Baby underwear shopping and washing tips

Three, after the purchase: what are eight principles of cleaning newborn bottoms?

1. Degerming and bleaching agents are not available: some detergents also say degerming and bleaching. The answer is no.

2. Drying: baby clothes can be placed in the sun drying, although the sun may shorten the life of clothes, but can play a disinfection effect, and children also grow too fast, it doesn’t matter.

3. Rinsing is an important procedure: no matter what detergent wash, rinsing is a careless procedure, and moms must be repeatedly washed with water two or three times, until the water is clear.

4. Stains as soon as possible to wash: children’s clothes will always be stained with a lot of juice, chocolate stains, milk stains, tomato stains, etc., and these stains are not easy to remove, but as long as it is just spilled, mom should immediately wash, and usually easier to wash out. If it takes a day or two to wash, the dirt may go deep into the fiber and won’t come out, so don’t be a lazy mom.

5. Underwear and coat separate wash: usually the coat is dirtier than underwear. Dark and light colors should also be washed separately, so as not to cause dyeing.

6. Do not wash with adult clothes: do not wash baby clothes with adult clothes, because adult clothes stained with more bacteria, at the same time to wash the bacteria will adhere to the baby clothes. It is recommended to wash the baby’s clothes separately and in a special basin.

7. Choose special detergent cleaning: there are many baby clothes on the market special detergent, although the price is more expensive, but the baby’s body is good. It won’t harm the skin, and cause allergy. If you don’t have a special detergent, use soap instead. Pay attention to washing instructions on the product label, such as dilution ratio, soaking time, etc.

8. Hand washing: because the washing machine washes newborn baby bottoms of the whole family, there are many bacteria hidden in the machine. Washing clothes for babies and toddlers in a washing machine can get a lot of bacteria, which is fine for adults but can be a nuisance for infants and toddlers. Because their skin resistance is poor, it is easy to cause allergies or other skin problems.


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