Dressing Guide for Zero to Three-months-old Baby

Baby’s heath is closely related to the clothes they wear. So parents should choose different clothes for babies due to different weather. Popreal offers some practical advice for you, and may it help you to choose better clothes for babies.Whale Pattern Button Vertical Stripe Shorts Sets

The selection of materials is of vital importance, because the skin of little baby is very delicate. The material should be cotton or carbon fiber clothing, which is friendly to soft skin and sweat-absorbent. Thus it is recommended that mothers pay attention to the material before buying clothes, because some clothes look good, but the material is not good.

The clothes should be lightly colored, because the brightly colored clothes are dyed with dyes. Although they look good, they are easy to fade. Try not to choose dyed clothes when the baby’s skin is still sensitive.

There must be no jewelry on the clothes, especially where baby’s hands can catch or where the nose and mouth can touch. If the jewelry is caught by the baby into the mouth, it is very dangerous.Arrow Print Zipper Sleeveless Hooded Romper

Choose the right cute baby clothes for your baby according to different seasons. In spring and autumn the climate change regularly, remember to bring a thin coat; in the hot days, children should wear loose, lightweight clothing. In the cold days, you can prepare trousers, socks and a jacket with a hat for baby when you go out.

Mothers should prepare different clothes for babies in different period: 1-month-old baby should wear a sleeveless collarless monk clothing, with open shorts underneath, which is easy to change diapers; 2-month-old baby will be more active, so you can choose Siamese Romper; 3-month-old baby can wear short-sleeved clothing in hot days.

Dresses for babies of 3- month old should be appropriate, which should be as less as possible. For it is suitable for small baby hyperactivity and metabolic features. If you wear too much for him, it will limit the baby’s activities. In addition, too much clothes will make more sweat, which will make babies vulnerable to the cold, and can easily catch cold.

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