What should I pay attention to when buying a schoolbag for my child?

Now it has been called to reduce the burden, but on the road, we still see a lot of children’s backpacks bending children, which will cause a lot of impact on the child’s spine development, so mom and dad to choose the right backpacks for girls and boys. So, how to choose cute bags for girls and boys?

1. The weight of the bag should be controlled.

There are a number of causes for deformity of the spine, most of which are caused by backpacks. When mom and dad buy a bag, they don’t just look at the style, material, price, but to really stand in the child’s perspective to think.

Just like buying clothes, a schoolbag is actually made to measure. An inappropriate schoolbag is a great burden for children. The most suitable schoolbag for children should be the lower part of the schoolbag and higher than the child’s lumbosacral part. The upper part is lower than the child’s shoulder width, and this type of schoolbag can transfer part of the weight to the lower limbs, so that the child’s spine to bear less force.

2. Choose two shoulders, back and waist support.

Parents should not buy shoulder bags for their children. It is better to buy backpacks. Using shoulder bags for a long time will lead to the deformation of the spine or trunk. Backpacks have wider, softer straps that are better for a child’s shoulders.

Additionally, it had better be to be able to buy the schoolbag of light qualitative backboard or back cushion, so one can protect the child’s posture and it is good to the child’s spine and can prevent the child to appear hump back phenomenon. The backplane also protects the child from hard books. Also, please don’t buy bags with too many metal pendants, as these can also hurt the child.

3. The school bag with pull rod is not healthy.

Nowadays, many parents may buy a school bag with a pull rod for their children. This kind of school bag has no impact on the children’s spine health, but it is easy to hurt the child’s muscles. Therefore, it is better not to buy it.

4. Don’t carry too many books.

Cute bags for girls needs to reduce weight, and a few books that do not use in the evening can be put in the school drawer inside. Such words both won’t affect the child’s study, also won’t have harm to the child’s body.