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As the weather gets hotter, do you feel like the people around you are becoming more “welcoming”?

At home everybody takes turns to give you “have a class”, and it seems to be a mother of 1:00 can’t take a child.

1Don’t turn on the air conditioner for the children. 

What do you have against your child on a hot day? Do not open air conditioning to the child harm is bigger!

Stay in the indoor adults do not open air conditioning are super uncomfortable, the baby’s metabolism will be larger than adults more than adults are not heat resistant, and do not open air conditioning more uncomfortable!

When using air conditioning, please make sure that the cold air is not directly blowing on the baby’s body, and then enter the air conditioning room after the baby sweats.

Indoor temperature control in 26-28 ℃.Indoor best and difference of indoor and outdoor temperature hold to in 5-7 degrees, and clean air conditioning regularly.

Additionally, if true worry darling catch a cold, can put on cotton quality, thin money to him conjoined body garment.

2. Do not wear diapers.

In summer, wearing diapers is almost a war, and the people always feel that diapers are too hot breathless, which is easy to incur red butt!

There is a kind of heat that makes you feel baby hot…

Diapers are actually breathable, and the baby appears red butt big reason is due to improper care.

And the buttocks are not an important heat organ and should not be the eyes feel to weigh the child in the end hot.

So, summer can also wear diapers, and the most important is to change frequently, frequently, frequently! He doesn’t have to worry too much.

3. Wear open crotch pants bento.

Many old people are happy to wear pants that open the seat of their pants for their children, and they refute mothers by saying that the little dolls they used to have were not so good.

Baby’s private parts are easy to be external collision or mosquito bites, causing insect bites dermatitis.

4. You’ll catch cold without newborn socks.

Have an expert to say: cold rise from sole, even if be the sock of summer darling also cannot take off, bare foot can catch a cold, have loose bowels.

This word seems to be so one thing, can it be so serious without socks?

In fact, the role of wearing socks and wearing gloves, is to keep warm, since it is to keep warm, so if it is not cold that cannot wear not to wear.

And barefooted profit is great, after not be restrained by shoe and cute baby socks, it can promote sense development, strengthen constitution.

5. It’s cooler to shave your head.

Many parents take advantage of the summer to the baby shaved head, and said it can let the hair grow well, but also cooler.

But a shaved head doesn’t alter the structure of the hair follicles, so it doesn’t thicken the hair.

And the baby shaved head is not beautiful and will also be due to the lack of heat dissipation and maintenance of hair, direct sunlight scalp, on the one hand easy to lead to the head of the skin to absorb heat increase, more easily long prickly heat; At the same time, the moisture in the skin is more likely to be evaporated, prone to heat stroke.

Finally, the head exposed to increased skin area, but also easy to attract mosquito bites.

6. Drink plenty of water on a hot day.

There are no drawbacks to drinking water, but it depends on your baby’s age.

The American academy of pediatrics recommends that babies who are exclusively breastfed and formula fed for up to six months should not be fed water, juice or other liquids.

More than 80% of breast milk is water, and formula milk only according to the scientific guidance of brewing, can meet the baby’s daily needs.

7. Apply prickly heat powder frequently in summer.

Brush prickly heat powder is also harmful, containing talcum powder prickly heat powder and easy to cause inhalation pneumonia, leading to cancer. Even the starchy prickly heat powder with the main natural formula is applied on the appearance of the skin, which is not very good in water absorption and has a bad effect on the body. It is easy to obstruct the pores and make the prickly heat more serious.

8. Do not wear sunscreen in summer.

Many older people think that there are many chemicals in sunscreen that are harmful to baby’s skin.

A lot of children are playing outside, the sun is worn so small underpants, and a summer comes down to bask in mud monkey not to say, and the skin is sunburnt after growing up can increase the likelihood that get skin cancer!

Initiative child avoids hot time paragraph to go out, if must go out, that remembers to must do good to prevent bask in the job, include cap.

Sunscreen can be selected for baby only and applied to exposed skin.

Hot days are also easy to anger but mom must let the children through the summer!

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