Bad Children Shoes Will Affect Height Development

Buying children shoes for your baby is an important thing that parents should pay attention to. Because the cute baby shoes don’t fit well, it is very influential for the baby. If you choose newborn baby shoes improperly, it may even affect your baby’s bone development, which will make them grow taller.

When you baby shoes for your baby, you must know the growth rate of your baby’s small ankles. The baby’s growth is very fast, and the little ankles are the same. Small baby within 16 months, every three months, the small ankle is 0.5 cm long, while 16-24 months old baby, every four months, the small ankle is 0.5 cm long. After 3 years old, the growth rate of the small ankle gradually slowed down. But you should still check your baby’s cute baby shoes every 4 months.

In addition to understanding the speed of growth of the small ankles, pay attention to several points when buying children shoes. You can walk without newborn baby shoes before walking. Before the baby walks, there is no need to wear shoes, let the little feet enjoy the naked pleasure. Because the baby’s arch is relatively flat, through the non-stop use of the arch and ankle, you can slowly exercise to the arch and make the ankle more powerful.

The soles of newborn baby shoes should be soft. The soles of the baby who just learned to walk should not be too hard, softer, bend the soles, and the toes can go to the soles, which is what we usually say. For babies who already have walking skills, the sole should be slightly stiffer to help the baby walk. In addition, the baby before the age of two is best to wear high to protect the ankle.

If you find that your newborn baby shoes are difficult to put on and take off, you should consider giving him new shoes. In addition, usually pay more attention to the baby’s small ankles, if you find a reddish imprint, or blisters, crusting, it is best to give her a pair of little girl shoes immediately.

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