Choose the right sandals and don’t let your baby be a barefoot fairy

As the summer gets hotter, many parents try to keep their children relatively cool by putting their children of one to three years old on baby shoes like hollow sandals or even bare feet. Actually, this is not correct and being a barefoot fairy is harmful to baby.Solid Color Bowknot Decorated Princess Shoes

As the saying goes, “coldness gets into the body from the feet.” Baby’s foot skin is very delicate. And the activity is less and the imperfection of his development, baby’s feet is the place that gets cold easily. So protecting your baby’s feet is especially important.

In addition, there is a close relationship between the feet and upper respiratory tract mucosa. Once the foot gets cold, the local blood vessel of foot can constrict and cause upper respiratory tract constrict, which can increase the local resistance of immunity. The bacteria and viruses that lurk in the nose and pharynx will multiply and the baby may catch a cold or other disease easily.

So, how to choose the right sandal for the baby and avoid the harm of sandal?Fashion Wings LED High Top Shoes

First of all, most of the styles of sandals are “unprecedented”. This means children toes and heel are out. This of course includes children’s sandals. However, it is not good for children, who can easily hurt their toes in the summer.

Children’s movements are currently not flexible and coordinated enough, and their visual abilities are often inadequate. But the child of this age is often active, even not being quiet for a moment, and always like to jump. Wearing sandals with bare toes can increase the likelihood of foot injuries by tripping while walking. In this case, it’s okay to wear regular sandals. However, if you wear open toe sandals, you will break your toes.

For example, when playing games, children feel that they can jump over rocks or other obstacles with their own ability. However, due to a number of reasons such as lack of estimation, babies often do not jump over, but will hit their feet heavily on obstacles, which can lead to serious injuries, and even lift their toenails or broken toes.

Or when children lift heavy objects because they can’t hold them or are too slippery. Heavy objects fall often on the toes, which can also cause toenails to fall off and even break.

Therefore, parents should not be greedy at getting their babes cool when choosing children shoes for their children. The best sandal style is the one with a wrap top, which can help prevent toe injuries and be cool.LED Lace Up Flower Decorated Shoes

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