Dressing Guide for Newborn Babies

The birth of baby brings great joy to the family. Parents are always willing to give the best to their children. When they see beautiful and cute little clothes, they want to buy all of them for their children. However, we must pay attention to the material and comfort of baby clothes. Here are some  tips from Popreal.HAPPY Tassels Girls Summer T-shirt

  • The choice of clothing thickness

Room temperature is below 20 degrees, you should pay attention to keep warm, you can prepare a pair of thermal underwear or wear spring and autumn style underwear, wrapped in a thin quilt outside. When it is about 22 degrees, baby can wear spring and autumn models underwear, wrapped towels, thick models of clothes is not suitable at that time, the baby will be hot. About 24 degrees, the baby can wear thin underwear or short-sleeved shirt and long pants. You can choose summer clothes for baby when it is around 26 degrees.

  • The choice of clothes material

Newborn baby clothes should choose soft fabrics, pure cotton, preferably organic cotton. Many of the cotton in the market is recycled, so try to buy it in a regular mall. Also meet the Class A standards for baby clothes.Cartoon Rainbow Dog Pattern T-Shirt

  • Sewing method of clothes

Try to choose boneless splicing, with the lock on the outside, so that it will not  rub against the tender skin.

  • Style requirements

You can choose to take a monk clothes or jumpsuit. Do not choose the one with buckles. The best choice is clothing with ties, which protect the baby’s belly well without rubbing the skin.

  • Clothes color pattern

Try to choose a solid color, which is more healthy. Do not choose a bright color printing and dyeing.

  • The number of clothes

Three to five sets of underwear are enough. Too few sets will be troublesome when changing clothes for baby. The clothes for go out are basically few, for baby seldom go out.

  • The size of the clothes

Newborn clothes generally do not need pants, because the number of urine is more, change diapers is not convenient, if you do not mind can also wear. The clothes can be chosen slightly larger because the baby is growing very fast in the first few months.Bowknot Decorated Cartoon Cat Pattern T-Shirt





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