Elastic socks are essential for expectant mothers

If you want to havebeautiful legs after giving birth, you had better begin leg maintenance from beingpregnant. Massage is basic step, and wearing elastic cute baby socks is the best way.

More rest and more massage.

There are several major factors that contribute to varicose veins during pregnancy, including:

1. Venous blood flow increased sharply during pregnancy (about ten times before pregnancy).

2. Uterine amniotic fluid and fetal pressure caused by thigh vein blood backflow obstruction.

3. Hormonal changes affect vascular function. Reasons above cause blood to overstock leg for a long time, causing venous function damaged and symptoms such as bad haemal circulatory system and cold hands and feet. When moms are pregnant, their leg bilges are painful outside and oedema is serious.

Pregnant women can improve leg dropsy and varicose vein from lifestyle. Do exercise regularly and avoid standing or sitting for a long time. Choose leg maintenance which can alleviate leg fatigue and eliminate leg oedema. When mom feels uncomfortable about legs, use it at any time. After having a bath in night, massaging legs again can relieve ache and swelling effectively. And when sleeping at night, moms can take an extra pillow to cushion at the foot, which also can help blood to flow back.

Elastic socks are essential for expectant mothers.

Elastic socks can provide leg muscle support, with physical auxiliary pressure, which help blood reflux and are essential for expectant mothers. The elastic pantyhose not only have a strengthened Danny coefficient, but also the design which can adjust the size as the change of pregnant woman abdomen. It can strengthen to wrap abdomen and buttock. And ham place is taken prevent expansionary.

Pressure method:from crus to baseboard, it is to strengthen circumfluence to knit a method.

Pressure method.

Every pregnant woman can choose different flexibility sock of different flexibility degree and design depend on body type and physical condition. It is the proposal that from being pregnant, moms should put on flexible panty, serving as prevents varicose vein. In the latter part of pregnancy, moms can wear another flexible panty, which can prevent and treat mild symptoms: if there is edema or varicose veins, moms will use 210 Danny pantyhose to strengthen the effect. And the pregnant mammy of later period, they can choose hemi-series pants socks which help crus blood reflux.

The abdomen adopts the elastic weaving method of special material. Hip strengthens to carry buttock. Adding waist adjustable buckle can protect the abdomen.

Wear elastic socks correctly.

After buying elastic socks, the most important thing to note is the way to wear elastic newborn socks:

1. Before getting up in the morning, moms can lie on bed and lift your legs above your heart, and put elastic socks on 15 minutes later.

2. To back the elastic socks over the whole and toes first and then slowly to roll up. Moms must pay attention to smoothness, uniformness and correct location. If everything is correct, pull again to the waist.

3. Raise the upper leg after taking off socks every day and walk out of bed a few minutes later and check legs. If the leg is swollen, itchy, painful, or even injured, please contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Cleaning and maintenance of elastic socks

The elasticsocks with better quality are not only light, thin and comfortable, but alsohave less skin allergy or irritant reaction. As for clean maintenance, pleaseuse neuter soap or cold wash essence. It had better avoid to be put inside thewashing machine of strong rotate speed clean and rub gently with both handsonly knead a few can. It cannot force too fierce or can injure its flexibilityfiber. Then rinse with water, wash, hang cool dry or flat on absorbent cloth orflat. It is best to have more than two pairs of interchangeable wear at thesame time to extend the life of pantyhose. If elastic socks have been damagedor have lost their elasticity, please replace them with new elastic socks.

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