Clothes Not Suitable for Children

  • Princess dress

Although the princess dress is very nice, it is not suitable for children to wear when go to kindergarten. Because children of three or four years old are very active, so it is not convenient to wear skirts. If there are many people, it is possible to step on the skirt and wrestle. In fact it is very dangerous to wear newborn princess dress in the crowd. If the child really likes cute newborn princess dress, you can let her wear it on weekends.

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  • exposed clothes

In the summer, some mom try to wear exposed clothes to the children in order to make their children cooler. But this is not advisable. The children who wear too exposed will attract their attention. Therefore, young mother should pay more attention on the clothes of their children.

  • Clothes with sequins, diamonds, rivets

Children like glittering things. They want to wear sequins, diamonds and rivets on their clothes, but these clothes are dangerous for children. First of all, these decorations are hard and sharp, and may hurt your child’s delicate skin when the child is playing. Secondly, some children like to decorate the clothes and put them in their mouths. Once they are eaten, it is a great threat to their health. In addition, some tops with ropes should not be worn by children, so that children can not hold their necks. Fashion Nifty Sweet Casual Loose Long Sleeve Kids Dress

  • Jumpsuits, pants with zipper or button

Although many children have already gone to kindergarten, some basic life skills are not well mastered, such as zippers and buttonholes. The teacher needs to see a lot of children, and it is inevitable that when there is poor care, if the child is urinating, it may be very difficult. Therefore, parents should try to wear some clothes that are convenient for him to wear on their own, at least go to the toilet without the help of teacher. Lovely Split Joint Rose Printed Princess Dress

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