Did you recruit?

As the weather gets hotter, do you feel like the people around you are becoming more “welcoming”?

At home everybody takes turns to give you “have a class”, and it seems to be a mother of 1:00 can’t take a child.

1Don’t turn on the air conditioner for the children. 

What do you have against your child on a hot day? Do not open air conditioning to the child harm is bigger!

Stay in the indoor adults do not open air conditioning are super uncomfortable, the baby’s metabolism will be larger than adults more than adults are not heat resistant, and do not open air conditioning more uncomfortable!

When using air conditioning, please make sure that the cold air is not directly blowing on the baby’s body, and then enter the air conditioning room after the baby sweats.

Indoor temperature control in 26-28 ℃.Indoor best and difference of indoor and outdoor temperature hold to in 5-7 degrees, and clean air conditioning regularly.

Additionally, if true worry darling catch a cold, can put on cotton quality, thin money to him conjoined body garment.

2. Do not wear diapers.

In summer, wearing diapers is almost a war, and the people always feel that diapers are too hot breathless, which is easy to incur red butt!

There is a kind of heat that makes you feel baby hot…

Diapers are actually breathable, and the baby appears red butt big reason is due to improper care.

And the buttocks are not an important heat organ and should not be the eyes feel to weigh the child in the end hot.

So, summer can also wear diapers, and the most important is to change frequently, frequently, frequently! He doesn’t have to worry too much.

3. Wear open crotch pants bento.

Many old people are happy to wear pants that open the seat of their pants for their children, and they refute mothers by saying that the little dolls they used to have were not so good.

Baby’s private parts are easy to be external collision or mosquito bites, causing insect bites dermatitis.

4. You’ll catch cold without newborn socks.

Have an expert to say: cold rise from sole, even if be the sock of summer darling also cannot take off, bare foot can catch a cold, have loose bowels.

This word seems to be so one thing, can it be so serious without socks?

In fact, the role of wearing socks and wearing gloves, is to keep warm, since it is to keep warm, so if it is not cold that cannot wear not to wear.

And barefooted profit is great, after not be restrained by shoe and cute baby socks, it can promote sense development, strengthen constitution.

5. It’s cooler to shave your head.

Many parents take advantage of the summer to the baby shaved head, and said it can let the hair grow well, but also cooler.

But a shaved head doesn’t alter the structure of the hair follicles, so it doesn’t thicken the hair.

And the baby shaved head is not beautiful and will also be due to the lack of heat dissipation and maintenance of hair, direct sunlight scalp, on the one hand easy to lead to the head of the skin to absorb heat increase, more easily long prickly heat; At the same time, the moisture in the skin is more likely to be evaporated, prone to heat stroke.

Finally, the head exposed to increased skin area, but also easy to attract mosquito bites.

6. Drink plenty of water on a hot day.

There are no drawbacks to drinking water, but it depends on your baby’s age.

The American academy of pediatrics recommends that babies who are exclusively breastfed and formula fed for up to six months should not be fed water, juice or other liquids.

More than 80% of breast milk is water, and formula milk only according to the scientific guidance of brewing, can meet the baby’s daily needs.

7. Apply prickly heat powder frequently in summer.

Brush prickly heat powder is also harmful, containing talcum powder prickly heat powder and easy to cause inhalation pneumonia, leading to cancer. Even the starchy prickly heat powder with the main natural formula is applied on the appearance of the skin, which is not very good in water absorption and has a bad effect on the body. It is easy to obstruct the pores and make the prickly heat more serious.

8. Do not wear sunscreen in summer.

Many older people think that there are many chemicals in sunscreen that are harmful to baby’s skin.

A lot of children are playing outside, the sun is worn so small underpants, and a summer comes down to bask in mud monkey not to say, and the skin is sunburnt after growing up can increase the likelihood that get skin cancer!

Initiative child avoids hot time paragraph to go out, if must go out, that remembers to must do good to prevent bask in the job, include cap.

Sunscreen can be selected for baby only and applied to exposed skin.

Hot days are also easy to anger but mom must let the children through the summer!

Some socks for babies

The baby’s skin is soft and delicate, and the resistance is poor, so those who directly contact their fabric material are very fastidious, so a little careless will easily hurt their delicate skin. In spring, mother should do a good job for the baby to keep warm, especially the maintenance of feet, because the cold is easy to cause blood gas condensation, and blood circulation is not easy to catch a cold. So it’s important to choose the right baby socks for your child. 

The child’s sweat gland secretion is vigorous, so the mother should give the child to prepare several pairs of cotton socks more, because the cotton fabric clothing material is easy to absorb water, and heat preservation is also better, so more important is its texture is soft, and also not easy to static electricity. In early spring because of the air dry, wearing clothes is the generation of static electricity often let the child feel uncomfortable.

Non-slip socks.

Baby’s center of gravity is unsteady, and thrashed around love, on the floor of the smooth and easy to fall, they don’t love to wear slippers, and often running barefoot on the floor, not only refrigeration, sometimes slightly a note that your child will fall, causing unnecessary physical harm, which may not be very serious, but parents will still be very distressed, so to have several pairs of non-slip socks is also necessary. The skid proof socks of preschool children have lovely soft glue design commonly. To attract the attention of the baby, let the baby happy for his mother to put on his feet attention: non-slip socks is to wear socks, try not to wear in the shoes, wear soft overshoes inside should also wear ordinary socks. Flooring and assembled foam pads help prevent skidding.

Thin cotton socks.

Even in the summer, do not give the baby to wear nylon socks, because nylon socks seem thin, but in fact it is not good permeability, will let the baby’s foot sweat cannot be excreted normally.

The expert suggests to the child summer wears thin cotton socks, socks color with shallow light advisable. Because the cloth that brunet pigment dye becomes has certain stimulation to the skin, causing dermatitis easily. And baby sweat may discolor the color block. Simpler socks are safer for kids.

Note: it is strictly prohibited to use socks (including such shoes and insoles) with antiperspirant and odor remover for your baby, and wash them daily instead. Also do not use a variety of spray.

Wool socks/cashmere socks.

Darling winter socks, must if pure wool or cashmere quality of a material, because its quality of a material is soft, loose and comfortable, warm retention sex is strong still easy catharsis. Antisynthetic fiber and nylon without a statement are easy to produce electrostatic reaction.

Summary: baby’s feet will grow, so new mothers do not need to hoard too many newborn baby socks, just according to the season to take turns to put on the child can. The baby is good movement, so give them the choice of socks slightly larger better, in a word to let the baby wear comfortable, to ensure that their legs can move freely.

Four types of socks for your baby

Parents need to pay special attention to the footsteps of the cold work. So what are the four types ofbaby socksyour baby needs? Those who does not know the specific material and style of socks see now.

Non-slip socks.

The baby a day in the normal, they will learn from time to time to climb slowly, and the baby’s center of gravity is relatively unstable, so on the smooth floor is easy to fall, to wear non-slip socks.

Explanation: in the city, room of general family living room and children is given priority to with wooden floor. Adult puts on slipper, and the baby still cannot be effective “control” slipper, so best method is to do not let baby wear slipper, and put on the antiskid socks that suits with season directly can.

Give a small proposal here: have the family of darling, when decorating, please do not want as far as possible according to stone material floor, because stone material floor is very easy slippery and cause baby to tumble; And the baby easily catch cold. The home that already laid stone material or darling must be in area of hutch defend balcony activity, and remedial method is to put on a pair of soft bottom cloth overshoes to darling (notice cloth bottom is prevent slippery), but not be slipper.

Key note: non-slip socks are to wear socks, try not to wear in the shoes and wear soft shoes inside should also wear ordinary socks. Flooring and assembled foam pads help prevent skidding.

Thin cotton socks.

This is a kind of socks suitable for baby to wear in summer, and the general parents will buy nylon stockings for baby is the most wrong choice. Nylon stockings look thinner and actually cover the feet more. Thin cotton socks should pay attention to the choice of color, and there is a darker block of the best not to choose, because the baby may sweat color block decolorization. The simpler the socks, the higher the safety factor.

Important note: it is strictly prohibited to choose socks (including such shoes and insoles) with antiperspirant and odor removing agents for your baby, and replace them with daily cleaning. Also do not use a variety of spray.

Pure cotton socks.

This style of socks was worn in spring and autumn season. The thickness of the socks is just right. It is suggested that parents should not buy socks sold on street stalls or in unreliable stores, which are often mixed with inferior cotton or a large amount of acrylic fiber. Please buy genuine products with 100% or 90% cotton texture.

Wool socks/cashmere socks.

What sock does baby in winter wear more appropriate? This style of woolen socks is a must. Some moms make a terrible mistake by wearing tights, especially high-stretch acrylic stockings. Because the baby’s socks texture should not choose acrylic, more should not be too tight.

So much for the four types of newborn socks your baby needs, and now it’s time for young parents to decide which cute baby socks to buy for their kids. When you arrive at the mall, you can immediately find the target. You don’t need to look at so many children’s socks like a headless fly, but you don’t know how to buy them.

Children should keep shoes and socks dry to prevent beriberi

Athlete’s foot calls Hong Kong foot again. Beriberi is a common skin disease caused by fungi. Especially newborn socks can cause air circulation, plus warm spring and summer season.

“Based on past experience, teenagers account for about 30 percent of patients with athlete’s foot,” the doctor said. Dermatologist says, teenage carry exercise is big. Breathability is poor, in damp season, became the hotbed of fungus.

Once the child infects tinea pedis, but they cannot use medicine. Some parents buy ointment to daub to the child to drugstore by oneself, but a lot of medicines are the medicine that contains hormone, which cannot be used in disorder, so mom had better listen to the professional opinion of the doctor to the hospital, and should buy medicine by oneself in drugstore really, and you must ask clear assistant.

Using drug to go thorough, after the symptom disappearing, is acceptable but you do not have to use drug. Doctors stressed that parents should supervise children to adhere to the drug, otherwise it is easy to develop drug resistance, resulting in future drug relapse ineffective.

Keeping feet dry is the most important preventive measure. Dermatologists warn parents to keep their children in different shoes and not focus on one pair. The child’s shoe cannot be put in the bed bottom, and you should use hairdryer every day when necessary blowing dry inside the shoe, still can sprinkle a few dry powder, keeping shoe dry.

Additional tinea pedis has easy infectivity, because urticant place with the hand, often infect to hand and produce tinea (goose palm wind). Fungus grows on fingernail, becoming onychomycosis (onychomycosis). Also after scratching the feet will be the fungus to other organs or furniture bedding. In the process of treatment, you also pay attention to, after the relief of symptoms, continue to wipe medicine, but with medicine to putting on shoes and newborn baby socks. Kill residual fungus or use disinfectant blisters on shoes, bedding, socks, etc.

Expectant Mother Must Prepare Elastic Newborn Socks

A lot of mothers found out that after the child was born, the legs became thicker, and it became an ugly “radish leg” with newborn socks. According to statistics, women accounted for about 80% of the time because of the weight of the fetus during pregnancy. The pressure on the leg is increased, and the varicose veins of the leg are made. Although it will improve in the months following the birth of the child, some injuries cannot be completely compensated.

We have consistently adhered to the principle of “prevention is more important than treatment”. If you don’t want to become “radish” after childbirth, you want to have a pair of newborn baby socks in the postpartum period. It is best to start the leg care from a pregnancy; “massage” is the basic effort, and “wearing elastic cute baby socks” is the best way to prevent it. The factors that can cause varicose veins during pregnancy are a sudden increase in venous blood flow during pregnancy (about tens of times before pregnancy). The pressure of the uterine amniotic fluid and the fetus causes obstruction of blood flow in the thigh vein. Hormonal changes affect vascular function.

Elastic cheap baby socks are an auxiliary product. They can provide support for the leg muscles, relieve part of the pressure in the legs to physically assist the pressure, and help the blood return. It is a must-have item for every pregnant mom. The elastic pantyhose for pregnant women is not only enhanced by the Danny coefficient, but the elastic adjustment of the waist can be adjusted according to the changes of the abdomen of the pregnant woman; The thigh part adopts anti-expansion pressure weave: the calf to the foot plate is a weave that strengthens the reflow.

Since the benefits of elastic baby socks are mentioned, it is necessary to talk about how to buy them. The expectant mothers choose different elastic cute baby socks according to their own body characteristics, so there is no need to explain them. Another thing to look at is the weaving of stockings, such as the elastic weaving of special materials in the abdomen. The buttocks strengthen the hip weave.

Elastic socks are essential for expectant mothers

If you want to havebeautiful legs after giving birth, you had better begin leg maintenance from beingpregnant. Massage is basic step, and wearing elastic cute baby socks is the best way.

More rest and more massage.

There are several major factors that contribute to varicose veins during pregnancy, including:

1. Venous blood flow increased sharply during pregnancy (about ten times before pregnancy).

2. Uterine amniotic fluid and fetal pressure caused by thigh vein blood backflow obstruction.

3. Hormonal changes affect vascular function. Reasons above cause blood to overstock leg for a long time, causing venous function damaged and symptoms such as bad haemal circulatory system and cold hands and feet. When moms are pregnant, their leg bilges are painful outside and oedema is serious.

Pregnant women can improve leg dropsy and varicose vein from lifestyle. Do exercise regularly and avoid standing or sitting for a long time. Choose leg maintenance which can alleviate leg fatigue and eliminate leg oedema. When mom feels uncomfortable about legs, use it at any time. After having a bath in night, massaging legs again can relieve ache and swelling effectively. And when sleeping at night, moms can take an extra pillow to cushion at the foot, which also can help blood to flow back.

Elastic socks are essential for expectant mothers.

Elastic socks can provide leg muscle support, with physical auxiliary pressure, which help blood reflux and are essential for expectant mothers. The elastic pantyhose not only have a strengthened Danny coefficient, but also the design which can adjust the size as the change of pregnant woman abdomen. It can strengthen to wrap abdomen and buttock. And ham place is taken prevent expansionary.

Pressure method:from crus to baseboard, it is to strengthen circumfluence to knit a method.

Pressure method.

Every pregnant woman can choose different flexibility sock of different flexibility degree and design depend on body type and physical condition. It is the proposal that from being pregnant, moms should put on flexible panty, serving as prevents varicose vein. In the latter part of pregnancy, moms can wear another flexible panty, which can prevent and treat mild symptoms: if there is edema or varicose veins, moms will use 210 Danny pantyhose to strengthen the effect. And the pregnant mammy of later period, they can choose hemi-series pants socks which help crus blood reflux.

The abdomen adopts the elastic weaving method of special material. Hip strengthens to carry buttock. Adding waist adjustable buckle can protect the abdomen.

Wear elastic socks correctly.

After buying elastic socks, the most important thing to note is the way to wear elastic newborn socks:

1. Before getting up in the morning, moms can lie on bed and lift your legs above your heart, and put elastic socks on 15 minutes later.

2. To back the elastic socks over the whole and toes first and then slowly to roll up. Moms must pay attention to smoothness, uniformness and correct location. If everything is correct, pull again to the waist.

3. Raise the upper leg after taking off socks every day and walk out of bed a few minutes later and check legs. If the leg is swollen, itchy, painful, or even injured, please contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Cleaning and maintenance of elastic socks

The elasticsocks with better quality are not only light, thin and comfortable, but alsohave less skin allergy or irritant reaction. As for clean maintenance, pleaseuse neuter soap or cold wash essence. It had better avoid to be put inside thewashing machine of strong rotate speed clean and rub gently with both handsonly knead a few can. It cannot force too fierce or can injure its flexibilityfiber. Then rinse with water, wash, hang cool dry or flat on absorbent cloth orflat. It is best to have more than two pairs of interchangeable wear at thesame time to extend the life of pantyhose. If elastic socks have been damagedor have lost their elasticity, please replace them with new elastic socks.

How to buy proper socks for the baby?

For the baby, newborn socks are a “coat” to protect his little feet. Although baby socks are a small item, it is not easy for the baby to choose the most suitable one.Thickened Plush Cartoon Socks

Some parents think that socks limit the baby’s feet when he is young, so they don’t have to wear socks. However, this idea is not correct. For the children who cannot walk, shoes can be avoided. But newborn baby socks are indispensable.

Temperature regulation function of the baby has not fully developed. Although the ability of heat generation is still relatively poor, the ability of heat dissipation is very excellent. So when the temperature is relatively low, the baby’s little feet will be cooler, which may cause the baby having loose bowels. So putting socks on a baby can help keep them warm.

And the child is more active and very easy to grind the skin on the foot because of moving around. But cute baby socks also can have certain protective effect. It also protects against mosquito bites and isolates harmful substances in the air. Contrast Rose Embellished Socks

So how to choose baby socks?

First of all, parents cannot buy newborn baby socks because they are cheap. The sock belonging to these places has very poor quality, which is made of inferior cotton or poly-acrylic fiber.

Secondly, the selection of socks for the baby is very important. Parents cannot buy some nylon socks and so on, because such socks have very poor air permeability. For the baby, the socks must be quality cotton fabrics.

Thirdly, when buying socks for the baby, moms should choose those socks with relatively simple color and cannot buy some bright-colored ones. They may be processed with chemical composition to dye and become and such composition is adverse to the baby’s health.

Fourthly, socks should be the same as shoes in the right size. Socks that are too big will not put off easily, while socks that are too small will make babies feel uncomfortable.

Fifthly, when parents choose socks, they have to pay attention to workmanship. It cannot have string in case it will hurt the baby’s toes.

Sixthly, to choose different socks for the baby according to the different season is important. Thin cotton socks for summer, and thick socks for winter.

Seventhly, baby socks also need to change in time, and must change every day to keep them clean. Cute Cartoon Eyes Socks

Children had better put on socks while sleeping in winter

Dun Dun’s dad, a pediatrician, said that older generations felt that wearing socks would hinder their children’s sleep, but he did not hesitate to put his four-month-old baby on newborn socks while sleeping.

As a pediatrician, his explanation is that in the evening, wearing loose warm socks can help children to sleep better to a certain extent. Whether it refers to clothes, trousers or baby socks, parents should remember not to put the child too tight clothes or he will feel uncomfortable and it can affect their sleep quality.

Lovely Bowknot Decorated Thigh High Socks

So it’s silly to blindly believe that “sleeping at night can affect blood circulation if you wear newborn baby socks.”

There are three types of kids who recommend wearing socks to bed:

  1. The newborn

For a while, many new moms were surprised to see their newborn put on socks even on a hot summer day. Nevertheless, the reason is that the body temperature mechanism of the newly born baby is not very completely prefect and they are basically provided energy to maintain body temperature in the uterus by the mother. After birth, the baby can only supply energy through its own metabolism.

However, the newborn’s heart is still very small now and the blood is difficult to reach the body through the heart movement. Meanwhile, the baby’s ability to regulate the temperature is relatively poor, so it is better to put cute baby socks on the baby so that the baby’s feet can be warmer.

  1. The vulnerable child

Premature infants, ultra-light infants, and malnourished infants are more afraid of coldness because of their weak constitution, deficiency of Yang Qi and insufficient blood supply in the periphery. Their body temperature is also generally low, making them susceptible to coldness and illness. So in order to protect baby’s feet from coldness and germs, it’s best to keep their feet warm in the winter.Sweet Wings Embellished Sock

  1. The child whose feet are cold after a long sleep

After sleeping for a long time, your feet are still cold. So are many children, except for some weaker adults. Many times in winter, the extremities at the far end of the limbs are very cold. It is also cold to lie in the quilt for a long time. Too cold will affect children’s sleep and sleep quality.

What kind of harm feet coldness is to the child?

If children’s foot catches a cold, it can cause upper respiratory tract mucous membrane of the capillary contraction. Capillary can make air warm, but after capillary contraction, a lot of cold air get into the body, which will stimulate the nose, throat, tracheal mucous membrane and alveoli and can cause the baby have a cough. At the same time, it will cause the loss of the immune system of children.

So, after the baby having feet coldness, it is easier for the child to catch a cold and indigestion, even diarrhea. The child maybe grows chilblain after a long time.

Not wearing socks can leave your baby’s feet unprotected, and he can get hurt if he is not careful. And not wearing socks also can cause the baby soft feet skin to become dry and rough, which is very bad for the baby.

At the same time, I also want to tell you that it is very bad for young children to soak their feet with hot blisters if children’s feet are cold before bedtime, because hot blisters will affect the development of children’s arch. If you always soak their feet with hot blisters, the ligaments of the feet will become loose and the children will have flat feet. Tulle Bowknot Embellished Solid Color Socks

Baby Socks are Important and Could You Choose Them Properly

Many moms worry about how to choose baby shoes, whether the sole are soft enough and the size is right or not. However, selection of baby socks is more easily to be neglected by moms. Apparently, if newborn socks are not right for babies, they will be very uncomfortable. So how exactly parents choose proper newborn baby socks? Numbers Pattern Color Block Socks By Five Pairs

First of all, material of newborn baby socks needs more attention. Baby socks made of cotton are more comfortable than those made of nylon, which do not absorb sweat and will leave babies athlete’s foot given the situation that babies are active in motions and sweat much from their feet. Then, size of baby socks also matters. If newborn baby socks are not suitable to baby’s feet, it will affect the growth of his feet and make him feel indisposed.

Several kinds of socks appropriate for babies:

Skid-proof socks: The sole of skid-proof socks are made of soft rubber to prevent the baby from slipping when running and jumping. However, moms should be careful that skid-proof socks require to be put on outside socks not inside. Cartoon Animals Pattern Socks

Cotton socks: Cotton socks are the fittest socks for babies, because they are known to absorb sweat. Moms are advised to buy 100% cotton socks for their babies.

Woolen socks: Woolen socks are the best for babies in winter. It is made of wool and cotton. Meanwhile, woolen socks are so elastic that babies will feel perfectly comfortable. In addition, moms should avoid buying acrylic socks for babies as far as possible.

Some moms with small kids may think that their baby is too young to walk and does not need socks. Actually, that is wrong. Temperature regulation function of the baby does not develop completely. Maybe heat dissipation function is acceptable, but heat production function is not mature. Therefore, when environment temperature is low, blood circulation of baby’s legs is not so good and his feet are easy to catch a cold. Hence, socks are wanted.

As babies grow, they are more likely to move a lot and hurt their feet. Putting on socks can also protect their feet. That also explains why moms must choose comfortable socks for the baby to protect their delicate feet.

Cartoon Animals Decorated Socks

The Child’s Little Feet Grow Quickly

From birth to the age of six, the child’s little feet are growing constantly. In order to enable the child to grow better, parents must pay attention to the protection for the child’s feet. Therefore, parents must choose a pair of suitable newborn baby shoes for their children. When the baby can wear shoes? What should be paid attention to when wearing baby shoes? Let’s take a look.Candy Colour Martin Boots

Baby from 0 to 6 months: When a child is born, the development of the feet is mostly the growth of cartilage. Gradually, as the child’s bones grow, the child will notice his feet and would like to move them sometimes.

Baby of one-year old: When a child reaches the age of one, the child learns to stand and may take a few steps. Because the child wants to keep a balance by adjusting the distance between his feet, and this is why he looks stumbling when he walks. By the time he is one year and a half, most bones have already formed.

Baby of 3 years old: When the child is three years old, the muscles and ligaments in the feet will grow better, and the way the child walks will also change with the development of the arch in the feet. Solid Color Flower Decorated Boots

As the child learns to walk, the child needs some socks or soft shoes, which are designed to keep feet warm and allow the child’s bones to grow better. However, when the child can make some more difficult movements, such as running, jumping, and pedaling, they must be put on shoes.

Some clues for picking shoe:

  1. Lightweight

Children shoes had better be light.

  1. Low heels

Flat heels are preferred for picking children shoes.

  1. Excellent flexibility

Children shoes cannot tie down their feet to grow.

  1. Flat arch

At the very beginning of learning to walk, the child’s feet are flat, so baby shoes cannot have extra arch support.

  1. Good air permeability

Choose shoes that are air permeable.

Baby feet grow very quickly in the course of their growth, so parents need to change their children’s shoes every few months. What is more, don’t keep socks too short or too tight. The shoes that a child wears are critical to the healthy development of his feet. If parents choose the wrong shoes, there are maybe some problems with children’s feet. Lace-Trimmed Zipper Warm Martin Boots