Choose the right shoes for your baby

Wearing wrong baby shoes causes the undesirable consequence. These consequences are mainly related to the following four factors: foot development, internal risk factors, tight shoes, and inappropriate shoes. Baby feet are by no means miniature versions of adult feet because they are functionally and structurally very different from adult feet. Accordingly, according to different age, the choice of different children shoes appears particularly important. A child’s feet are full of dangers during development for their feet are still tender and developing. Unlike adult feet, baby feet are primarily supported by cartilage. This vulnerability makes the safety of newborn baby shoes is very important, otherwise it is easy to cause foot deformity.

Baby in the growth process, all parts of the body need enough space to grow, and the development of small feet is very important, so parents need to pay attention to the selection of a pair of shoes suitable for baby small feet.

To introduce the experience of choosing small shoes to mothers:

The first is to see the material. First of all, the shoe material cannot be too hard, also cannot be too soft. Good material on baby ankle will have friction which will cause damage and the material is too soft will not be able to support the baby’s feet, the baby put on such shoes when walking easily fall!

The second is to the odor of material. The material that sees shoe has had strong excitant odor, if the material that has excitant odor is unqualified for certain product, there can be harmful material inside super-ticket for certain, and wearing such shoe is be able to produce an effect to the baby’s health at ordinary times!

The third is the shoes materials must have good air permeability, because the baby’s feet and is easy to generate heat, and the baby’s normal physiological load of exercise is very big, and again will produce a lot of sweat in the feet and if the shoes without good gas permeability of materials, which is detrimental to the health of the baby and easy to cover their sweaty feet!

The fourth is the most important and is to use the length of the flexible rule measured baby foot, recorded, and then use the same measurement tools when the choose and buy shoes take shoes in long, which also is the flexible rule into his shoes for accurate measurement. This method is the most accurate, and directly to your baby through pressure from the outside and feel whether accurate, and we have the illusion of feeling is after my previous experience, which is through the outside pressure to determine the baby’s feet is appropriate!

So it is not a simple thing to choose cute baby shoes that are both suitable and comfortable for the baby, which all need our parents to experience and observe attentively at ordinary times!

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