Baby’s first pair of underpants

Presumably mothers may encounter such a situation: on the kindergarten, baby shouted with his mother that he needs to wear newborn baby bottoms, because other children have to wear but he does not! How embarrassing!

It turns out that after the baby went to the kindergarten, on the toilet or every nap time, you will see many other children are wearing small underwear, whose design and color are their favorite Spongebob, Ultraman, Doraemon…Only the baby himself is still wearing pants, and has little to talk about with the children, but also was asked why not wear.

Many mothers wonder when it is appropriate to wear baby underwear. Generally speaking, if the baby is going to kindergarten, which is about 2-3 years old, mothers should pay attention to wearing baby underwear, even when the baby does not need to wear diapers, because the ability that the baby body resists bacterium virus still is weaker.

The many reasons why babies wear underpants:

1. Cultivate children’s gender consciousness.

Male baby’s underwear and female baby’s underwear are completely different, and the mother can through different underwear to let the baby know he is a boy or a girl. After kindergarten, the babies have to go to the bathroom separately, unlike at home, they all go to the same bathroom. Wearing certain underwear and going to certain toilets can make your baby more gender-conscious.

2. Sanitation and prevention of germs.

No matter be male baby or female baby, the ability that resists bacterium is poorer still, which can prevent infection effectively. For example: the baby likes to sit on the ground to play, and wearing small underwear can also block some impurities outside and protect the baby’s private parts; There are also ways to prevent your baby from touching his or her genitals with his or her hands.

3. To prevent friction pants.

Some of the outer pants material is not soft enough or quality is not good enough easy to lose hair, especially now the pursuit of fashion in the market, a lot of children’s clothing style novel but material is not exquisite, such as jeans. Wearing underwear can play a very good role in protecting.

4. Avoid abdominal cold.

If the baby often has abdominal pain or a cold, and the mother can’t find the cause, it is likely that the baby has a cold in the abdomen. The sensitivity of the abdomen to temperature is very high, and the abdomen is easy to catch cold. Put on the baby small underwear, which can effectively prevent the baby abdomen cold, especially in the winter when the weather is cold and small underwear heat preservation effect will be more prominent.

5. To accept toilet training.

Wearing small underwear can be conducive to the baby toilet training. The mother can take the baby to buy his favorite underwear, and tell him to take good care of his underwear. In order not to dirty their underwear, the baby will study harder to go to the toilet. At the same time, wearing small newborn bottoms means that the baby to get rid of the diaper, and if the baby has grown up, they should be like adults to their own toilet, but also can promote the baby’s toilet training.

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