Baby Socks are Important and Could You Choose Them Properly

Many moms worry about how to choose baby shoes, whether the sole are soft enough and the size is right or not. However, selection of baby socks is more easily to be neglected by moms. Apparently, if newborn socks are not right for babies, they will be very uncomfortable. So how exactly parents choose proper newborn baby socks? Numbers Pattern Color Block Socks By Five Pairs

First of all, material of newborn baby socks needs more attention. Baby socks made of cotton are more comfortable than those made of nylon, which do not absorb sweat and will leave babies athlete’s foot given the situation that babies are active in motions and sweat much from their feet. Then, size of baby socks also matters. If newborn baby socks are not suitable to baby’s feet, it will affect the growth of his feet and make him feel indisposed.

Several kinds of socks appropriate for babies:

Skid-proof socks: The sole of skid-proof socks are made of soft rubber to prevent the baby from slipping when running and jumping. However, moms should be careful that skid-proof socks require to be put on outside socks not inside. Cartoon Animals Pattern Socks

Cotton socks: Cotton socks are the fittest socks for babies, because they are known to absorb sweat. Moms are advised to buy 100% cotton socks for their babies.

Woolen socks: Woolen socks are the best for babies in winter. It is made of wool and cotton. Meanwhile, woolen socks are so elastic that babies will feel perfectly comfortable. In addition, moms should avoid buying acrylic socks for babies as far as possible.

Some moms with small kids may think that their baby is too young to walk and does not need socks. Actually, that is wrong. Temperature regulation function of the baby does not develop completely. Maybe heat dissipation function is acceptable, but heat production function is not mature. Therefore, when environment temperature is low, blood circulation of baby’s legs is not so good and his feet are easy to catch a cold. Hence, socks are wanted.

As babies grow, they are more likely to move a lot and hurt their feet. Putting on socks can also protect their feet. That also explains why moms must choose comfortable socks for the baby to protect their delicate feet.

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