Dressing Guide for Baby under 1 year old

To buy clothes for the baby, both the material and the style are important. But it is recommended that the new mothers to buy the baby’s clothing with the principle of comfort. What is appropriate for the baby to wear in different stages? Take a look at advice from Popreal!Stripes Cartoon Eyes Pattern Shorts

0 – 3 months

The baby in this period is the most delicate, first of all to choose pure cotton, light-colored clothing. Monk clothing is of course essential! According to different seasons, you can choose long-sleeved, short-sleeved, thin monk clothes, it is recommended to prepare 2, 3 small size, 4 or more of the larger size. Because baby grows faster at that time. Bigger size will make the baby without a sense of restraint.

3 – 6 months

The baby of 3-6 months old can wear one-piece newborn clothes and split-hose underwear. The advantage of the bodysuit is to protect the baby’s small belly from catching cold, but when holding the baby’s clothes it will make the baby uncomfortable. So when wear a jumpsuit, parents should hold baby as little as possible or diligently organize the baby’s clothes.Cartoon Eyes Letters Pattern Shorts

Pullovers, including vests, long sleeves, is better than the front row of buttons. Do not worry about buttons fall off by the baby to eat, the baby will not cadmium when lying prone. It is a good fit to wear a split suit at home.

6 – 12 months

The baby is growing up, there are more styles and more choices. Close-fitting clothing should be light-colored and cotton-based, which does not hurt the baby’s skin. And at this stage the baby still likes to eat cuffs, material safety is equally important.

One-piece suits and split underwear suits are still the mainstream. In addition, we recommend everyone to wear miaomiao clothes, which is very practical.

If the indoor temperature is not high in winter, you can wear a small vest to your baby to facilitate baby activities. When go out, you prepare a piece of cotton clothing with a hat, gloves, and a foot cover. Although the down coat is warm but drilled, it is easy for baby to inhale and affect health.Cartoon Pattern Color Block Pants


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