Does 2 year old female baby need to wear underwear?

Xiao Mi from this summer, besides sleeping in the evening, already was to leave diaper completely, changed lovely baby and toddler bottoms. In her opinion, the baby takes off toddler bottoms, should put on the children’s underwear, on the one hand clean health, on the other hand also convenient to change.

Turn cool as the weather, Xiao mi puts on cotton-wool pants, rice grandmother began to talk about millet do not wear underwear, directly close to wear cotton-wool pants, said such a small butt there will not give cover. The rice mama a listen to, the first reaction is to ask the rice grandmother oneself whether don’t wear underwear, listened to the rice mama such say, the rice grandmother pour a few days and then didn’t mention this matter. But today, what you do not know is to take millet downstairs to play, met the parents of which baby also said not to let the child wear underwear, rice grandmother and put this thing out.

In fact, in the opinion of the old generation, young girls do not wear underwear for the following reasons:

  1. 1.Urine control is not good, take off your pants too late, less wear a is
  2. If the underwear is not well worn, it will easily clip into PP, causing discomfort to the baby.
  3. 3. Baby activities, clothing and skin friction is also more, worried about the symptoms of red butt.

And these three, do not constitute an impact on Xiao Mi. First of all, her urine and feces control is very good, can be very accurate and timely warning to us, never too late. Secondly, if baby bottoms are not well put on, millet will start to tidy up, or tell us. As for the third point, she thinks that wearing a little bigger underwear for the baby can be avoided.

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