Dressing probably makes pregnancy comfortable and stylish

After being pregnant, besides the skin becomes sensitive, our figure also change. Bosom getsbigger, and also with abdomen and arms and legs. Clothes become tight, so howshould pregnant women wear comfortable maternity clothes?

Before bepregnant, the mother’s body is very hot and they like clothes and trouserswhich make the figure look sexy. For example, some people are in love with leatherleather-pants, which have poor permeability. As a result of pregnancy, the skinbecomes sensitive and easy to dry and itchy, so after pregnancy, it is nolonger fit and should wear some clothes whose permeability is good.

There are some office workers whose clothes are relatively narrow and are no longer suitable for pregnant mothers to wear. In order to save money, the mother can take out the sweater to wear, which is elastic and will not tighten the stomach. So in pregnancy, the mother’s clothes should be comfortable and loose as well as having good air permeability.

After pregnancy,because the belly grew up, the mother always feel pants and skirt wear veryhard, and waist will be very card stomach. So how the mother can wear for thelower body?


If mom is an office worker, it’s not appropriate to dress too casually, and the shirt you normally wear is not appropriate to wear either. You can wear a full-body casual dress, with boots on your feet.

Boots have a lot of benefits such as more likely to take the clothes. To choose big one yard boots will help advanced leg edema. Although it will be a big yard in postpartum, you can wear it with cushion insole or plug a jeans or tights. It won’t be wasted if mom notes that foot with edema will be arduous. Mother can ask the family for help.

Pants inside and pantyhose.

For the lower part, in fact, it is best to wear pants and pantyhose. These two kinds of pants with good flexibility and loose stockings are essential, no matter how big the belly can be. Because the general waist pants are adjustable, they will not be too loose or too tight and are able to wear to the production. At the same time have very good warmth.

Maternity accessories.

Mother-to-be’s choice is not just a style of dress. It is recommended that you can buy a long version of the clothes to wear as a skirt, the lower body can go with more style collocation or be used as the inside of the clothes!


Scarf can be very good to attract the attention of others. If you do not want others to put their eyes on the mother’s stomach, you can put a scarf around the neck to divert the attention of others. Cover your stomach with a scarf.


For pregnant women, the probability of being afraid of heat is much higher than that of being afraid of cold. It is suggested that clothes can be worn in onion style, instead of wearing only a heavy dress, which can be adjusted with the temperature of the environment. The proposal is that they can choose knitwear shop cotton coat, and do not need button to go up necessarily only if her belly not be able to be cold. In later pregnant period abdomen belt will be used, which has basic heat-preservation effect.

Pregnant cute maternity clothes inaddition to be beautiful, the most important is to be comfortable. They cannotwear too tight, which is not conducive to the growth and development of thefetus. And too wide clothes are not appropriate, which is easy to cause a fallor be clipped by something.

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