Children should keep shoes and socks dry to prevent beriberi

Athlete’s foot calls Hong Kong foot again. Beriberi is a common skin disease caused by fungi. Especially newborn socks can cause air circulation, plus warm spring and summer season.

“Based on past experience, teenagers account for about 30 percent of patients with athlete’s foot,” the doctor said. Dermatologist says, teenage carry exercise is big. Breathability is poor, in damp season, became the hotbed of fungus.

Once the child infects tinea pedis, but they cannot use medicine. Some parents buy ointment to daub to the child to drugstore by oneself, but a lot of medicines are the medicine that contains hormone, which cannot be used in disorder, so mom had better listen to the professional opinion of the doctor to the hospital, and should buy medicine by oneself in drugstore really, and you must ask clear assistant.

Using drug to go thorough, after the symptom disappearing, is acceptable but you do not have to use drug. Doctors stressed that parents should supervise children to adhere to the drug, otherwise it is easy to develop drug resistance, resulting in future drug relapse ineffective.

Keeping feet dry is the most important preventive measure. Dermatologists warn parents to keep their children in different shoes and not focus on one pair. The child’s shoe cannot be put in the bed bottom, and you should use hairdryer every day when necessary blowing dry inside the shoe, still can sprinkle a few dry powder, keeping shoe dry.

Additional tinea pedis has easy infectivity, because urticant place with the hand, often infect to hand and produce tinea (goose palm wind). Fungus grows on fingernail, becoming onychomycosis (onychomycosis). Also after scratching the feet will be the fungus to other organs or furniture bedding. In the process of treatment, you also pay attention to, after the relief of symptoms, continue to wipe medicine, but with medicine to putting on shoes and newborn baby socks. Kill residual fungus or use disinfectant blisters on shoes, bedding, socks, etc.

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