How to Dress Your Baby in Comfortable Temperature

Many mothers believe that the warmer the baby wears, the better it is. However, they do not know that wearing too much will make the baby uncomfortable, but also affect the baby’s growth. So how to determine the baby’s body temperature is appropriate? Popreal will solve your confusion!Flower Prints Tank

Touch your baby’s neck directly with your hand to see if he sweat or not. Especially in winter, I often use this method to judge whether the clothes are too much or not. As long as the baby’s back and neck are warm, it is more appropriate. If it is cold or hot, it is necessary to add appropriate clothing to the baby.

In addition, if you look at the baby’s sweating when the baby’s relative quiet. If he doesn’t exercise, but he starts to sweat, except when baby’s uncomfortable. That is to wear too much; not sweating and the face is ruddy and it is just right.

In general, a baby who wears more clothes than an adult wears one or a half pieces of clothing (approximately thickness of clothing) is suitable.

The above two points are very simple but the effect is not bad. At least our baby will not catch cold because of the lack of clothes.Cartoon Car Pattern T-Shirt

For the big baby, judging the clothes is even easier. The baby will begin to say cold or hot, and the mother will add or take off clothes according to the baby’s response.

However, one thing to note is that the big baby can easily become obsessed with playing. Sometimes he is already sweating, but he forget to tell mother about that. At this moment, the mother must remind the baby to undress, so as to avoid wearing sweating and uncomfortable.

In the spring when the temperature difference between day and night is big, thent wearing a turtleneck underwear is a good choice, and then wearing buckled or zippered outside. Dressed like this will facilitate the children to wear and take off, especially when you go out to play with the baby, when he is sweating you can immediately take off the coat, and when it is cold you can put it on the baby. In winter, clothes are headwear, pullovers, and jackets. When the weather is colder, a button or jumper is added outside the sweater.

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Three Steps to Help Baby Sleep Well

The quality of sleep is very important for the baby’s growth and development. If the quality of sleep is not good enough, it will not only affect the baby’s height but also affect the development of the brain. What should parents do to keep the baby asleep and grow taller? Try the following tricks from Popreal~

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  1. Don’t wait for your child to sleep when she gets tired

Some parents think that their children will sleep more when they feel tired. In fact, it is very unfavorable for the child’s growth and development. The child is too crazy and the spirit is always in a state of excitement, so it is easy to miss the best sleep time, and generally the quality of sleep is not too high.

Therefore, parents should let the baby develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early. In the evening, shower your baby first, then tell a story or sing, or prepare a soothing toy for your baby. When the baby is drowsy, turn off the light and create a good quality sleep, so that the baby will sleep better.Cartoon Ice Cream Car Letters Pattern T-Shirt

  1. Improve children’s sleep environment

Good sleep quality requires a good environment. Before the baby sleeps, parents should keep the room quiet, turn off the TV, turn off the lights, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, and make the a sleep environment as good as possible.

  1. Pay attention to sleep time

In addition to genetic parents, the baby’s height depends on the acquired development, and sleep plays a key role in baby’s height growth. After the baby is asleep, a large amount of growth hormone is released in the body, which can promote height growth.

From 9:00 in the evening to 1 in the morning and from 5 in the morning to 7 in the morning, it is time for the growth of the baby’s growth hormone. Therefore, do not let the baby stay up late with you. Parents should let the baby go to bed before 9:00.

In addition to sleep, parents also need to ensure that their baby is well-balanced and eats properly. In addition, when the weather is good, they can take their children to go outdoors and enjoy the sun. This can promote the conversion of vitamin D, synthesize calcium, and adhere to outdoor sports. Exercise can stimulate skeletal development.Star Prints Tank

How to Choose Suitable Fabric for Newborn Clothes

1, Cotton

Cotton fabrics are best for babies. Cotton fiber products are produced from cotton as a raw material, and have the characteristics of softness, breathability, moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, and hygiene. The  price is also relatively low. Although natural materials such as hemp and silk are also good, because the baby is more active, the durability of the clothing is also very important.Chiffon Bowknot Decorated Tops

The best choice for the baby to choose pure cotton cheap kids clothes. The clothes made of pure cotton have no black smoke after ignition, light and fluffy after combustion, and grayish white; and if it is blended, black smoke, oil drips, or odors will occur.

  1. Modal

Modal fabrics are also a good choice for baby clothes. Modal fibers originate from the shrubs produced in Europe (mainly eucalyptus) and are made of a special spinning process, made of wood pulp, and are cellulose fibers. They are the same cellulose fibers as cotton and are pure man-made fibers.

Modal combines the softness of cotton and the smoothness of silky cotton. And its water absorption and breathability are superior to those of cotton. The touch is light and soft, making it an ideal choice for personal clothing.

Due to the high cost of modal textile technology, the Modal that is circulated in the market basically belongs to Modal and cotton blends, or directly takes viscose fiber (people’s cotton) to impersonate Modal. Everybody should pay attention to discrimination. Modal fiber burns gray powder, easy to crushed.Loose Stripes Casual T-Shirt

3, Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber’s softness is lower than that of cotton fabrics and modal fabrics. So many baby clothes are made of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton blended with the advantages of bamboo fiber and cotton. Bamboo fiber is cellulose fiber extracted from naturally growing bamboo. Bamboo fiber has good permeability, instantaneous water absorption, strong abrasion resistance and good dyeing properties, with natural antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet function.

Bamboo fiber is divided into natural bamboo fiber and chemical bamboo fiber. Natural bamboo fiber, namely bamboo fiber and chemical bamboo fiber, are divided into two types: bamboo pulp fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber. The bamboo fiber products sold on the market are mostly bamboo pulp fibers, and bamboo fiber fibers also have some natural bamboo fiber products. Traits, because they are made by chemical methods, their effectiveness will be greatly discounted. Bamboo pulp fiber is actually a kind of binder fiber (viscose fiber). Binder fiber is usually easy to break. It should try to avoid using force during washing, and at the same time, it should avoid textiles from being exposed to sunlight and excessive moisture.

Some bamboo fiber clothing is very smooth, which should be payed attention to the addition of paraffin, especially industrial paraffin, which contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are carcinogenic. Therefore, when choosing bamboo fiber fabric clothing for your baby, be sure to choose the regular manufacturer’s production, and pay attention to clearly see the product logo. Clothes from Popreal could give your baby a happy and healthy childhood!

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Some Guide for Buying Baby Clothes

Almost every mother will be keen to buying cute clothes for their baby. However, do you know the principles to buy clothes for baby? May the follow suggestions from Popreal help you!Cartoon Lion Pattern T-Shirt

What do you should pay attention when buying baby clothes?

1, The label of clothes

Baby clothing produced by regular manufacturers, will specify some basic information of the clothing: such as fabric composition and content, product implementation standards, care label, product safety category and manufacturer information. Through the label, we can have a preliminary judgment on the baby’s clothing.

2, The fabric

Through the label, we can know what the fabric of the baby’s clothing. Cotton fabric is the main choice of baby clothing. The baby’s skin is tender and susceptible to allergies. Therefore, when choosing baby clothes materials, it is best to choose pure cotton. The amount of cotton containing more than 95% is even pure cotton, of which the breathability is good, and it is easy to absorb sweat. The fabric is also soft, and it is not easy to stimulate the delicate baby skin.

Do not choose chemical fiber products, such as polyester, acrylic, etc., poor air permeability, which are easy to stimulate the baby’s skin, causing allergies. In addition, some functional fabrics, such as waterproof, sunscreen, ironing-free, etc., may add toxic and harmful substances such as antimony in the production of fabrics, and should also be carefully selected according to needs.

3, The color

It is best to choose baby clothes with light color and less print. Because darker, brighter children’s clothing will use more dyes and auxiliaries in the printing and dyeing process. When worn personally, it may cause baby’s skin allergies and discomfort; in addition, dark-colored clothing is easy to fade, and babies like to bite clothing. It is easy to eat dyes into the stomach, which is not good for health.Cartoon Pattern Color Block T-Shirt

4, The details

To see if there are threads on the clothes, and whether the edge is smooth. Generally, the label and sewing surface on the baby’s clothing are on the outside of the clothing, and the inside is relatively smooth.

5, The smell

When buying baby clothes, be sure to smell it. Smell your clothes for irritating smells such as musty, petrol, kerosene, and fishy flavors. If you do, you may be adding chemicals to your clothing. Substance residues cause formaldehyde and excessive pH values.

When buying cute baby clothes , be sure to buy different sizes according to your baby’s shape. In addition, it is best to wash new clothes before wearing, then dry it in the sun and then give the baby to wear, to ensure clean and safe.

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Dressing Guide for Baby under 1 year old

To buy clothes for the baby, both the material and the style are important. But it is recommended that the new mothers to buy the baby’s clothing with the principle of comfort. What is appropriate for the baby to wear in different stages? Take a look at advice from Popreal!Stripes Cartoon Eyes Pattern Shorts

0 – 3 months

The baby in this period is the most delicate, first of all to choose pure cotton, light-colored clothing. Monk clothing is of course essential! According to different seasons, you can choose long-sleeved, short-sleeved, thin monk clothes, it is recommended to prepare 2, 3 small size, 4 or more of the larger size. Because baby grows faster at that time. Bigger size will make the baby without a sense of restraint.

3 – 6 months

The baby of 3-6 months old can wear one-piece newborn clothes and split-hose underwear. The advantage of the bodysuit is to protect the baby’s small belly from catching cold, but when holding the baby’s clothes it will make the baby uncomfortable. So when wear a jumpsuit, parents should hold baby as little as possible or diligently organize the baby’s clothes.Cartoon Eyes Letters Pattern Shorts

Pullovers, including vests, long sleeves, is better than the front row of buttons. Do not worry about buttons fall off by the baby to eat, the baby will not cadmium when lying prone. It is a good fit to wear a split suit at home.

6 – 12 months

The baby is growing up, there are more styles and more choices. Close-fitting clothing should be light-colored and cotton-based, which does not hurt the baby’s skin. And at this stage the baby still likes to eat cuffs, material safety is equally important.

One-piece suits and split underwear suits are still the mainstream. In addition, we recommend everyone to wear miaomiao clothes, which is very practical.

If the indoor temperature is not high in winter, you can wear a small vest to your baby to facilitate baby activities. When go out, you prepare a piece of cotton clothing with a hat, gloves, and a foot cover. Although the down coat is warm but drilled, it is easy for baby to inhale and affect health.Cartoon Pattern Color Block Pants


Dressing Guide for Newborn Babies

The birth of baby brings great joy to the family. Parents are always willing to give the best to their children. When they see beautiful and cute little clothes, they want to buy all of them for their children. However, we must pay attention to the material and comfort of baby clothes. Here are some  tips from Popreal.HAPPY Tassels Girls Summer T-shirt

  • The choice of clothing thickness

Room temperature is below 20 degrees, you should pay attention to keep warm, you can prepare a pair of thermal underwear or wear spring and autumn style underwear, wrapped in a thin quilt outside. When it is about 22 degrees, baby can wear spring and autumn models underwear, wrapped towels, thick models of clothes is not suitable at that time, the baby will be hot. About 24 degrees, the baby can wear thin underwear or short-sleeved shirt and long pants. You can choose summer clothes for baby when it is around 26 degrees.

  • The choice of clothes material

Newborn baby clothes should choose soft fabrics, pure cotton, preferably organic cotton. Many of the cotton in the market is recycled, so try to buy it in a regular mall. Also meet the Class A standards for baby clothes.Cartoon Rainbow Dog Pattern T-Shirt

  • Sewing method of clothes

Try to choose boneless splicing, with the lock on the outside, so that it will not  rub against the tender skin.

  • Style requirements

You can choose to take a monk clothes or jumpsuit. Do not choose the one with buckles. The best choice is clothing with ties, which protect the baby’s belly well without rubbing the skin.

  • Clothes color pattern

Try to choose a solid color, which is more healthy. Do not choose a bright color printing and dyeing.

  • The number of clothes

Three to five sets of underwear are enough. Too few sets will be troublesome when changing clothes for baby. The clothes for go out are basically few, for baby seldom go out.

  • The size of the clothes

Newborn clothes generally do not need pants, because the number of urine is more, change diapers is not convenient, if you do not mind can also wear. The clothes can be chosen slightly larger because the baby is growing very fast in the first few months.Bowknot Decorated Cartoon Cat Pattern T-Shirt





Dressing Guide for Zero to Three-months-old Baby

Baby’s heath is closely related to the clothes they wear. So parents should choose different clothes for babies due to different weather. Popreal offers some practical advice for you, and may it help you to choose better clothes for babies.Whale Pattern Button Vertical Stripe Shorts Sets

The selection of materials is of vital importance, because the skin of little baby is very delicate. The material should be cotton or carbon fiber clothing, which is friendly to soft skin and sweat-absorbent. Thus it is recommended that mothers pay attention to the material before buying clothes, because some clothes look good, but the material is not good.

The clothes should be lightly colored, because the brightly colored clothes are dyed with dyes. Although they look good, they are easy to fade. Try not to choose dyed clothes when the baby’s skin is still sensitive.

There must be no jewelry on the clothes, especially where baby’s hands can catch or where the nose and mouth can touch. If the jewelry is caught by the baby into the mouth, it is very dangerous.Arrow Print Zipper Sleeveless Hooded Romper

Choose the right cute baby clothes for your baby according to different seasons. In spring and autumn the climate change regularly, remember to bring a thin coat; in the hot days, children should wear loose, lightweight clothing. In the cold days, you can prepare trousers, socks and a jacket with a hat for baby when you go out.

Mothers should prepare different clothes for babies in different period: 1-month-old baby should wear a sleeveless collarless monk clothing, with open shorts underneath, which is easy to change diapers; 2-month-old baby will be more active, so you can choose Siamese Romper; 3-month-old baby can wear short-sleeved clothing in hot days.

Dresses for babies of 3- month old should be appropriate, which should be as less as possible. For it is suitable for small baby hyperactivity and metabolic features. If you wear too much for him, it will limit the baby’s activities. In addition, too much clothes will make more sweat, which will make babies vulnerable to the cold, and can easily catch cold.

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How to Choose Suitable Styles for Newborn Baby Clothes

Different months of the baby stage, the style of clothing is not the same. Newborn babies basically don’t go out in the month. The baby’s clothes are mainly comfortable and easy to change diapers, so there’s no need to prepare too fancy. Here are some suggestions for baby dressing! May you can find the most suitable one in Popreal, an online baby clothes store!Cartoon Dog Pattern T-Shirt

1, Monk clothes

Monk clothes are especially suitable for newborn babies. There are no buttons on the clothes and they are used to fasten the clothes. In the first month the baby can wear a little monk dress, and put on a small blanket and a quilt.

2.Butterfly clothing

Butterfly clothing is especially suitable for 0-3 months baby. The clothing type is loose, and with the design of the chest straps, and the bust adjusts freely. The trousers are rounded with snaps. It can be a jumpsuit that protects the baby, as well as make it easy to change diapers. So it is especially suitable for newborn babies, and the baby can be used as pajamas when they grow up.

3, Toddler rompers

Toddler rompers are one-piece clothes with short sleeves or long sleeves.Toddler rompers are very suitable for all babies for it is easy to wear. And this kind of clothes can protect the stomach effectively. For the little baby, the warmth of the stomach is very important and there is nothing wrong with the protection of the stomach. The big advantage of baggage is that the stomach is tightly covered.Cartoon Bird Pattern T-Shirt

The biggest advantage of this type of clothing is that it is very convenient to hold the children. If it is an ordinary cardigan, it will often go up when you carry babies. So the small belly will exposed without any protect.

4, Newborn clothes sets

Usually 3 months-to-6-months-old baby will wear baby sets, because the upper body is a pullover, the lower body is a high-waist umbilical design to prevent the abdomen from catching cold, and it can also avoid tightness to the baby.

Due to the traditional habits, some of the lower body of the baby sets are designed to be opened directly, while others are designed for dual purpose. Parents can change the dead body to a simple one by simply removing the thread. It should be noted that clothing with buttons must be carefully checked to prevent the baby from pulling on his armpits and causing danger when swallowed.Botanical Embroidered Tops