Five Key Points to Choose a Hat for a Baby in Winter

The blood vessels in the baby’s head are very abundant and 30% of heat is distributed by the head. As a result, once the head catches a cold, the heat in the baby’s body will give off very quickly. Therefore, it is essential to wear hats for babies in winter and lay an emphasis on the choice of baby hats.Thickened Plush Panada Cap Sets

  1. Choose different hats for babies in different age.

When parents are choosing a hat, what should consider above all is the age of the baby. To choose a hat according to the age of the baby is good for the baby to feel warm and comfortable. On account of different ages, the circumference of baby’s head also can be different significantly. Generally speaking, the head circumference correspondingly increases along with the ages.

  1. The thickness of a cap is directly proportional to the temperature.

As season changes, the temperature in winter will only keep decreasing. So, when choosing newborn baby hats, moms should select thick hats as the temperature drops to make sure babies cozy. When it gets colder, moms are supposed to put a thick hat on the baby and it becomes warmer, less thick hats should be offered accordingly. Thickened Knitted Little Ear Neck Gaiter Cap Two-In-One

  1. The size of a hat should match with the head circumference.

When choosing baby boy caps, parents should choose them by enlarging baby’s head circumference to one or two centimeters, or adding 0.3 centimeters to the diameter of baby’s head. If it is too tight, it might have an influence on the growth of baby’s head.

  1. Do not choose a hat with a brim or fringe.

In the market, there are so many stylish baby hats that look wonderful. However, the cap with brim or fringe is neither practical nor safe for the baby. That is because that kind of hat can affect the baby’s sight. Also, the cap with wool is not good for the baby’s delicate skin, and if it sheds hair, it might be sucked by the baby into the respiratory system, causing the occurrence of disease.

  1. Do not choose a hat with hard texture.

Newborn baby hats must be the hats which have a light texture, soft hand-feel, good air permeability and good moisture retain-ability. Avoiding choosing those caps with hard texture, or particularly heavy hats, which will make babies feel uncomfortable and put a pressure on the development of baby’s cranial nerve.

The heat in baby body gives off fastest from his head. Then, it is advisable for parents to put on a hat for the baby when they are out in cold weather. Of course, moms cannot be more careful when choosing newborn baby hats, not only appropriately but also exactly.Knitted Solid Color Cap