Big tips to help mothers choose baby underwear

How to choose and buy suitable children underwear?

The skin of the human body is soft and sensitive, which is the first place to feel the temperature and touch. The texture of close-fitting clothes directly determines the comfort level, which is the first consideration when choosing baby and toddler bottoms. Generally speaking, the underwear of baby is first-selection with pure cotton, and are good at absorbing sweat and breathable and comfortable. 

1. Knitted rib fabric: this kind of knitted fabric is elastic, thin in texture, characterized by scalability, strong air permeability, good hand feeling, but slightly poor heat preservation, so it is the best choice in summer.

2. Knitted interlock cloth: this kind of material is slightly thicker than the rib fabric, and it is a double-layer elastic knitted fabric, characterized by excellent scalability, heat preservation, air permeability, and good hand feeling, suitable for underwear in autumn and winter.

3. Cotton gauze: as a kind of flat woven fabric, because of its thin and large fiber gap, it has excellent air permeability, but its scalability and heat preservation are in general, and it is easy to shrink after washing. It is mainly used for underwear in summer.

4. Terry cloth: terry cloth texture is thick, has a strong warmth and good scalability and feel, but slightly poor air permeability, generally used in the autumn and winter thick underwear.

Differ with the dress of adult, children underwear pays attention to safe and comfortable, the underwear with fine charge for the making of STH.

The detail of underwear often is the part that a lot of people ignore, for example color, the underwear of the baby should choose this white, such ability reduces the danger of all sorts of colored dye likely minimum, be helpful for at the same time discovery baby is unusual circumstance, for instance scar of excrement and urine, skin. The seam side of the dress for instance again, coarse underwear seam scratches the skin of the baby easily, especially the place such as underarm, wrist, groin, might as well put oneself cheek to feel when the choice. The underwear of the baby had better use knot type, some safer than having button.

Function refinement. There are a wide variety of baby underwear, including robe, frog, daily wear, sleeping wear, crawling wear — each with different functions in mind.

The size of the paint particles is too fine, sacrificing some shine, though the greater benefit is that you get a reasonably good surface covering. Pearlescent is made by dispersing pearlescent pigments in binders or transparent light inks. Such silver powder can be used for non – stratified gloss ink, but the color is not as clear as the scale of stratified silver powder ink. It should also be noted that the treated gold pigment is not as resistant to extreme conditions as the treated silver pigment.

Usually powders can not only show the deep color, light and between various tonal, also can be used to get a series of “oxidation tone”, refers to the allowed pigment and control on the premise of oxide reaction, reaction results including with lemon yellow or light orange golden hue. Because when the pigment particles are larger, the surface of the pigment particles is larger, more light will be reflected through it, so the higher the glossiness.

Generally speaking, there are four types of cotton fabrics used to make toddler bottoms.

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