Details to pay attention

1. Trademark: baby and toddler bottoms trademarks of big brands are sewn on the outside of baby bottoms, so as not to hurt the baby. If the logo is inside, be sure to remove it.

2. For the newborn baby, to buy underwear also pay attention to the sewing method of clothing, and there is a kind of close-fitting side without joints and thread, so that the baby wear the most comfortable. Lucky Baby has the clothes, which are more expensive.

3. The size of the underwear is too big or too small for the baby is not good, but can be a little wide one to two inches.

4. Pay attention to the collar, cuffs and legs of the elastic is appropriate.

If you like to buy clothes for your baby at the store or stall, then pay attention to your choice.

1. Look — carefully check the color of underwear, do not choose dark clothes because the content of formaldehyde and other chemical agents in dark clothes dyeing than light color clothes, and white clothes should also pay attention to, especially white is often added with fluorescent agent, the real natural white is soft, and even some yellow.

2. Smell — odor is often formaldehyde or other chemical preparation content is too high to buy.

3. Touch — the softness of the fabric.

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