Children’s clothe collocation

When people is choosing the infant child costumes, the first thing to note is the color of newborn clothes, especially children, they are sensitive to color with original and unique taste, therefore, recommend customers clothes, first of all, judging from the form and color, if the customer is a color of skin dark girl, should be the preferred tall lightness, high purity, colorful newborn clothes, this dress can appear spirit, eye-catching. If the skin color of this little girl is a little brighter, then her range of color adaptation is a little wider, such as wearing pink, yellow, red, and people will appear lively, bright, even if wearing gray, black, and people will also appear delicate, elegant, giving a person a comfortable natural feeling. Pay attention to color and color of children’s color to adapt to, but also pay attention to children’s figure and children’s newborn clothes color collocation.

If a fatter child, will choose cool color or dark clothing, such as: gray, black, blue and other cool color or dark color clothing, because it has a contraction effect, can make up for the child’s physical defects; If the child is more emaciated, then we can give her to choose some warm color clothes, green, beige, coffee, etc., these colors are outward expansion, can give people a warm feeling.

Of course, the match colors of children’s wear is not fixed format, excessive stylization will appear inflexible, without life, but change too much, easy to appear very messy, the only purpose is to match colors, good-looking, let everyone look comfortable, with the wearing of children beautiful.

Style matching:

The nature of children should be taken into account first. In the process of playing, the comfort level of clothes is a very important factor, which should be characterized by loose and natural casual clothes. Children’s body is developing, wearing the appearance of delicate, free and easy, loose leisure clothes, usually do games, sports, etc., are very convenient; Be helpful for the development of the body already, still can give a person a kind of tender and lovely, comfortable, optional feeling.

We can also use the style of children’s clothes to supplement some children’s body shape. For example, the children who grow more fat, when given the choice of jacket to choose them to choose no collar or round collar clothes, such as: round collar T-shirt, small strap skirt; The lower body is wearing trousers, trousers cannot be too loose, in summer and autumn, wear the pants of 7 minutes or 9 minutes that close leg had better, such wearing, when giving a person the feeling, this child won’t be too fat. For example: a trouser tube is narrower trousers, after letting the child with lanky figure put on, appear slender figure, symmetrical; And after the child with thick leg puts on, can appear bloated, such child, might as well choose a thin and slightly long jacket to cover hip for him, the lower part should match a more slender straight short trousers again, so wear so, can give a person a kind of figure slender sense. Children’s clothes are not out of fashion, the key is how we match.

Material matching:

Because children are lively, active, do not have the consciousness that protects a dress, so the cloth of children’s outfit should be given priority to with firm, durable, not easy damage; At the same time, the comfort of wearing fabric should also be considered.

Don’t choose synthetic fabrics for your child. cute baby clothes made of synthetic fabrics, especially underwear, generate static electricity when they are rubbed between the skin and the clothes, as well as between the clothes. Electrostatic have very strong vacuum action, damage clothes already, affect health again, static voltage is high when reaching certain level, can produce electrostatic spark, generally speaking, human body can produce electric shock feeling to the static voltage of 2 thousand volts (numb feeling), although electric current is very small without danger, but can make the child uncomfortable and bring fear.

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