Baby clothes need cleaning carefully

Baby’s clothes are mainly pure cotton, which is more comfortable, but not easy to clean, especially with the spit milk, stained in clothes. If newborn clothes are not cleaning, they are easy to breed bacteria, causing skin itching, rash and other problems. Baby’s skin is delicate, and moms must pay special attention to method when cleaning. So, how to wash is the most scientific and correct? Let’s take a look at the introduction of small series.

Wash the baby’s clothes separately.

Washing your family’s clothes together can easily spread adult diseases to your baby, so separate your baby’s clothes from your adult’s to avoid unnecessary cross-contamination. When washing your baby’s clothes separately, separate your underwear from your coat. Underwear that is directly under your skin should be cleaner than your coat.

Newborn clothes are best washed by hand.

Washing machine is easy to breed bacteria, viruses. According to relevant data shows, there is mould, aureus staphylococcus, and albicans to wait for pathogenic bacteria inside chamfer of washing machine, accordingly, the dress of newborn had better wash by hand. If you are really busy with work or housework, the washing machine will take care of you.

Choose laundry soap for infants.

The special formula of laundry soap for baby clothes can give baby’s skin more care and also has certain resistance to skin allergy. Baby detergents have a similar effect. They are all better than ordinary detergent. Baby antibacterial laundry soap contains no pigment, phosphorus and other harmful ingredients, ensuring no residue on baby’s clothes and no harm to baby’s skin.

Rinse well.

No matter what detergent is used, water should be repeatedly washed two or three times, until the water is clear. If there is no thorough cleaning of the residual detergent in the clothes, the baby is prone to skin damage, especially some underwear, the performance is more obvious.

Hang your clothes under the sun.

Although exposure to sunlight may shorten the life of clothing, sunlight is a natural disinfectant with no side effects and can better protect baby’s skin.

Clean them and put them in the closet.

Even if worn only once, the child’s clothes must be washed and dried before they can be put back in the closet. Worn clothes should not be mixed with clean clothes. Still should differentiate underwear area and outer garment area inside almirah, which had better receive underwear with clean bag in order to maintain sanitation. Wearing clothing that has not been worn for a period of time only after it has been exposed to the sun. In addition, children’s clothing is not allowed to use sealed bags, sealed bags will allow clothing bacteria breeding.


Some mothers worry about bugs eating their kids’ clothes and keep mothballs and other insect repellents in their closets. Although make dress so safe, baby is not safe: the main component of camphor ball is naphthol, and it is absorbed through the dress, deliver skin, permeate blood again, destroy erythrocyte, bringing about acute hemolysis, anaemia, serious meeting appears icteric. So stay away.

Meticulous care is needed, and the correct purchase of clothing is the first care baby delicate skin, scientific cleaning baby clothes is the second close. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the accessories on the baby’s clothes are intact before cleaning and dressing the baby. It is necessary to avoid clothes with too much rope and special accessories when purchasing cheap kids clothes, and the selection principle should be simple and comfortable.

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