Children must wear underwear after the age of 3

There is nothing wrong with children’s underpants. Wearing baby and toddler bottoms to a certain extent to prevent injury, to prevent umbilical cold, but also to prevent children always touch with their hands. The biggest disadvantage is the maladjustment of children. His advice: in principle, wear it when your child can walk.

To understand the life habits of infants and young children, she said, it is the old rule to require all babies to wear underwear into the park, the reason is:

First, sanitation and disease prevention. Mainly to prevent pinworm disease and vulva

Second, improve the quality of napping. If you wear pants to sleep, it is both uncomfortable and easy to wake up after catching a cold.

Third, cultivate independence. There is little difference between the horizontal and vertical sizes of the underwear, which is helpful for the baby’s observation ability and hands-on ability.

Fourth, it can cultivate children’s gender consciousness.

Integrated expert advice and mothers practice, so let the children learn to wear small underwear, no more than 3 years old, if possible, the sooner the better, especially small girls, can be very good to prevent infection.

How to choose small toddler bottoms?

  1. Texture: pure cotton is soft and breathable.
  2. Style: wide and comfortable, without zip.
  3. Personality: boys buy the ones with openings in the front, which are easy to operate and can also promote the development of fine motor skills.

Remember: elastic is not too tight.

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