Choose Women’s Intimates According to Body Type during Pregnancy

Women should pay more attention to all aspects of their lives after pregnancy, and they must work hard on the choice of women’s intimates, especially women lingerie. The right sleepwear for women can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, and you can make yourself a happy mother. So how do you choose women sleepwear? Let’s take a look.

First, you should choose a pair of women’s intimates with good air permeability and hygroscopic fabric. It is best to use pure cotton. It is better to wear it without pressing the abdomen. At the same time, because the buttocks are enlarged, the women lingerie also requires good adhesion. Second, choose a full cup inclusive style, it is best to have a side lift, you can lift the breast up to the inside to prevent spillage and sagging. Third, you should use a large bra without pressing the breast, and choose the shoulder bandwidth to effectively pull up the weight of the breast. Fourth, do not use elastic band to tighten the belly and thigh root, it is best to use the strap style, and now the stomach is quite large, you can adjust the tightness at any time according to the changes in the stomach.

Other precautions for choosing women sleepwear: the sleepwear for women that can completely cover the stomach is the most suitable, so as to prevent the stomach from catching cold. Pregnant women’s sleepwear for women must be loose, soft, comfortable, easy to clean, durable and comfortable. You should choose bright, brisk colors such as white, pink, light blue, and so on. Washing underwear during pregnancy must be hand-washed to prevent the tiny silk hair from clogging the milk duct and affecting breastfeeding in the future.

Therefore, during pregnancy, you should choose the women lingerie that suits you. Underwear can bring unspeakable comfort to your pregnancy. It can also make the whole pregnancy full of interest.

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