Careful collocation make pregnant hot mom

After gettingpregnant, mothers-to-be have no way to wear many beautiful maternity clothes again,which will be a little depressed. In fact, as long as reasonable collocationand choice, mothers-to-be can also be beautiful! How do you become a hotfashion mom?

1. General principle: loose, comfortable and easy clothes.

The top should be soft, simple and loose enough to allow the mother to move around. The jacket can neither bind to the chest nor press down on the stomach. Since these clothes will not be worn after production, they need not be too expensive, just make sure they are washed and sunburnt before wearing.

As the increase of gestation week, the breast of expectant mother can be plump gradually and the dimension of brassiere is about to increase gradually.

Long skirt and trousers are in spring and summer more appropriate, because they do not need to fasten belt. Suspender pants also get the love of mothers-to-be very much and underwear should be cotton fabrics.

2. Attention should be paid during pregnancy.

Due to uterinecompression during pregnancy, venous pressure of lower limbs will besignificantly increased, and pregnant women are prone to lower limb edema. Therefore,whether long stocks or short socks, they must not be too tight.

By the middle and late stages, the center of the body is moving forward more and more. But if you choose flat shoes, the center of gravity will fall on the heel and it will hurt. So choosing the low heel shoe of 2 to 3 centimeters is able to suit and sole should have deeper slippery prevention grain.

3. Other things.

Hat and parasol should be unforgettable in spring and summer when going out. Keep a raincoat handy for possible weather changes. Keep thin coats in the office, too.

While many mothers-to-be may have a seasonal wardrobe ready at an early age, they find it impossible to wear it. At this time, they o do not have to be sad and follow the small method above only so that hot mom belongs to you as well!

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