or decrease clothing. If the clothes should be reduced without haste, it will reduce the baby’s resistance, causing respiratory infections. On the contrary, blindly wear more, strict cover, is easy to make the baby “dehydration”.

In addition, if the package is too tight, it will not necessarily keep you warm. There is a great relationship between fever and blood circulation. If the package is too tight, it is not conducive to blood circulation. In addition, the bag is too tight, limit baby activity, go against motion development. After wrapping, the fingers cannot touch the surrounding objects, which limit the baby’s tactile development. So, baby clothes and adults are the same, clothes to wear a little loose. And thickness as long as the hands warm, feet warm for the baby is the most comfortable.

Also, when the mother gets up in the morning, look at the weather, and usually whether there is a gap, the weather has not changed, you do not need to do what changes. If because the morning up to wear more, babies feel hot and then take off, and it is easy to make the baby cold. It is best to decide how many clothes to wear when you get up in the morning. If the weather changes suddenly, you can add or subtract clothes according to the actual situation.

If it can be wrapped well, it will keep the baby warm and comfortable. In fact, cute baby clothes can be replaced by sleeping bags, which can not only avoid these problems, but also save a lot of worry. The child wore some newborn clothes for comfort and put them in a sleeping bag for warmth. And babies can move around in it, killing many birds with one stone.

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