Tips for Buying Baby Dresses

An autumn rain and a cold, autumn and winter temperature changes can be big, for their own regulation ability is still in the development stage of the baby, the right clothes will make them more comfortable and comfortable. Newborn clothes like the baby’s second layer of “skin”, this is not wear more will be warmer, young parents can pay attention to.

Autumn and winter clothing four tips.

  1. Even when you are a newborn baby, you need to prepare more clothes so that you can change them frequently.In terms of types, there will be more types of clothes in autumn and winter, including coats, cotton-padded clothes (trousers), sweaters (trousers), underwear, trousers, waistcoat (vest), capes or cloaks, hats, shoes and socks, etc.
  2. 2.The baby’s body grows quickly, so in the preparation of baby clothes to have a plan, do not have a whole autumn and winter clothes are enough to buy.
  3. 3.Chemical fiber clothing in dry season more prone to static electricity, try not to buy or do anti-static
  4. It’s important to have nice clothes for your baby, but if they’re not practical, give them up.

Baby dress three principles.

  1. 1.Spring cover autumn freeze.

As the saying goes, “spring cover autumn freeze”, for the baby to do so appropriate? We know that human beings are endotherms and have a perfect body temperature regulation system, but for a baby, the temperature regulation function needs to be perfected. Therefore, we cannot simply emphasize “freezing”. Even in autumn, we should start from cold tolerance exercise and carry out it step by step. Of course, according to the traditional Chinese medicine point of view, children are generally Yang qi prosperous body, if too warm will encourage Yang qi and Yin liquid consumption. Therefore, the mother should not too early, excessive warmth for the baby, can check the baby’s hands, neck, not to sweat, if the body is prone to cold sweat.

  1. Hand warmth without sweat is the standard.

The mother may according to the weather forecast, the actual temperature change and the feeling, has the plan to increase the baby the clothes, with the baby does not perspire, the hands and feet are not cool is the standard. Too much clothing will not only affect the baby’s own cold exercise, but also make the baby more susceptible to cold and other diseases. Normally, a baby’s body temperature is usually higher than that of the elderly and adults. Older babies are more active and do not feel cold. If the amount of activity is very large, wear too much will make the baby movement sweat, if not timely wipe dry, change into dry clothes, more likely to catch cold and get sick.

Usually the baby wears only one more than the adult on the line, the older baby can be as much as the adult and even can deliberately let the baby a little less to exercise cold ability. Autumn to properly feel cool but can enhance the child’s physique, so that the baby is not easy to get sick.

  1. Don’t let clothes interfere with your baby’s movements.

Often see some babies wear too much, just like a small pompon; Or is wearing cute baby clothes although very beautiful, but not very suitable for sports, these will make action is not sensitive baby movement is very inconvenient, in the objective will reduce the baby exercise opportunities. On the contrary, if the clothes are appropriate, the baby can move freely and increase the amount of exercise, which is more conducive to improving the resistance of their body and strengthening their physique.

Baby is dressed have exquisite, when father mom is dressed to the baby, cannot covet much but be full of warmth only, also cannot go after beauty and inconvenient baby is moved. Let your baby wear more comfortable and healthy in autumn and winter!

Children’s clothing color collocation

Reddish-brown: since cute baby clothes are basically purchased by parents, parents’ preferences are naturally reflected in their children. In European habit, casual breath is dye-in-the-wood, and the reddish-brown that gives a person with mature flavor is commonly received favor. Accordingly, in this season male, dress show on the field, reddish-brown becomes necessary tonal. Coloring schemes such as coffee, burnt brown and brown also feature in the comfort of newborn baby clothes.

Turquoise green: the color trend of 2010 is inspired by the turquoise green of the ocean. In autumn/winter 2011 and spring/summer 2012, it will develop towards the direction of water quality, which is more clear and suitable for men and women’s children’s wear. Songshi green can undertake collocation with white, blue, show the cool and refreshing feeling like the ocean.

Near white: ivory white, light khaki and cotton, hemp essence color and so close to the white color, looks appears gentle, lively, is one of the popular trends within the next year. At the same time, there is the extension of the light pink and so on.

How to keep warm and comfortable in autumn and winter

Waistbands, prints, and design details are often the most annoying and overlooked areas for moms.

“When you buy newborn baby clothes for your child, you should pay attention to the waistband. Many waistbands are either too tight or too loose, and some of them have rolled edges. It is very uncomfortable for your baby, and the skin is very red.”

“Children’s clothes are the most important for their natural innocence. Many children dress like adults. In this most precious age, children cannot find their original lively and lovely strength.”

Careful mother will not miss every detail when shopping for clothes, subtle care, give the baby the most comfortable to enjoy.

Baby’s skin is delicate, the body is in the growth and development period, the waistband design cannot be too tight, the baby belly, also cannot be too loose, the total down, affect warmth.

The waistband of a child’s trousers has always been the focus of Annelle’s attention, and she insists on constantly improving the comfort of wearing from the details of the craft. For example, choose more fine and soft rib fabric and more elastic. n the autumn and winter of 2013, Annell specially designed “double tunnel” for the waistband of infants and children. Two rubber bands are combined side by side, which eliminates the drawback of rubber rolling in trousers due to wearing for a long time. And in the middle with a stretch sewing machine on a chain line, forming two rubber tunnel, and each rubber can be independent pumping stretch, for the mother according to the size of the child waist adjustment rubber length.

Beautiful design printing can have the effect that nods eyeball for darling dress up. What we are common before is to use glue to print catch, although the design is bright-colored and beautiful, but permeability is very poor and hard. In 2013, Annelle improved and innovated the printing and dyeing process, adopted advanced water slurry and powder slurry printing and dyeing, and greatly improved the air permeability of the pattern. Printing pattern also becomes more compact and meticulous, use a lot of hand drawing, and each design contains vivid story, with the child pure nature photograph becomes an interest.

Tips for choosing clothes.

Security detail: say “NO” to dangerous people.

When outfit of children of choose and buy, you always can hear such voice: “baby dress is jumped over bright-colored, such ability is enough beautiful and lively”, “the dress has flavor, it is good to wash, unimportant”…When buying clothes for children, there is no lack of such parents, the pursuit of children’s clothing color, style trendy beautiful, attract eyeballs, and the inherent quality of children’s clothing do not think so, and even encounter odor and other dangerous signals also think that there is no big obstacle.

Mom knows that “Choosing safe clothes for my baby is the most important thing. I won’t buy smelly clothes because there must be a lot of chemicals in them.” “Bright colors look beautiful, but they are dyed. The brighter the color, the more chemicals there are.

The safety health of the baby is one of the problems that every mother cares about most attentively, when choosing cute baby clothes, you want a clear mind. The odors and colors that mothers notice in their newborn clothes may be caused by formaldehyde, excessive PH, or azo dyes.

How to dress the child in winter

A lot of parents often are in wintry day put newborn clothes on baby, but this is very inappropriate practice, let a baby dress like a little fat, which can affect the activity of the baby and can cause the skin pathological change. In fact, the baby is not as vulnerable as parents thought, so when choosing cute baby clothes.

Here are some tips for dressing your baby.


Wearing a hat helps maintain a constant body temperature, as the head is responsible for 25% of a baby’s heat. The thickness of the hat should be increased as the temperature decreases, but do not choose a hat with rough edges for the baby, because it will stimulate the baby’s skin. In addition, the baby that has milk ringworm does not wear wool cap, lest cause dermatitis, should wear the cap of soft cloth make it. Do not often wear a mask scarf, often wear a mask, scarf will reduce the baby’s upper respiratory tract adaptability to cold air, lack of resistance to colds, bronchitis and other diseases. And, scarf is wool or other fiber products, if you use it to protect the mouth, one is to make the scarf gap in the bacterial dust into the baby’s upper respiratory tract; Second, wool and other fibers inhaled, can induce allergic constitution of the baby asthma, but also because of the thick scarf, blocked by the baby’s nose and mouth affect normal lung ventilation.

The body.

Dress appropriately. If you wear too much clothing, your baby will not stop sweating once he is active, which will cause the expansion of blood vessels in the skin and increase the blood flow to the skin, thus increasing the heat loss. Show for the baby a lot of sweat, sweat soaked clothes, but easy to catch cold, and also reduce the body’s ability to adapt to changes in external temperature and disease resistance. In addition, because the baby less than 6 months due to the body surface area is relatively large and more heat dissipation, and the body heat capacity is insufficient, so go out when the cold or should pay attention to more clothing. Flannelette does not want close-fitting inside out to wear, flannelette usually uses fleece knitwear to make and become, the reverse side is soft, fleeciness, heat preservation is very good, some mothers wear to the baby inside out. However, if the reverse, these villi will soon because of sweat and sebum, become bond, hair hard, if the washing and then rub hard, will make this situation more serious, thermal effect is weakened. Sweater wants wool of children of choose and buy special purpose, there is the wool that produces for the baby only on the market nowadays, the wool in the wool that its place contains and common wool is different, very fine, and very soft, keep warm the sex is good, suit a baby to wear very use. Mother also need to pay attention, do not choose to contain mohair wool, because it is easy to depilate, inhaled into the baby’s windpipe and lungs will cause disease.


Keep baby socks dry, socks wet will make the baby’s feet cool, reflex to cause respiratory tract resistance and susceptible to a cold. Winter should choose pure wool or pure cotton quality of material, which have conserve effect to ministry skin sock. Shoes should be of the right size. If the shoe is too big, it will create a large gap between the shoe and the foot, thus causing a large loss of heat on the foot. Shoes are too small, because there is not much space between the foot and the shoe, which will be shoes and socks cotton, fiber nap extrusion firm, thus affecting the amount of static air storage inside the shoe and not very good heat preservation. Right way: the shoe is a little bit looser, quality of a material is complete cotton, and soft and have good warmth retention.

If you want to know more about how to choose newborn baby clothes. Please keep an eye on the .

How does baby wear clothes?

When the season changes, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, the baby’s resistance drops, it is easy to cause a variety of diseases, we should be ready for a variety of timely. Here is some common nursing knowledge of newborn clothes:

1. Reduce access to public places. The peak of the disease epidemic, we should try to take the baby to public places, too many people, not ventilated places, it is easy to make the baby infected with disease! Especially the holidays, shopping malls, supermarkets a large number of people, try not to take the baby, or to the time must be short.

2. Always carry a spare piece of clothing for your baby. Don’t bother, because your baby’s health is the most important thing. Parents will remind parents to prepare one or two sets of clean clothes for the baby spare don’t forget!

3. Drink plenty of water. Drink more water for the baby, the best is cold water, so can improve the baby’s metabolism, do a good job of vaccination. Take oral rotavirus vaccine in autumn to reduce the incidence of diarrhea in autumn. Vaccinations against flu and pneumonia can also be given in autumn to reduce the risk of flu and bacterial pneumonia in babies.

4. Cultivate good health habits of the baby. This includes cleaning your baby’s nose, mouth, and skin all over the body, especially developing good hand-washing habits.

5. Keep the indoor environment and air clean. Must sweep clean inside the room, reduce dirt, answer to open a window regularly ventilated, maintain indoor ventilated.

5. Get regular exercise and enough sleep. To make the baby a regular day of life, adequate sleep can increase resistance, moderate exercise, strengthen the constitution. Give your baby at least two hours each day to build up his or her body. It is better to send the baby to the kindergarten for physical exercise before 8:30 in the morning.

7. Reasonable diet. When helping the baby to provide a meal, should be as far as possible to achieve variety, proportion, timing and quantitative, ensure that the baby can have enough protein every day, the right amount of fat, all kinds of vitamins and minerals intake! This can improve the baby’s immune ability, let the baby be healthy!

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Baby clothes need cleaning carefully

Baby’s clothes are mainly pure cotton, which is more comfortable, but not easy to clean, especially with the spit milk, stained in clothes. If newborn clothes are not cleaning, they are easy to breed bacteria, causing skin itching, rash and other problems. Baby’s skin is delicate, and moms must pay special attention to method when cleaning. So, how to wash is the most scientific and correct? Let’s take a look at the introduction of small series.

Wash the baby’s clothes separately.

Washing your family’s clothes together can easily spread adult diseases to your baby, so separate your baby’s clothes from your adult’s to avoid unnecessary cross-contamination. When washing your baby’s clothes separately, separate your underwear from your coat. Underwear that is directly under your skin should be cleaner than your coat.

Newborn clothes are best washed by hand.

Washing machine is easy to breed bacteria, viruses. According to relevant data shows, there is mould, aureus staphylococcus, and albicans to wait for pathogenic bacteria inside chamfer of washing machine, accordingly, the dress of newborn had better wash by hand. If you are really busy with work or housework, the washing machine will take care of you.

Choose laundry soap for infants.

The special formula of laundry soap for baby clothes can give baby’s skin more care and also has certain resistance to skin allergy. Baby detergents have a similar effect. They are all better than ordinary detergent. Baby antibacterial laundry soap contains no pigment, phosphorus and other harmful ingredients, ensuring no residue on baby’s clothes and no harm to baby’s skin.

Rinse well.

No matter what detergent is used, water should be repeatedly washed two or three times, until the water is clear. If there is no thorough cleaning of the residual detergent in the clothes, the baby is prone to skin damage, especially some underwear, the performance is more obvious.

Hang your clothes under the sun.

Although exposure to sunlight may shorten the life of clothing, sunlight is a natural disinfectant with no side effects and can better protect baby’s skin.

Clean them and put them in the closet.

Even if worn only once, the child’s clothes must be washed and dried before they can be put back in the closet. Worn clothes should not be mixed with clean clothes. Still should differentiate underwear area and outer garment area inside almirah, which had better receive underwear with clean bag in order to maintain sanitation. Wearing clothing that has not been worn for a period of time only after it has been exposed to the sun. In addition, children’s clothing is not allowed to use sealed bags, sealed bags will allow clothing bacteria breeding.


Some mothers worry about bugs eating their kids’ clothes and keep mothballs and other insect repellents in their closets. Although make dress so safe, baby is not safe: the main component of camphor ball is naphthol, and it is absorbed through the dress, deliver skin, permeate blood again, destroy erythrocyte, bringing about acute hemolysis, anaemia, serious meeting appears icteric. So stay away.

Meticulous care is needed, and the correct purchase of clothing is the first care baby delicate skin, scientific cleaning baby clothes is the second close. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the accessories on the baby’s clothes are intact before cleaning and dressing the baby. It is necessary to avoid clothes with too much rope and special accessories when purchasing cheap kids clothes, and the selection principle should be simple and comfortable.

The child is with mother or grandmother can be told at a glance!

First, let’s have a look at the netizens’ ridicule:

Hong Hong’s mother: once I was ill in hospital, the baby was given full power to the husband to take that week. The child from video was wearing the cute baby clothes with milk stains for a long time, and the pants were reversed. I remember that I should have been in hospital for 7 days, 5 days out of stitches home! 

Mom of Hua Hua: my son was 16 months old in the summer last year. I was doing hair in the hair salon downstairs. I asked my husband to take the child down and let him wear thinner clothes for the child.

Cai Cai’s mother: the day before yesterday my husband takes a daughter to drink wedding wine and comes back. My daughter always say her pants is uncomfortable, and her father lift pants for somebody else, lift outside and small underpants still at knee…

Mom of Xuan Xuan: Stop talking. My husband took the kids back to grandma’s house. Before I left, I put on all sets of clothes with different styles. As a result, he was so miserable that he could match me.

Since the Chinese society has long held that “men are responsible for earning money to support the family, while women are responsible for supporting the husband and children”. So basically a lot of fathers do not know how to take the children, especially after giving birth to a daughter, also do not know how to dress them, so if you want a girl in his hands when a delicate girl, it is basically impossible.

Mama also expressed her thoughts that almost all dad cannot do it, though father and mother are all very love the child, my father in child care, he is indeed more careless, but not as long as he can cause substantial damage to love his children, and both parents should be more with the child.

There is also a situation that the child is with grandparents. In fact, their own children and the mother-in-law’s contact is not too much, also reduce the contradictions between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will certainly conflict. Finally, I feel very deep that you take the child, you can accompany the child to grow up together and witness the change of her body, the change of her mind, and you will not miss every detail of the child’s growth. The first time to learn to climb, the first time to learn to turn over, the first time will go, the first time to call mom and dad, too much for the first time you will not miss. Parents should promote and baby’s feelings, also let the baby realize that they are deeply loved by mom and dad, protect the child. As parents, you should also buy newborn clothes to your children.

The baby needs the clothes

The weather is getting colder and the baby needs to put on more newborn clothes. If the baby’s hands feel cold, that is to remind the treasure mother: I am cold, and it is time to add some cute baby clothes!

Proper exercise of baby’s ability to keep out the cold, and for the baby it is also beneficial and can make the baby successfully through the cold winter as well as improve the baby’s physical quality and immunity to disease.

  1. Children’s clothes don’t need to be too thick, just the same as adults.

Children are often busy, such as playing games, sports, etc., which are easy to sweat. And children’s blood circulation is faster, the same situation than adults also a lot of sweat. Therefore, children’s clothes do not wear too much and the same as adults can be.

  • Don’t take off heavy coat immediately after playing a game or coming home.

Children play games after a sweat, at this time if immediately take off the coat, it is easy to cause a cold. After returning home from the outside, some children also immediately take off their clothes. In this case, a break of 20 minutes is recommended. If your child is still feeling hot, cut back on clothes.

3. Parenting tips to check whether your baby’s clothes are appropriate.

Gently rub the center of your baby’s palm for a while. If it’s warm and not sweaty, your baby is wearing the right clothes. If the palm is cold, you need to add clothes.

Children usually wear clothes, no fixed method can be referred to, and each baby constitution is not the same. Specific to see the child’s physique and the weather conditions at the time, each time to add newborn baby clothes to the baby, in accordance with not sweating, do not wear too much. Children prone to cold parts such as stomach, chest, and feet should always pay attention to warm.

The temperature has dropped a lot recently. It’s getting colder every day. How do you dress your children? How to judge whether the child is cold or not?

Petal Collar Plaid Color Block Dress

In kindergarten, baby cannot wear 5 kinds of clothes

A mother who loves beauty will not only dress herself up, but also dress up her baby in a very provocative way, never missing a chance to go out. This is not for the baby in kindergarten, and in order to let the baby become the kindergarten most attractive, mommies are expend so many thoughts.

However, some clothes, although good-looking, are not suitable for the baby this age group to wear, or it will not only affect the growth and development of the baby and limit the baby’s activities. So when going to school, the following 5 kinds of clothes, mommy should pay attention to it!

1: suspenders or skirt.

Suspender pants, suspender skirt is show MOE sheet is tasted simply! Babies in suspenders and dresses are adorable. But it’s a little complicated, especially in kindergarten when you need a teacher to help you go to the bathroom. However, the teacher cannot be dedicated to a single tube of a child, so in order to reduce the trouble and go to kindergarten or do not wear such clothes.

2. Tight pants.

Leggings can make baby’s legs look smaller and make the whole look more stylish. But, tight pants tight stick to the body, and elasticity is not, the baby in the kindergarten to play when they cannot open. What’s more, wearing tight pants for a long time will also affect the blood circulation, which is very bad for the growing baby! So, no matter how good the tights look, don’t give them to babies.

3. Shorts and skirts.

Isn’t summer the season to wear shorts and skirts? Why not? A lot of moms have that question. Although shorts and short skirts are cool and nice to wear, there will be time for outdoor activities in the kindergarten in summer. When the baby’s skin is accidentally broken and scraped, the exposed skin will be infected with bacteria, causing infection problems. It also creates opportunities for mosquitoes to bite the baby. So, don’t wear shorts or skirts to kindergarten.

4. Gown.

Dressing like a little princess, is a lot of little girls want clothes. However, because the skirt is too long, it is very inconvenient for the baby to play in it, and it is easy for the baby to step on the hem when sitting down, resulting in tripping when standing up. Also, it’s easy to fall on baby’s skirt when walking .So, under the circumstance that there is no mom to look after, babies does not wear skirt.

5. Sequined, beaded clothes.

Sequins and beads are dazzling, and while they may dazzle, they can easily be swallowed by a baby. Also, sequins can be harsh in the sun, so don’t buy them for your baby.

Above a few kinds of cute baby clothes, again good-looking, also do not give newborn clothes on the kindergarten to wear, especially when the parents are not around. In order to let the baby grow up healthily, take it seriously and quickly!

How to choose clothes for baby?

Baby body temperature regulation function is not perfect, and the skin is delicate and the resistance is poor, at the same time more activities, sweating, and sebaceous secretion. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right cute baby clothes for your baby. Choosing improperly, harmful substances will easily through the delicate skin invasion baby, increasing the chance of infection.

One, on quality of a material choice, complete cotton is appropriate, avoiding chemical fiber.

First of all, the cotton fabric is soft and the baby’s skin is delicate. The cotton fabric can gently touch the baby’s skin and play a good protective role. And chemical fiber fabrics are often hard and easy to scratch the baby’s skin, causing infection; Secondly, the cotton fabric has good air permeability, which will not hinder the evaporation of sweat and let the baby feel comfortable.

Two, in the color choice, light color is appropriate.

Very bright color cloth often contains a lot of chemical staining residue and easy to cause the baby skin disease, so mom should be careful. It should also be noted that some of the bleached fabric is actually fluorescein, which mothers need to identify when choosing.

Three, in the choice of work, fine made is appropriate.

Small clothing production should be delicate and meticulous, less burrs, suture carefully, and thread removal, so as to ensure that the baby wearing comfortable and not rough material scratches.

Four, on size choice, it should be loose.

The baby is active, if it is too tight, it will not be conducive to his limbs stretch and activities. The baby is prone to illness. Providing loose clothes for the baby, the baby activities are flexible, not only happy but can strengthen the exercise and good for the baby’s health.

The process of buying baby clothes:

  1. Purchase goods with complete and detailed labels;
  2. Touch, look, smell;
  3. Check the decorations;

4.  Remove packaging foreign matter;

5.  The new clothes should be fully washed before wear.

Finally, the most important one is that the mother should choose according to the situation of her baby. If in the process of wearing and using newborn baby clothes and if you feel the clothes bringing discomfort to the body, you can go to the quality inspection institute for testing. If it is confirmed that the clothes are the problem, you can complain to the relevant departments to protect your rights and interests.