Baby girls must wear underpants

Summer is arrived so many parents like to let their children bare bottom, feeling so cool. But if it’s a girl, don’t do it.

Yesterday, the mother-in-law said, got “small intestine fire”, dad listen to grandma’s advice to pick wild vegetables when folk prescription!

Rural said “small bowel fire” is a urinary system infection, a very dangerous disease, but also very painful, fever, fatigue, irritability, urine pain, adults cannot stand! The disease is mostly caused by coli, which comes from your own feces, or from sitting around with your newborn bottoms — like a park chair, the floor, or even some adult arms.

Family should rush the baby to the hospital to be treated with antibiotics, penicillin is good. I’ve always emphasized using fewer antibiotics, but this time it’s special. No need! Because apparent is the disease that bacterium infects, be about to suit medicine to the disease, and the disease must stop with the fastest speed, otherwise likely up line infects renal pelvis, consequence is very serious, also turn possibly chronic, that will painful lifelong! Sometimes it comes back decades after the first illness, and there are many, many examples.

The so-called use of wild vegetables that is the former rural is really short of medicine, as a last resort, the effect is very poor. So don’t be superstitious.

Of course, with bitter herbs, green bean soup as adjuvant treatment is still desirable, this time the patient to drink a lot of water, accelerate metabolism, more rest, less activity, at the same time oral or intravenous drip antibiotics, if the treatment method is appropriate, soon can heal.

In fact, such a small child, the probability of urinary tract infection is very small, but not to prevent.

Green lawn is very beautiful, looks very clean, but a lot of organic fertilizer, or even direct manure as fertilizer, which is easy to cause infection of bacteria, so please do not let the child directly sit on the lawn, do not pull grass to eat.

Still have a few fungus additionally, can let a girl affect disease of gynaecology even, if have beriberi in the home patient should pay attention to more, the fungus that adult leaves on bedspread, sofa, crawl mat, if the child climbs again sit, also have infection possibility. So all utensils of the baby should scrub at any time while, still want to give her a simple protective layer — wear underwear, do not share washing machine and wash clothes basin with the child additionally — especially the foot basin of adult, absolutely cannot use to the child !I won’t go into the tub.

In order to prevent red buttocks, summer does not give the girl to use the diaper is right, but must, must put on does not open the crotch the small underwear, when the urine downwards to fade on the line. What if the urine is wet? Change often.

Here are a few highlights for girls’ moms:

One, underwear for children.

Two, don’t let your child sit around, especially outdoors.

Three, after the child poop wants to wash clean, had better use the running water from front to back to wash (my house is always like this), the adult must wash hands frequently.

Four, wipe the towel of the bottom to use a time eliminate poison.

Five, don’t share washing machines and basins with your children.

Six, the area of children’s activities, adults had better not walk around barefoot.

Seven, come back from outside play, adults and children should wash their hands, or at any time with disinfectant wipes.

Eight, give children more water, ensure adequate sleep, and strengthen immunity.

Nine, once have urinary infection, seek medical advice immediately, cannot listen to folk prescription delay treatment, but can use green bean soup auxiliary treatment.

Mothers, perhaps you have been very attention in this respect, but I hope after the reminder of more attention, the child is our baby, do not regret for a small negligence!

Hope this helpes you a lot for choosing newborn baby bottoms .

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