Details when choose clothes for your baby

After a baby’s first moon, clothes in the past do not fit for him. The baby is growing fast every day, and the clothes will be changed in a month or two. Many new parents are overwhelmed by the variety of toddler clothes. There are so many details when choose cute toddler outfits, you have to take a look. We all know that choosing clothes made of cotton for the baby to make them feel comfortable. But when choosing cute toddler boy outfits, the quality, workmanship and other details should also be noted. Perhaps a thread, a button can be a threat to the safety of the baby.

It is the most important that it is safe and in line with the physiological characteristics of the baby and beneficial to the growth of the baby.Flower Prints Plush Hat Hooded Coat

  1. Safety comes first.

To avoid clothes with buttons or metal zippers is to prevent children from swallowing buttons or scratching by metal zippers. If clothes are with ties, ties should not be too long to prevent the baby from being pulled or trapped.

  1. Different age of baby requires different style.

Collarless, slanted jumpsuit is perfect for newborn baby. Baby before 3 to 4 months mostly has head-neck movement, so collar-band should not be too narrow. When the baby is 4 months, he can raise his hands to play in front of bosom. Therefore, lace or other adornment as well as ribbon should not appear in the cuff. As the baby grows, he has more activities and clothes are supposed to suitable for him.

  1. In terms of quality, cotton is preferred, especially underwear.

The function of baby’s body temperature adjustment is not perfect and the skin area is big, which is easy to sweat. Hence, clothes not only need to be warm, but also are easy to heat.

  1. Regarding to color, it is appropriate to choose light and elegant ones and not too bright.

Baby’s visual nerve is still growing. Too bright color, especially the color with fluorescer may stimulate baby’s eyes. If there are prints on clothes, please be careful about falling powder and particles. Embroidered or hand-sewn ornaments should not have glitter sheets and granular beads.

When choosing split-type clothes, it is appropriate to choose pants with belt or suspenders. It would be better not to choose pants with elastic belt because the baby uses abdomen to breathe. If the elastic belt is too tight, it can affect baby breathing.

Do not lift the pants too high so as not to bind the chest and cause thoracic deformity.

Pants with ties should also do not tie tightly to allow the baby breath. Butterfly Prints Plush Hat Hooded Coat

  1. How does the baby born in winter dress up

The first few months after the baby’s birth, she spends most of her time indoors. Most family now has heating equipment, so there is no need to worry about getting cold. If the baby is indoors, you can put him on a thick coat and then a thick cotton one. There is no need for sweaters because they are easy to cause allergy. The joint is better than the split one, which can protect the baby’s belly from coldness. In addition, doctors do not recommend that newborn babies put on hats all the time indoors. On the one hand, it will affect the baby’s sleep. On the other hand, it will reduce the baby’s immunity.

  1. Tips for putting socks on the baby: putting on them backwards.

When putting socks on the baby, parents should also pay attention to the thread problem. After washing the socks, there may still be small thread coming out. Parents can try to put on socks backwards and put the smooth side of it on the baby’s skin.

The most common mistake that new moms make is stocking up too much in advance and it turns out not suitable for babies.

(1) Size problem: children between 0 and 1 year old grow fast. Some clothes can only be used for one season or even two months at most, which is almost a “one-off consumption”. Some expectant moms, due to the maternal love expansion during pregnancy, often buy a few clothes of the same size at once. It is really a waste. Parents should buy cute toddler outfits as far as possible according to their ages and moms’ plan.

(2) Season problem: when buying clothes, the size of clothes should be corresponding to the season. It should be expected first that which season will be when the baby is 0-3 months and 3-6 months. Before the baby is born, it is easy for the mother to ignore this and buy clothes out of season.

  1. Should newborn baby wear gloves?

Some mothers worry that their baby might scratch their faces, so they put gloves on them. Before wearing, moms should make sure to cut the threads in the gloves. If baby’s fingers are entangled with the threads, they may become necrotic because blood is not circulating. But if the space that glove leaves for baby finger is bigger, and the mouth of glove is tighter, baby’s fingers can grab inside and catch string head possibly again come out. So although they get cut, there still are hidden troubles. Hands are the main tool for infants to feel and perceive the external world. Wearing gloves for a long time will hinder infants’ perception. It’s best to cut your baby’s nails as often as possible and keep your newborn’s gloves off. If baby must wear it, please take it off every once in a while and check your baby’s hands. After one month, the baby does not need to wear.

The choice of clothes in infant period has its particularity, which is very important. At this stage, the baby’s body is delicate and they cannot speak out. Whether the clothes are appropriate or not, it is hard for the mothers to understand. Let alone that the new mom’s lack of nursing experience and it’s tricky to pick out clothes. Several guidelines above are for choosing cute toddler outfits. New mothers should choose toddler clothes for their babies according to that standard.Flower Prints Plush Hat Hooded Coat

How to choose the toddler clothes for your grown baby?

Time flies, the baby is almost two years old. There are so many things to say when it comes to choosing toddler clothes? Should we choose cute toddler outfits for the weather or just a bigger size? For me, it depends on different situations.Crown Pattern Tulle Patchwork Dress First of all, in terms of seasons, I usually buy the right size clothes in summer, maybe a little loose. Clothes in summer change frequently and also wash frequently. After wearing a summer, those clothes will turn yellow basically next year. Especially for the baby, their clothes are almost made of cotton, which absorbs sweat. And there is fruit juice on the clothes, which cannot be washed. So clothes in summer should fit the baby best and leave them after a quarter. For the clothes of autumn and winter, I would like to the bigger size, because my baby’s belly is round and prop clothes up. Sometimes the back of clothes is appropriate, but the front bares half of belly. It takes months for clothes to become smaller which it was used to fit. Clothes of autumn can also be offered for babies in winter, and a larger size just covers the belly and does not make babies catch a cold easily. Besides, what should be noticed is that the winter coat such as the down jacket also can be a bigger size. No matter how many babies dress, when going out, a big down jacket is enough to keep warm and comfortable. In the north, we usually do not go out in winter,.Cartoon Ear Pattern Ruffle Collar Dress Secondly, for the baby, they grow fast. Clothes in the last year basically cannot fit this year. The big size may be just ok for the baby or may be small. So moms should try to buy toddler clothes with bigger size to wear for a little longer time. If the baby is a little older, just the right size is desirable. My baby hasn’t gone to school yet. It doesn’t matter if it is the bigger size at home. Besides, I am a person who wants to buy cute toddler outfits whenever I see them. If I buy clothes of the right size, they will not fit next year. So every time I buy them, I will keep the mind that these clothes should be fit for the baby for next year. I don’t know whether other mothers are just like me or not. I am very easy to catch a cold.Christmas Stripe Keyhole Back Tiered Hem Sets

Six types of pants that is not fit for babies to wear

Baby does a lot of outdoor activities in spring. So moms need to guarantee that babies feel warm and at the same time safe and comfort. Putting on appropriate toddler bottoms for babies is a kind of grand learning. Right here, there are some suggestions for what baby bottoms cannot be chosen for the baby.   Cartoon Ear Hooded Solid Color Furry Coat

  1. Open-seat Pants Should Not Be Chosen

Children in open- seat pants are susceptible to scratch their skin. Bacteria and eggs from parasitic worm on the ground are likely to invade the child’s anus, urethra and wounds, causing roundworm, hookworm or pinworm disease, which do harm to his health. If girls wear open-seat pants, it is also easy to cause directly bacterial infection, such as vaginitis, trichomoniasis. So, when the child can say the request of defecation, it would be better not wear open- seat pants for them.

  1. Do Not Wear Flared Trousers

Bell bottoms are tight and too thin on the thigh, which can affect blood circulation. And bottom of trousers is long and fat, which can affect the activity such as walking, running or jumping. Besides, it often stimulates the child’s reproductive organs and affects the growth and development of external genitalia or causes inflammation and so on.Butterfly Prints Plush Hat Hooded Coat

  1. Do Not Wear Rough Cloth and Chemical Fiber Underwear

Children’s skin is soft and tender, and rough and hard fabric can chafe and cause infections. Chemical fiber cloth is easy to stimulate children’s skin and allergic dermatitis as well as infection. Children are best suited to wear white cotton knitwear or soft cotton underwear.

  1. Do Not Wear Tight Clothes

Leggings, such as jeans and chicken-leg pants, affect children’s growth and activity. What is more, it has serious effects on bones, muscles and reproductive systems of babies.

  1. Do Not Wear Leather Shoes

Children’s bone is soft, but it grows fast. If they wear leather shoes too early, it will affect the blood circulation of the feet and the growth of the toes and feet, very easy to cause foot deformation.

  1. Do Not Wear High Heels

Bones of children grow and develop very quickly. Wearing high heels can deform and thicken toe bones and metatarsal bones, hindering the flexibility of joints. It is also easy to cause deformities such as hallux valgus and flatfoot. In addition, when wearing high heels, the upper body leans forward and the hips stick out, and the weight of the body falls on the toes. Normal gravity transfer lines will shift, hindering the normal growth the body. If girls wear high heels, it can also cause the mouth of their pelvis to narrow, which can affect fertility in adulthood.

Summary: the requirements of baby boy bottoms are complicated. But wearing appropriate clothes for the baby is very helpful.Flower Prints Plush Hat Hooded Coat

Tip for Preparing Cute Toddler Outfits for Your Littles Before New Year

New Year is coming, as a mom for little princess, have you prepared cute toddler outfits for her? Although new clothes can be bought at any time, but it is a tradition to wear new clothes on New Year’s Day, right?Thickened Cartoon Animals Pattern Hooded Sweatshirt

Little princess has round face and two big eyes. A plush coat is very suitable for such cute baby! Soft plush texture of the little princess wrapped like a cute doll, and it is very warm!

Although this winter is a warm winter, but the princess’s down jacket is still necessary. Choose a cute down jacket for her when New Year is coming. Let her play with her companies happily with admires and praise.

It is said that we should let the son go through some tough tasks and let the daughter lead a wealthy life. However this does not mean that we should merely provide material enrichment for daughter. She should go out to broaden her horizon’s. And then she would become brave enough to face all kinds of things.

Of course, why not satisfy what little princess likes in the best of circumstances. But let her know that not everyone should take for granted unconditional satisfaction of her request, our princesses can be proud but never be arrogant.Thickened Heart Prints Polka Dots Bunny Ear Outerwear

If the new year’s new cute toddler girl outfits can make our princess happy, mom will be very pleased. Plush sleeves are thick and cute, lace splicing carries some Lolita taste, white collar with large turtles Little red face cheek child. What a cute baby she is!

Our lively and lovely baby is also very healthy! Velvet padded three-piece set make her every physical activity easily. With this year’s popular wool cap and snow boots, Leisure match can also be very fashionable.

There always are various party in New Year. When you bring your little princess to visit friends and relatives, you must dress up your baby! Bottoming shirt with cake toddler girls skirts, imitation rabbit fur coat with a beautiful bow tie, high bar ball from the head with pearl headband, little ladies appeared!

Finally, prepare a leggings for you little princess! Plus velvet padded leggings have a wide range of printing patterns, such as cute paw prints and fashion leopard. The princess is also dressed up as our tide lady now!Cute Bunny Polka Dots Hooded Outerwear