Do Babies Like Newborn Clothes

Pregnancy is the way for human reproduction. Everyone wants their children to be beautiful and smart. So, is the baby’s intelligence and health related to the season? Will the baby who were born on certain month be smarter? Popreal will tell you the truth. Long Sleeve Letter Pattern Pleated Dress

According to the doctor’s analysis, it is not suitable for pregnancy in the summer or when it is very hot. Too high temperature can cause a decline in the quality of both food and sleep, resulting in poor physical strength and energy, which will have a certain impact on the reproductive cells.

However, others argue that children born in the cold months will have higher IQ than those born in other months. When the outdoor temperature is 20 °C, the children born at this time are physically strong and disease-free. According to the results of the data, many famous scientists are all born in cold days.

Moreover, according to research conducted by Japanese scholars, it has been shown that the lifetime of people has relationship with the birth season. Danish scholars believe that people born in summer are more susceptible to pathogens, while those born in autumn are longer and live longer.

Babies born between January and March are prone to schizophrenia and depression. The reason is that there was not enough sunshine in January and March, which caused the newborn baby to not be able to supplement the sun and calcium.Beads Long Sleeve Polka Dot Lace Tulle Dress

According to the clinical experience of famous universities in the United States, children born in between April and June will easily suffer from learning disabilities and gastrointestinal illnesses. Because the temperature rises in this season, the bacteria in the food are produced in large quantities, which will increase the gastrointestinal burden of the newborn.

Newborns from July to October are prone to fractures. Pregnancy in winter can cause the baby to have less calcium and the baby can’t get it. Babies born in November and December are prone to skin diseases. In November and December, the weather is dry, and the air is dry. The baby’s skin is very tender, and it is easy to suffer from skin diseases when exposed to the air. But the child who is born in winter is the smartest.

Don’t deliberately pursue the most beautiful and cute baby born in a certain months. It is not that the baby born in winter is very smart, it is only a probability, the child’s beauty and intelligence also depend on the parents’ genes. If the parents are beautiful, the children will certainly be beautiful, but there are also situations where the parents are not beautiful and the children are beautiful.

So if the conditions of the parents are good, the baby born will definitely be beautiful and smart and needs cute baby clothes. The child’s intelligence can also be nurtured if parents strengthen the brain exercise of the child, and enhance the child’s brain knowledge capacity and cell division speed. Such children are also smart. So don’t get too entangled in the child’s appearance and IQ, everything can change.Polka Dot Round Neck Long Sleeve Dress Without Socks

What Will Doctor Do After Baby is Born

Many young mothers are all curious about what will doctor do in the several minutes after baby is born. Let Popreal tell you the truth! After the mother gave birth to the baby, nurse only said the baby’s gender to mothers. And then baby was taken away by the nurse and then returned to her mother. In fact, the nurse is holding the baby to deal with these things. Chick Pattern Graffiti Short Sleeves Sets


The first thing the baby just gave birth was crying. This is also the neonatal instinctive reaction. Several weeks ago, there was a news that the baby was born with a smile. In fact, because there is a foreign thing in the baby’s throat, so that the baby did not cry when he was born. The baby inhales a lot of amniotic fluid and foreign things, then the doctor needs to help the baby clean up the foreign things and let the baby cry.

  1. Cut the umbilical cord

Many young mothers see the baby on the picture about cutting the umbilical cord,  and they will think about whether the baby will hurt. In fact, the umbilical cord does not cause pain. When the umbilical cord is not beating, the doctor will cut it at a position about 2 cm away from the baby’s belly button. Knocking and disinfecting, bandaging is good, and the extra umbilical cord in the navel will fall naturally in 1-2 weeks.

  1. Bathe your baby

When a newborn is born, there will be fetal fat, blood, feces in amniotic fluid, etc. The nurse will bathe the child after the child is born. When the baby is washed, immediately pick it up, dry it and put on the clothes. The nurse will put a number on the baby’s hand or on the foot, so as not to hold the wrong child. Floral Print One Shoulder Ruffle Trim Sets

  1. Measuring weight and height

Nurses will accurately report the number of births and heights of the child. These indicators are used to measure the health of the baby and are used as a reference for the child’s medical dose.

After all the things are done, the nurse will hold the baby to the mother and reunite the mother and child.

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