Expectant Mother Must Prepare Elastic Newborn Socks

A lot of mothers found out that after the child was born, the legs became thicker, and it became an ugly “radish leg” with newborn socks. According to statistics, women accounted for about 80% of the time because of the weight of the fetus during pregnancy. The pressure on the leg is increased, and the varicose veins of the leg are made. Although it will improve in the months following the birth of the child, some injuries cannot be completely compensated.

We have consistently adhered to the principle of “prevention is more important than treatment”. If you don’t want to become “radish” after childbirth, you want to have a pair of newborn baby socks in the postpartum period. It is best to start the leg care from a pregnancy; “massage” is the basic effort, and “wearing elastic cute baby socks” is the best way to prevent it. The factors that can cause varicose veins during pregnancy are a sudden increase in venous blood flow during pregnancy (about tens of times before pregnancy). The pressure of the uterine amniotic fluid and the fetus causes obstruction of blood flow in the thigh vein. Hormonal changes affect vascular function.

Elastic cheap baby socks are an auxiliary product. They can provide support for the leg muscles, relieve part of the pressure in the legs to physically assist the pressure, and help the blood return. It is a must-have item for every pregnant mom. The elastic pantyhose for pregnant women is not only enhanced by the Danny coefficient, but the elastic adjustment of the waist can be adjusted according to the changes of the abdomen of the pregnant woman; The thigh part adopts anti-expansion pressure weave: the calf to the foot plate is a weave that strengthens the reflow.

Since the benefits of elastic baby socks are mentioned, it is necessary to talk about how to buy them. The expectant mothers choose different elastic cute baby socks according to their own body characteristics, so there is no need to explain them. Another thing to look at is the weaving of stockings, such as the elastic weaving of special materials in the abdomen. The buttocks strengthen the hip weave.

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