Dress for different stages of pregnancy

When bepregnant, as the change of abdomen, our dress also can change. What kind of maternity clothes chooseto suit pregnant woman? How should pregnant women dress?

1. Within three months.

The first three months of pregnancy also can’t see from the stomach, so at this time as long as it is ok to wear clothes, the requirement for wearing is not too big and it is good to protect a fetus. Fetal growth speed is very fast at this moment and cell division is very quick, so mom should be ready to radiation protection.

Although there is no unified standard for this problem, it is very common in the market of radiation protective clothing. So the mother can choose a radiation protective clothing to wear, the mother can go online to choose the independent production and sales of the manufacturer’s brand, or they can choose the quality of the brand to choose.

Although it is ok to wear normal clothes in these three months, but also they should prepare for the future when the belly can wear maternity clothes. It is necessary to usually have time to go in and choose maternity clothes to prepare for the future and do not fight unprepared war.

2. From three to six months.

In this period, our belly has been very obvious and pregnancy taste finally showed, so the pregnant women’s clothes prepared in advance to put it out.

Underwear mustbe aware in this period and the breast will increase a lot during this period. Themother should choose a bra as far as possible comfortable without a support, whichcan make a breast to obtain the very good growth to prevent the production ofless milk, no milk or mammary gland hyperplasia after the emergence of symptoms.Underwear also should not be low-rise or to wear something to protect the bellyof tall waist briefs so that it won’t affect your baby’s growth anddevelopment.

At the same time, mom also should pay attention to hygiene and change underwear frequently. Working mothers need to pay more attention to the dress and they can wear some professional maternity clothes, which isnot only beautiful, but also very loose and good for the baby and mother’s body.

3. From six to nine months.

To this stage, the baby grows fast and the mother’s belly that is very spectacular, so it is good to wear loose clothes. In summer, they should wear some loose cotton dress, if you are in the period of spring and autumn or winter, you maybe wear pants and choose a professional pant which will bring great benefits to the growth of the baby.

All above are dressrequirements of the three stages. After knowing these, I believe that themother has been quite prepared for their own cheap mom-to-beclothes. Each stage to be paid attention to what will do and I hopethat the mother is still in pregnancy style.


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