Fashion baby shoes matching guide

Many parents will have headaches for choosing children shoes for their babies. They don’t know which clothes are suitable for their baby. Now let Popreal tell you some basic principles for selecting clothes. Flower Print Girls Slippers

1, according to skin color

If the baby’s skin is darker, then the color of the clothes should be brighter and wearing such a dress will look vigorous. If the baby’s skin is white and bright, the range of clothes colors for the baby is much wider. If you wear pink, yellow or red clothes, it will look lively and bright. Even if they wear gray or black, they will look delicate and elegant. People feel comfortable and natural.

2, according to body type.

For a fat baby, choose cold or dark color clothing, such as gray, black, blue and other colors of clothing, because it wears a contraction effect, which can play a contrast effect; if the baby is relatively thin, then give He chooses warm clothes, such as orange, yellow, beige, etc. These colors expand outwards, giving people a warm feeling.Cartoon Animals Star Pattern Velcro Shoes

3, flexible match

There is no fixed format for color matching in children’s clothes. Excessive principles will appear dull, but too much change will appear cluttered. The simplest aim is to coordinate colors, so that it will look comfortable, and the baby looks lively, cute, bright after wearing it.

4, more casual suit.

Being active is the baby’s nature, most of the baby’s time is spending on playing, so little girl shoes should be relaxed and natural casual clothing. In addition, the baby’s body is developing, wearing loose and casual clothes is conducive to the development of the body, but also gives a comfortable and casual feel.Cartoon Owl Pattern Velcro Shoes

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