Baby underwear purchase and washing tips

Bottoms for newborn that delicate skin is contacted directly, no matter be to go up from choose and buy or catharsis, say especially important. Want to take good care of the baby is about to start from the details, mom, you know what kind of baby underwear? Know how to choose newborn baby bottoms? Do you know the principle of washing baby’s underwear? Let small make up below to answer for you.

Before one, choose and buy: what classification does darling underwear have?

  1. Classification basis: function

Although baby underwear is small, kind is not little however, long, short, robe, frog, daily wear, sleep to wear, Lin total also has seven or eight kinds of much, should consider the different effect of each kind when the

1) Robe underwear: the hem is loose, suitable for infants who change diapers frequently before crawling. Just lift the hem.

2) Frog underpants: easier to kick your legs and prevent hip dislocation.

3) Partial buckle underwear: effective care of the baby’s delicate belly, very practical.

  1. Classification basis: texture.

Quality of a material decided the tactile sensation of underwear directly, and it is the factor that should consider above all when choosing. Pure cotton underwear with its good moisture absorption and air permeability, comfortable feel become the only choice of the quality of underwear for infants. Generally speaking, there are four kinds of pure cotton fabrics used to make baby underwear:

1) Knitted rib fabric: this is a kind of elastic knitted fabric with thin texture. It is characterized by flexibility, strong air permeability and good hand feeling. However, it is slightly poor in heat preservation, so it is not suitable for winter and is the best choice for summer.

2) Knitted cotton and wool cloth: slightly thicker than rib cloth, it is a double layer elastic knitted fabric, characterized by excellent scalability, heat preservation, air permeability and good feel, suitable for underwear in autumn and winter.

3) Cotton gauze: it is a kind of plain woven fabric, because of its thin and large fiber gap and excellent air permeability, but its scalability, heat preservation and hand feel are general and easy to shrink after washing. It is mainly used for underwear in summer.

4) Terry cloth: namely terry pure cotton cloth, because of its thick texture, has strong heat preservation and good scalability and feel, but slightly poor air permeability, generally used for autumn and winter underwear.

Two, choose and buy in: how to choose baby underwear?

  1. 1.Baby underwear purchase steps

1) Touch: whether the cloth is soft, especially under the armpits, wrists and other places, when you choose, you might as well put it on your cheek to feel it; Whether the tightness of cuff and waistband is comfortable.

2) See: special white, even white so blue underwear, often contain fluorescent agent (a bleaching chemical substances), although the clothes look white, quite not easy to wrinkle, but harmful to the baby’s skin, therefore, cannot blindly think “white” is good.

3) Smell: if it smells unpleasant, it may contain formaldehyde or other chemical additives.

4) Think: baby underwear is small, but many kinds, long, short, robe, frog, daily wear, sleep wear, Lin also has seven or eight kinds of many, when the choice to consider the different effects of each.

  1. 2.Pay attention to the safety of underwear accessories.

Stitching: rough stitching can easily irritate the baby’s skin, especially in the armpits, wrists and other places. You might as well put it on your cheek when you choose. Some brands of newborn bottoms are safer by turning all the seams inside out.

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