Five Tips to Take Care of 1-month-old Baby

The birth of baby brings great joy to the family. Parents are always willing to give the best to their children. When they see beautiful and cute little clothes, they want to buy all of them for their children. However, we must pay attention to the material and comfort of baby clothes. Here are some tips from Popreal.

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1.When the baby is asleep, do not hold the baby again

The1-month-old baby usually takes about 20-22 hours of sleep. After the baby is asleep, mommy should not hold baby in arm, because it is not conducive to the baby’s growth and development.

  1. Baby’s navel should be kept warm all the time, in order to prevent diarrhea

The navel of the newborn baby must be kept warm. If the belly is cold, it will trigger a series of chain reactions. The most direct is diarrhea. Cartoon Pear Pattern Short Sleeves Sets

  1. The baby’s clothes should be cleaned separately to avoid bacterial infection!

The newborn baby’s clothes should be washed separately from the adults’. The baby’s immunity is low, and it is easy to cause bacterial infections.

  1. Parents try not to hold the baby directly

Because this will affect the child’s spine.

5.Do not wear too much clothes for  baby

Sweating, eczema, and cold are often caused by wearing too much clothes, but too many parents are wearing tightly for the baby! The correct way is to not wear too much clothes for your child. Just keep your baby’s hands warm and you can wear cotton clothes that are breathable.

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