Don’t dress children like this

Newborn clothes have a lot of matters needing attention, and they should not wear denim and chemical fiber underwear, horn pants, tight clothes, high heels, leather shoes. Only proper and comfortable newborn baby clothes can help children grow up healthily.

1. Children should not wear coarse cloth and chemical fiber underwear.

Children’s skin is delicate, and rough texture is is easy to scratch the skin, even infection. Chemical fiber cloth is easy to stimulate children’s skin, and the occurrence of allergic dermatitis, so that infection. Children are suited to wear white cotton knitwear underwear or soft cotton underwear.

2. Children should not wear horn pants.

Flares hip is very tight, and the ministry is too thin and can affect blood circulation; And pants are long and fat, which will affect walking, running or jumping and other activities. And the crotch that stretched tight too often chafes the genital organ that stimulates child, as a result affects external genital growth to develop, or infection causes inflammation to wait.

3. Children should not wear tight clothes.

Tight pants, such as jeans and chicken leg pants, affect children’s growth and activity, and have very serious effects on bones, muscles and reproductive system.

4. Children should not wear high heels.

The growth and development of the bone in children is very rapid, and wearing high-heeled shoes is able to make phalanx, and metatarsal is out of shape and thicken, the flexibility that hampers a joint. And also it is easy to cause toe ectropion, flat foot and other malformations. In addition when wearing high-heeled shoes, the upper body tilts forward, and the center of gravity of the body falls on the toe, normal gravity transmission line can shift, hindering the normal growth and development of the body. If the girl wears high heel shoe, still can cause pelvic entrance to become narrow, and please be sure to be able to affect adult later childbearing.

5. Children should not wear leather shoes.

Children’s soft bone’s growth and development is very fast, and it is too early to wear newborn baby clothes, or it will affect the blood circulation of feet and the growth and development of toes and soles, which is very easy to lead to foot deformity.

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