Children had better put on socks while sleeping in winter

Dun Dun’s dad, a pediatrician, said that older generations felt that wearing socks would hinder their children’s sleep, but he did not hesitate to put his four-month-old baby on newborn socks while sleeping.

As a pediatrician, his explanation is that in the evening, wearing loose warm socks can help children to sleep better to a certain extent. Whether it refers to clothes, trousers or baby socks, parents should remember not to put the child too tight clothes or he will feel uncomfortable and it can affect their sleep quality.

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So it’s silly to blindly believe that “sleeping at night can affect blood circulation if you wear newborn baby socks.”

There are three types of kids who recommend wearing socks to bed:

  1. The newborn

For a while, many new moms were surprised to see their newborn put on socks even on a hot summer day. Nevertheless, the reason is that the body temperature mechanism of the newly born baby is not very completely prefect and they are basically provided energy to maintain body temperature in the uterus by the mother. After birth, the baby can only supply energy through its own metabolism.

However, the newborn’s heart is still very small now and the blood is difficult to reach the body through the heart movement. Meanwhile, the baby’s ability to regulate the temperature is relatively poor, so it is better to put cute baby socks on the baby so that the baby’s feet can be warmer.

  1. The vulnerable child

Premature infants, ultra-light infants, and malnourished infants are more afraid of coldness because of their weak constitution, deficiency of Yang Qi and insufficient blood supply in the periphery. Their body temperature is also generally low, making them susceptible to coldness and illness. So in order to protect baby’s feet from coldness and germs, it’s best to keep their feet warm in the winter.Sweet Wings Embellished Sock

  1. The child whose feet are cold after a long sleep

After sleeping for a long time, your feet are still cold. So are many children, except for some weaker adults. Many times in winter, the extremities at the far end of the limbs are very cold. It is also cold to lie in the quilt for a long time. Too cold will affect children’s sleep and sleep quality.

What kind of harm feet coldness is to the child?

If children’s foot catches a cold, it can cause upper respiratory tract mucous membrane of the capillary contraction. Capillary can make air warm, but after capillary contraction, a lot of cold air get into the body, which will stimulate the nose, throat, tracheal mucous membrane and alveoli and can cause the baby have a cough. At the same time, it will cause the loss of the immune system of children.

So, after the baby having feet coldness, it is easier for the child to catch a cold and indigestion, even diarrhea. The child maybe grows chilblain after a long time.

Not wearing socks can leave your baby’s feet unprotected, and he can get hurt if he is not careful. And not wearing socks also can cause the baby soft feet skin to become dry and rough, which is very bad for the baby.

At the same time, I also want to tell you that it is very bad for young children to soak their feet with hot blisters if children’s feet are cold before bedtime, because hot blisters will affect the development of children’s arch. If you always soak their feet with hot blisters, the ligaments of the feet will become loose and the children will have flat feet. Tulle Bowknot Embellished Solid Color Socks

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