Does A Happy Family Need A Set of Family Matching Outfits?

After dinner, mother began to talk about her and father’s love story. This is not the first time I listen their story, but each time I feel very moved. People always said children growing up in an unhappy family will be much more aspire to have a happy family in the future, but I don’t think so. I think children with a happy family will have greater expectations about future happiness. Like me. If we have a set of family matching pajamas, it will be more impressive.

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I’m post-90s, so I can’t imagine their love story in the 1980s. But what I know is that happy families are all alike, and they all love each other. My mother said that she was very poor at that time, and my father was going out to work. She raised me and her my little brother herself. Maybe because there was not much time for family reunion, so she cherished every time father came back.

Dad has always been a great man, being responsible for supporting a family. We all love him, so he does. In my heart, he is the blue sky that supports us, infinite tolerance, omnipotent, and brings us full of positive energy. And because of his efforts, we are filled with wonderful visions of life,

Recently, there was a parent-child show on TV, Dad, where we go? It has received a lot of praise from the audience. There are so many children like me in this society who can’t see fathers for a year, but all fathers still exist as superheroes. Love from father is just as mountain, deep and bold, but very worthy to rely on.

I can’t remember the time when family travelled together, for it happened for a long time. Mom and dad are no longer as young as that year, the grain of time emerges on their face eventually. However they won’t complain, they know all what they do is for their children.Mom Girl Flower Prints Self Tie Matching Dress

Mom is a person who likes to worry about us, maybe mother all over the world will. When I was big enough to take care of myself, my mother would still wear clothes and do things carefully for me. At that time, I also enjoyed the feeling. Child with mother is always happy.

Time flies, and it took mother’s beauty away ruthlessly. And I have become an adult in a blink of an eye. And in a few years I will have my own family. Where the time goes, who knows.

I have my own requirements in my life. I regard my father as my goal, mother as a pursuit for so many years. I am looking forward to one day my husband just like dad  who is worth relying on. And I, like my mother, run the whole house. That home may not be very rich, but it must be the warmest. In order to show my thanks, I decide to buy womens clothes online for my mother.

At that time, I must be the happiest woman in the world. I will make up a happy family with my beloved one who I have no idea where he is now. And we will have a cute baby, then we walk different road, see different scenery together, and enjoy our time hand in hand.

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