Handle children’s clothing collocation in autumn and winter?

Winter what is the most popular, my children in this winter how to match it? How do fashion kids wear their newborn clothes?

In the face of the late 2011 winter, a lot of children’s clothing brand is listed too early, it seems that cannot show the children in the winter and lively atmosphere, how to 2011 children’s clothing through delicate and not falling into the pattern of design tailoring, and mix and match different fabrics and models, create a perfect new fashion of children’s newborn clothes? Next children’s clothing to join the network to teach you a few tricks, teach you to dress up their baby more people like.

Tip 1: unique stripes

A new 2011 fashion striped hoodie — a popular parent-child hoodie. Novel style, exquisite workmanship and comfortable fabric.

2011 new hoodie + tube skirt + striped leggings —— —- a very popular girl’s suit, with fashionable and exquisite design style, fine workmanship, high-grade fabric and fashionable and sweet style.www.get-many.com

Tip 2: mix and match different fabrics and styles

Through delicate and unconventional design and tailoring, as well as mixing and matching different fabrics and styles, IKKS has created the perfect new fashion for children’s wear. For example, IKKS, a famous French children’s wear brand, recently released its autumn/winter 2011 children’s wear collection.

With a simple striped interior and bow, plus a plush shawl, the romance still has elements of rock and baroque. The simplicity makes the product extremely personalized.

Tip 3: study abroad children autumn and winter outfit is tie-in.

Butterfly headband, plus small check onesie dress, is very cute, but very popular, but do not know whether the baby will be cold in winter.

Tip 4: choose the right color.

Turquoise green: the color trend of 2010 is inspired by the turquoise green of the ocean. In autumn/winter 2011 and spring/summer 2012, it will develop towards the direction of water quality, which is more clear and suitable for men and women’s children’s wear. Songshi green can undertake collocation with white, blue, show the cool and refreshing feeling like the ocean.

Yellow: children’s clothing needs active color collocation active age, yellow department becomes a classic fashion collocation color. Yellow unfavorable and large area is used, can adorn in instinctive quality department and in bright color, highlight children light psychology and vogue spend.

Violet: in contrast to the gray-toned purple tones of the first half of the year, violet has shed its grey for the spring and summer of 2012 to look pure and soft. Women’s wear can be large, gorgeous purple, and men’s wear can choose to slant blue purple soft tone.

Reddish-brown: since children’s clothing is basically purchased by parents, parents’ preferences are naturally reflected in their children. Accordingly, in this season male, dress show on the field, reddish-brown becomes necessary tonal. Coloring schemes such as coffee, burnt brown and brown also feature in the comfort of children’s clothing.

Near white: ivory white, light khaki and cotton, hemp essence color and so close to the white color, looks appears gentle, lively, is one of the popular trends within the next year. At the same time, there is the extension of the light pink and so on.

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How should moms dress the baby in winter? (2)

Three: give the baby light and small cotton clothing.

It keeps the wind out, which is better than wearing newborn clothes to keep out the cold.

Because of inner layer and outer layer of newborn clothes between the bulk of cotton, it can absorb a lot of air, the skin temperature distribution of heat through the first layer of cotton-padded jacket, and then into the middle of the cotton, absorbed by the multi-layer air and retain the skin around, and cotton-padded jacket outer layer is not easy to let the cold air invasion, it has good heat preservation effect. And thick coat does not have more absorption to accommodate the space of warm air, wind is still ok, but keeping warm is much worse.

Four: flannelette pants don’t fit inside out.

Flannelette pants are usually made of lint knitted fabric. Instead, they are soft, fluffy and warm. Some mothers wear them backwards for their babies. However, if worn on the reverse side, the fluff will soon become due to sweat and sebum, become bond, hair hard, if the washing and rub hard, will make this situation more aggravated, and the role of heat preservation and therefore weakened. Please remember that. Apply both hands to remove redundant moisture gently when washing, wool faces outside air to bask in, after basking in, knead gently with the hand, can make wool face maintains fleeciness soft state, must not be kneaded forcibly.

Five: to choose baby’s sweater and buy children’s special wool yarn.

Because baby’s skin is soft, small irritation can also cause skin irritation, so wool texture is the most important factor to consider when buying. At present, there is wool specially produced for babies on the market. The wool contained in it is different from the wool in ordinary wool. It is very small, soft and warm. Mothers should also be careful not to choose mohair yarn, because it is easy to depilate, inhalation into the baby’s trachea and lungs can cause disease.

Six: keep your baby’s socks dry.

If socks are too wet, a lot of water will squeeze out the air in socks fiber, and air is an excellent insulation, than water 20 times higher, so socks when wet will make the bottom of the baby’s feet cool, reflex cause respiratory resistance to drop and easy to catch a cold. Mother should come down from the baby to wear socks, in the winter should choose pure wool or cotton quality of a material, and the foot skin has the socks of conservation effect.

Seven: shoes with warm fabrics and the right size.

If a shoe is too big, it creates a large gap between the foot and the shoe, which causes a lot of heat loss. On the other hand, shoes are too small, because there is not much space between the foot and the shoe, the shoe and socks will be cotton wool, fiber nap extrusion solid, thus affecting the storage of still air inside the shoe and not very good insulation. What to do: the shoes are slightly looser and cotton. Very soft, in this way, the shoes will hold more still air and have good warmth.

Eight: put a hat on baby’s head.

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How should moms dress the baby in winter? (1)

Winter is coming, parents should pay attention to the weather changes, at any time for the baby to add newborn baby clothes, especially pay attention to the cold when warm. But as the saying goes, “spring cover autumn freeze,” so, clothes to gradually add, do not add too early, to the baby a period of time gradually adapt to the cold. As the temperature decreases, the mother is afraid of the baby catch cold, will give the baby to prepare all kinds of cold clothes, put on more and more newborn baby clothes for the baby. Whether there is a heater in the north or a warm air conditioner in the south, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the room will be particularly large. The baby should pay more attention to the appropriate protection, timely wear and take off clothes, pay attention to keep warm.

Wear close-fitting cotton underwear.

Winter, the underwear of the baby must choose pure cotton fabrics. Soft undergarments not only absorb sweat, but also trap air around the skin, prevent body heat from escaping, and play a better role in keeping the baby warm. When the baby sleeps, had better put on the upper body pajamas to him, thus even if the baby kicked off the quilt, also can maintain the temperature, the belly will not catch cold. Attention: do not give the baby to wear chemical fiber clothes, chemical fiber easy to produce static electricity, will irritate the baby’s skin, aggravating dry and uncomfortable feeling.

Don’t wear sweaters close to your body.

The baby’s skin is soft and delicate, which can easily cause skin allergy. Therefore, the sweater should not directly contact the baby’s skin, so as not to cause itching and hives. It is also important to choose the texture of wool. There is special wool for babies in the market, which is thinner, softer and better for babies. Also be careful not to choose mohair, rabbit hair wool yarn, because they are easy to depilate, such as the baby inhaled into the lungs and trachea can cause disease.

Wear a loose, warm coat.

When going out in winter, cover your baby with a loose and warm coat, such as cotton winter coat and down jacket, so that your baby can move flexibly and conveniently. The outer fabric should be soft, the material should have good insulation performance, mainly depends on the proportion of the filler. The best thermal performance is down, feather followed by cotton, chemical fiber materials although light but the worst thermal performance.

Note: some babies are allergic to fillers, which may lead to rash and asthma. You should carefully observe your baby’s reaction after putting on the clothes and deal with it in time.

At the age of one, the baby’s body is still poor at keeping warm. 25% of the heat comes from the head. The thickness of the cap can be increased with the decrease of temperature. Caution: children with milk moss (eczema) or allergies should not wear wool caps to avoid skin irritation and dermatitis.

Don’t use a scarf to protect your mouth.

Babies 6 months old and sickly can wear masks when they go out to avoid getting germs. However, wearing a mask will reduce the adaptability of the baby’s respiratory tract to air conditioning and resistance to colds, bronchitis, etc. When going out, use a scarf to protect your baby’s neck, but do not protect your mouth. Thick scarf blocked the baby’s mouth and nose for a long time, affecting the baby’s normal breathing, the baby is also easy to breathe the dust in the scarf, germs and fibers into the trachea and lungs, easy to cause asthma and other allergic diseases.

Keep socks dry.

Damp socks will make the bottom of the baby’s feet cool, a lot of water squeeze the air in the fiber, not to play a role in warm; The baby wears the damp sock for a long time easily causes the resistance to drop and suffers from the cold; Therefore, every day should be changed to the baby clean, dry socks. In winter, mother had better choose socks of pure cotton and pure wool texture for the baby, have the effect of maintaining and keeping warm to foot skin.

How babies dress for winter outings?

Cold winter comes, a lot of mother are afraid of frosty darling, when taking darling to go out activity, always give put on many and thick clothes, whole body fluctuation also keep out get strict and solid, but some darling suffer from cold repeatedly however and fall ill, mom does not get its solution for this, how does ability let darling bear cold force to increase?

One: must put on the underwear for the baby.

Some mothers think that their baby will sweat a lot if he keeps moving. If the sweat makes his underwear wet, it is better not to wear it. As long as you put on thick clothes outside, you can keep warm. However, the soft cotton underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also keep the air around the skin, thus blocking the body heat loss, not easy to make the baby catch cold and get sick; And the baby that does not wear close – fitting underwear loses much as a result of body surface quantity of heat, the body feels always cold and cool, especially lower body, no wonder easy cold.

Two: dress to right amount, don’t wear too much and keep sweating.

If wear too much, baby once activity will sweat more than, so will make the skin vascular dilation, skin blood flow increases, so heat dissipation increases. Performance for the baby a lot of sweat, cute baby clothes are soaked by sweat, but this cold, and also reduce the body’s ability to adapt to the change in external temperature and disease resistance. Because the baby within 6 months due to the body surface area is relatively large heat dissipation, but the body heat production capacity is insufficient, so go out cold or should pay attention to more clothing. Judge how much the baby is dressed is appropriate, but often touch his small hands and feet, as long as it is not cold that their bodies are warm.

Children’s clothe collocation

When people is choosing the infant child costumes, the first thing to note is the color of newborn clothes, especially children, they are sensitive to color with original and unique taste, therefore, recommend customers clothes, first of all, judging from the form and color, if the customer is a color of skin dark girl, should be the preferred tall lightness, high purity, colorful newborn clothes, this dress can appear spirit, eye-catching. If the skin color of this little girl is a little brighter, then her range of color adaptation is a little wider, such as wearing pink, yellow, red, and people will appear lively, bright, even if wearing gray, black, and people will also appear delicate, elegant, giving a person a comfortable natural feeling. Pay attention to color and color of children’s color to adapt to, but also pay attention to children’s figure and children’s newborn clothes color collocation.

If a fatter child, will choose cool color or dark clothing, such as: gray, black, blue and other cool color or dark color clothing, because it has a contraction effect, can make up for the child’s physical defects; If the child is more emaciated, then we can give her to choose some warm color clothes, green, beige, coffee, etc., these colors are outward expansion, can give people a warm feeling.

Of course, the match colors of children’s wear is not fixed format, excessive stylization will appear inflexible, without life, but change too much, easy to appear very messy, the only purpose is to match colors, good-looking, let everyone look comfortable, with the wearing of children beautiful.

Style matching:

The nature of children should be taken into account first. In the process of playing, the comfort level of clothes is a very important factor, which should be characterized by loose and natural casual clothes. Children’s body is developing, wearing the appearance of delicate, free and easy, loose leisure clothes, usually do games, sports, etc., are very convenient; Be helpful for the development of the body already, still can give a person a kind of tender and lovely, comfortable, optional feeling.

We can also use the style of children’s clothes to supplement some children’s body shape. For example, the children who grow more fat, when given the choice of jacket to choose them to choose no collar or round collar clothes, such as: round collar T-shirt, small strap skirt; The lower body is wearing trousers, trousers cannot be too loose, in summer and autumn, wear the pants of 7 minutes or 9 minutes that close leg had better, such wearing, when giving a person the feeling, this child won’t be too fat. For example: a trouser tube is narrower trousers, after letting the child with lanky figure put on, appear slender figure, symmetrical; And after the child with thick leg puts on, can appear bloated, such child, might as well choose a thin and slightly long jacket to cover hip for him, the lower part should match a more slender straight short trousers again, so wear so, can give a person a kind of figure slender sense. Children’s clothes are not out of fashion, the key is how we match.

Material matching:

Because children are lively, active, do not have the consciousness that protects a dress, so the cloth of children’s outfit should be given priority to with firm, durable, not easy damage; At the same time, the comfort of wearing fabric should also be considered.

Don’t choose synthetic fabrics for your child. cute baby clothes made of synthetic fabrics, especially underwear, generate static electricity when they are rubbed between the skin and the clothes, as well as between the clothes. Electrostatic have very strong vacuum action, damage clothes already, affect health again, static voltage is high when reaching certain level, can produce electrostatic spark, generally speaking, human body can produce electric shock feeling to the static voltage of 2 thousand volts (numb feeling), although electric current is very small without danger, but can make the child uncomfortable and bring fear.

How to keep your baby warm in winter-part 1

Many parents because of fear that the baby will catch cold, so the baby is wrapped like a small “dumplings”. In addition to being unsightly and impeding your child’s activities, babies should also be wary of heat shield syndrome when they wear newborn clothes too much. Some of the heat cover is too severe and is likely to appear suddenly high fever, sweating, convulsions and even coma, etc., See the baby clothing experts for you to explain how to dress the baby and keep them warm!

Because infants have less subcutaneous fat, the body temperature regulation system is not perfect, the baby also does not know what “cold” is a kind of feeling, let alone express what is feeling.

In this case, the baby’s reaction to the cold is not crying, but listlessness, pale skin, and want to sleep, and at this time just can’t let the baby sleep, to be fully warm before going to sleep. So, family members need to observe carefully.

In fact, there is a simple way to determine whether your newborn baby clothes are appropriate: let your baby freely move for 10 minutes. If the child’s underwear has been wet, that means to the baby to wear too much, should gradually reduce the clothes; if the child’s complexion is not rosy after the activity, underwear is dry, then the clothes are too little, should add clothes.

Do not cover your baby’s face with the quilt.

In winter, infants should keep warm. From the perspective of traditional Chinese customs and traditional Chinese medicine, more attention should be paid to the warmth of baby’s belly button. Zhou Wei believes that in the cold winter, it is necessary to prepare heaters, heaters, etc. (especially when bathing and massage).If conditions permit, an air-conditioned environment is better.

Keep warm when bathing infants and toddlers. When the weather is cold, it can be arranged at noon when the room temperature is higher. The water temperature should be slightly warmer, and an electric heater should be opened next to the baby. Pay attention to the baby’s whole body. Thoroughly dry the skin after washing. Pay attention to a principle to ensure that the whole process of the baby does not catch cold.

Infants sleep relatively long hours, many parents like to sleep when the baby wrapped tightly. Although the weather is cold, but the baby’s quilt must not cover the face, because once blocked breathing, the baby is unable to open the quilt.

At the same time, infants should pay attention to the sleep posture, the head should be slightly to the side, and the baby will inevitably vomit milk, if the front is easy to occur during vomiting suffocation, which is very dangerous.

How to wear baby clothes to keep warm

If the parents find that the child due to excessive heat cover suddenly high fever, sweating, screaming, convulsions, coma, breathing difficulties, it must be treated urgently. At this moment parents should pay more attention to newborn baby clothes.

Hypothermia and antifebrile is the basic measure of treatment. Parents should first remove the heat cover reason, evacuate the high temperature environment, let the child breathe fresh air as soon as possible, and send the child to the hospital as soon as possible. The child’s temperature is very high. Had better use law of physical drop in temperature, if wipe bath with ice mat, and do not use hair sweat medicine, lest perspire to aggravate overmuch collapse.

Prompt oxygen delivery is an essential means of treatment. Oxygen can increase blood oxygen partial pressure, blood oxygen saturation and blood oxygen content, improve the body hypoxia symptoms and breathing state. If there is cerebral edema, hyperbaric oxygen therapy should be adopted.www.get-many.com

Fluid therapy is also an important measure of salvage therapy. Due to the large loss of water after high fever and sweating, dehydration and acidosis will be caused, so it is necessary to actively replenish water and correct acidosis. Intravenous fluids should be used to supplement glucose, saline and sodium bicarbonate.

In addition to the above treatment measures, anticonvulsants, such as diazepam and chloral hydrate, it should be used for children with convulsions. On the basis of comprehensive treatment, energy mixture and vitamin C and other drugs were given to promote the recovery of brain function. Attention should also be paid to strengthening systemic support therapy and ensuring the supply of nutrients.

Fever clutching syndrome is also known as “baby hypoxia syndrome” or “baby sultry syndrome”, is due to excessive warmth for too long cause infant hypoxia, high fever, sweating, dehydration, convulsion coma, and respiratory, circulatory failure of a common winter emergency, November every year to the next year in April for the peak of the onset. Infants under 1 year old, especially newborns, if do not pay attention to scientific care, the most susceptible to this disease.

The baby in winter clothing should follow the scientific, appropriate principles, parents should not be afraid of the baby cold and give it too much to wear, otherwise not only not good for the baby’s health, but also cause “sultry syndrome”, seriously harm to the baby, so winter newborn clothes are not the more the better.

How to keep warm and comfortable in autumn and winter Part 1

High cost and high density.

High-count high-density fabric is the “right-hand man” in the fabric kingdom. In the autumn and winter of 2013, high-count high-density fabric still plays an important role in the fabric family. More closely, the fine yarn, yarn count is 70-80, using fiber length of raw material on the 33 mm more than high-quality long-staple cotton, soft long and intensity of superior fiber than ordinary cotton make the fabric more soft, delicate, make better cute baby clothes permeability, absorb sweat, let the baby enjoy comfortable and dry autumn and winter.

Filled cotton and high quality.

Moisture, sweat and so on will make the cotton clothes gradually moisture, affecting its lasting warmth effect, so for the cotton clothes in the heart of the mother will pay special attention to the cotton. Microfiber filled cotton is the best choice, with a moisture regain rate as low as 0.4%, 21 times smaller than ordinary cotton. Trusted by the heart of the mother children’s clothing, the selection of stuffed cotton is divided into soft cotton and water cotton. Soft cotton is mostly used for children’s cotton-padded clothes, wearing more stylish. Washing water cotton is mostly used for baby and child cotton-padded clothes, the fiber is thinner, the elasticity is better, soft and gentle, suitable for the baby’s habit of moving more and the need of elastic wearing space.

In winter, many mothers choose a down jacket for their baby. In addition to the quality of down, down jacket is the most prone to the problem of running down, so the fabric needs to prevent wind, rain, running down. Annelle children’s down jacket has a down content of over 80%. All the fabrics are made of fine polyester fabric that has been treated with windproof, rainproof and fleece-proof fabric, which is skin-friendly, comfortable, warm and fashionable at the same time.

Skin-friendly lining material.

The baby’s close-fitting lining fabric, the mother will not let go of the heart, the real comfort of children’s wear to the same inside and outside.

Although close-fitting lining fabrics does not show one’s face, but the skin close contact with darling directly, should be more fastidious actually. Breathable, hygroscopic, no static, moderate thickness, soft touch, good warmth retention…These are the baby’s growth and development of the small body on the autumn and winter clothing material appeals, hard mother can “hear”, at the same time, only pay special attention to the baby wearing feelings, intimate, reliable brand can do. Annelle’s children’s wear has gone through the innovation season after season in the past 17 years. The standard of 100% cotton used in lining has never been changed.

Previous studies have pointed out that the heat preservation of fabrics is related to the degree of looseness. More fluffy the fabric will be, the longer the cold air will pass through, and the strength of cold air will be greatly reduced. Fluffy soft coral velvet is therefore widely used in newborn clothes materials, the use of micro fiber precision production, more delicate and smooth, soft and fine wool, layer sense is distinct, hair height up to 6mm, can be a good cold air barrier outside, thermal effect is excellent.

How to dress your baby

Some children just don’t like to wear cute baby clothes, and sometimes he will happily take off his newborn baby clothes to push back and forth to feel freedom, especially for some baby with a bag wrapped is not free at all. So many mothers have a terrible headache with these babies and can’t shove them into newborn clothes.

But often because the baby often milk or eat complementary food dirty clothes and do not change, summer is good, but winter is easy to catch cold, so many times a day to change clothes for the baby is really challenging. In fact, the baby is more prone to sweat than adults, they need to change the wet clothes in time will not catch a cold, but in the face of difficult to put on the clothes of the baby, not with the baby, if the mother did not quickly put on the baby clothes, it is very easy to catch cold, especially the baby weak resistance.

So how do you dress your baby so he doesn’t get sick?

In winter, the weather is cold, and the baby is wearing more, if moms also go to change clothes in that way it is easy to make the baby catch cold, and generally the baby winter clothes in addition to underwear, outside clothes is not very dirty cannot change every day. The old man also often said that a lot of cotton-padded jacket is not warm. For the baby is still in the spilled milk and drooling period, mother who’d better prepare some bib or saliva towel, around the baby neck, which can prevent the baby milk spill or drooling dirty wet clothes, moms also need not always change clothes for the baby, which is hard to wash and winter clothes and is dry, so the saliva towel and bib is the best choice. But spit towel and bib are soiled be about to be washed immediately prevent mildew infection, and do not be lazy to wash and change often.

And every time you change clothes in order to quickly put the clothes on the baby, to put on the clothes layer by layer, so that you can seize the opportunity to put on the baby when the one-time deal. If you wear one item at a time, you may need to wear it many times, and it can effectively reduce the time to wear clothes and prevent your baby from catching cold. In winter, the weather is freezing, even the clothes are ice cold, so it is best to put the clothes warm before wearing, or baked hot, or put in the quilt cover heat, and then to the baby to wear, so that the baby’s body quickly warm up, also do not need through their own heat to warm clothes, can effectively keep warm.

When changing clothes for your baby in winter, in order to prevent catching cold, you can cover your baby with a layer of quilt, which can reduce the area of frozen skin when putting on clothes, but also can help your baby quickly generate heat. If the baby is older, it can be held in the arms of an adult, and then covered with a quilt, so that through the adult’s body temperature to transfer heat.

And don’t give your baby pants, winter or summer. Although open-seat pants are easier for your baby to urinate and defecate, and they’re less likely to get dirty, bacteria can cause your baby to run and sit. This is not conducive to their own baby on the toilet concept and easily lead to urinary tract infection, which is harmful to the baby’s health.

Dressing a baby has always been a skill, especially when it comes to children who are born to be free and mischievous. So mothers cannot force your baby to cooperate with you, only according to the baby’s special behavior to think of special ways to ensure that the baby will not catch cold.

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How to match enough fashionable baby clothes

Now the baby is the apple of parents’ eye. Children’s clothing on the market now has a wide variety of styles and colors, providing many choices for parents. When parents choose newborn clothes, they should first pay attention to the color of cute baby clothes, and then consider the style of newborn baby clothes. In the selection of children’s clothing, the comfort level of children’s clothing is also a very important factor. Accordingly, how to undertake children dress collocation appears very important. The following children’s clothing to join the network children’s encyclopedia for parents is to introduce some color matching and style matching skills.

  1. 1. Color matching of children’s clothes.

Parents in the choice of children’s clothing brands, most of the first attention to the color of children’s clothing. Also, the child is having primitive to the color sensitive with distinctive be fond of, so when buying children dress, you want to make a judgement from the form of the above all and color of skin, if the child is a color of skin darker. If the little girl’s skin color is brighter, such as wearing pink, yellow and red children’s clothes, people will appear lively and bright, even if wearing gray and black, people will appear comely and elegant, giving people a comfortable and natural feeling.

Pay attention to color and the color of skin of the child while suit, and notice the bodily form of the child and colorific collocation of children outfit. If a bigger child, it is necessary to choose cool or dark colors of children’s clothing, such as: gray, black, blue and other cool colors or dark colors of children’s clothing, because it has a contraction effect, which can make up for the child’s physical defects; If the child is thin and weak, then you can give her some warm colors of children’s clothing, green, beige, coffee, etc., these colors of children’s clothing is outward expansion, and can give people a warm feeling.

  1. Children’s clothing style collocation.

Children’s clothing style should be loose and concise without too much decoration, but children’s clothing must have a pocket, which can be loaded on the handkerchief and children like that. The sleeves, pants, and hem of children’s clothing can be cut a little longer so that they can be worn down the next year. The sweater may have the size two sets, the big may wear outside when the smock, in the cold weather may add in the cotton-padded clothing. Children with fat bodies are not allowed to wear the following types of children’s clothing: suspenders, checkered pants, tight clothes, ultra-short styles and children’s clothing.

  1. Selection of cloth for children’s clothing.

Because children is lively and do not have the consciousness of protective dress, the cloth of children’s outfit is given priority to with firm, wearable, damage and not easily commonly, at the same time the comfortable degree. Because clothes are close to the skin, and children’s skin is generally sensitive, clothes and skin often produce friction, so the special requirements of the moisture absorption of cloth is good ventilation, and cotton fabric just meet such requirements, especially children wear sportswear, but also consider the requirements of sweat absorption and ventilation.

Master the above newborn clothes collocation and style collocation skills, I believe that parents can buy baby clothes suitable for their own baby to create a stylish and beautiful appearance.

How to choose children’s clothes?

Hot mom in the new century not just will look glamorous, they also can’t ignore their baby’s elegant demeanor. Letting the baby to wear lovely and not breaking the atmosphere is a lot of new mothers are tireless to pursuit, but parenting experts also remind each young mummy that before choosing cute baby clothes, parents should fully understand the physiological characteristics of the baby and let the baby to wear comfortable and beautiful newborn baby clothes .

Above all, the child’s dress had better be chosen pure cotton quality of a material, because pure cotton absorbs water well and soft, which can caress darling’s delicate skin and protect them from cold. In addition, children love sports and are easy to sweat. Wearing cotton clothes is easy to absorb sweat and reduce the discomfort of baby sweat clothes.

The growth speed of the baby within a year is fast, about 15 cm long after the age of 2 years old each year on average 5 cm long. So moms buy clothes for the baby, especially the coat, it had better be a big size, which not only can not bind the child’s body development, but also can wear for a period of time. Additionally, the bosom abdomen of newborn baby is more outstanding and the dress does not contain the design of chatelaine as far as possible.

Baby clothes should be chosen light color to avoid interference with the baby’s psychological development, and you can choose the cartoon image of the clothes, which can not only cause the baby’s interest, but also can let the baby more lovely and innocent.

Young mothers should pay more attention to details when choosing their children’s clothes. Their children’s clothes should be simple and easy to take off and wash. They should not take accessories, pins, buttons and other accessories with their clothes to avoid accidental skin damage.

Baby’s neck is short, so their clothes should not be high collar design, although the fashion is popular, but for the baby they can suffer. Children’s clothes should be simple, loose, and easy to take off. The sleeves and bottom of the trousers should be wide to give the limbs room to move.

In different month, children have different dress tips. Like the baby four to six months, they had better choose those baggy overalls clothing, the baby will not interfere with the action. 7-9 months baby has started to learn to walk, with the scope of activities increased, the wearing loose clothing is the best choice, which is not easy to dirty white and easy to get dirty.

Summary: the principle of newborn baby clothes collocation is comfortable. On this basis, every child is an angel and they are pure and lovely, like the newborn sun has a dazzling light as long as the dress is clean and tidy and it has been very attractive.